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Latest VaporFI products - from proprietary devices to the best vape brands

VaporFI - Think it. Mix it. Vape it. If you're a vaper, chances are you've heard about VaporFI by now. They are one of the pioneers of the vaping industry and they have been around for years. The motto "Think it. Mix it. Vape it" is not only catchy but also describes one of their uniqu...

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The New V2 Pro Pods - Very Convenient pod system for V2 Vaporizers

V2 have recently launched one of their most innovative products. With the all new V2 Pro Pods you will be able to enjoy the brand's signature flavors in a simple and very affordable way. These really take the guesswork out of filling up an e-liquid cartridge and deliver a smooth, satisfying and v...

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Suorin Air VS Suorin Drop VS Suorin iShare | All Suorin pod mods explained

Suorin is one of the recent players to join the low output vaporizers game. We’ve tested their initial product back in November and since then the company has released two more e-cigs. These pod systems are all becoming very popular very fast so we decided to put them side by side and compare t...

Juul Limited Edition Pods - Here's why you should try them Image

Juul Limited Edition Pods - Here is why you should try them out today

Standard JUUL pods include five delicious flavors. Out of them Mango is our absolute favorite, with Cool Mint coming in second. The best part about this pod vape kit is that you can try the majority of pods right fro...

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A look at the best vapes for females | Ecigguide

here are thousands of electronic cigarettes and starter kits out there. However most seem complicated, bulky and just not intended for ladies. Here at Ecigguide we get asked many times to recommend the best vapes for females so we came up with this comprehensive list. We included many of the prod...

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Most commom Wires for Vaping - Types of Wires we love, explained

Whether we’re talking about stock atomizers or DIY, the materials they are built from are the same. Inside the atomizer you will commonly find a coil stuffed with, or surrounded by organic cotton. The coil is essentially a piece of wire which was wrapped around a cylindrical rod. Depending on i...

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Dave Chappelle Vaping in Equanimity & The Bird Revelation, Netflix Special

Former Chappelle’s Show star seems to have hit the jackpot in the last few years. After his comeback to stand-up comedy in 2013, he managed to sign a huge contract with Netflix in 2016 for three specials. In his most recent show called "Equanimity + The Bird Revelation" we noticed this great ar...

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CBD Vape Juice 101 - Everything about Cannabidiol e-juices for Vaping

CBD vape juice is becoming more and more popular. Multiple studies have concluded that this cannabinoid has numerous health benefits. From helping with anxiety to relieving chronic pain it’s like a supercharged wonder drug. You can get it in the form of oils, capsules, gummies and tinctures. Ho...