Prohibited 5th Degree Multi-Use Vaporizer Review Image

Prohibited 5th Degree Multi-Use Vaporizer Review

This vaporizer also looks sleek and it’s very portable. It is available in four different colors - white, black, teal and purple and the presentation is just top notch. The device comes packed in a cardboard and hard plastic case, with the vape being visible from the top. I have to say that it ...

Tesla Punk 220W TC Image

Tesla Punk 220W TC

We have reviewed some pretty sleek devices in 2017 and the Tesla Punk 220W TC is by far one of the most beautiful. This steam-punk themed box mod is easily going to get you noticed and the build quality on it is just outstanding. For a product priced just below $70 this feels sup...

Suorin Air vaporizer Image

Suorin Air vaporizer

Looking for a nice vape that can fit inside your wallet? The Sourin Air is pod style ecig is designed to do just that and it’s definitely a device that will get you noticed. This thin, rectangular vaporizer comes with a refillable pod and it’s the best thing ...

AlphaPuff Kit Image

AlphaPuff Kit

We know you’re used to seeing vaporizer reviews in this section but today we decided to go with something different. AlphaPuff kit is the perfect all in one solution for all those who enjoy dry herb puffing on the go. It is essentially a bong packed with everyt...

Vapium Summit Plus Image

Vapium Summit Plus

We’ve been eager to test the Vapium Summit Plus for quite some time. It’s one of the best rated portable dry herb vaporizers in this price range and the build quality on it is just amazing. If you’re looking for a good quality product at little under $150 t...

Atmos Vicod 5G 2nd Generation Image

Atmos Vicod 5G 2nd Generation

If the first version had a few minor issues, the new Atmos Vicod 5G 2nd generation is going to make everyone so happy. This convection dry herb vaporizer deliver really amazing vapor and flavor and the build quality is very impressive in this price range. The name 5G probably com...

Asvape Lucifer Image

Asvape Lucifer

Stabilized wood mods are really beautiful and the Asvape Lucifer is clearly no exception. This state of the art vape was crafted with great attention to detail and it delivers a lot of power to your coils. However, it’s something for passionate vapers only, since the $190 price tag sets it pr...

Vaporesso Revenger Image

Vaporesso Revenger

We've tested some pretty chic devices across the years and the Vaporesso Revenger kit is by far one of the most beautiful. This super sexy 220W power house comes with the all new NRG tank and it deliver flavor and vapor like no other. Also it has a lovely analog ...