Alternative JUUL pods – Comparing Juul Vapor's pods to 3rd paty Pods

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Image of 3 rd Party alternenatives for JUUL pods

If you're tired of vaping the same five flavors over and over again, you are in luck. We've just tested out some 3rd party JUUL pods and the results were pretty interesting. From watermelon to blueberry and café latte, these alternatives might give new life to your favorite pod vape system but are they any good?

JUUL vapor's limited choice of flavors

The JUUL is without a doubt one of the most popular pod style vapes on the market today. It's easy to use, easy to recharge and delivers high concentration nicotine with a great throat hit. Unfortunately the choice of pod flavors is pretty limited. The company offers a total of five standard flavors – Virginia Tobacco, Mango, Cool Mint, Creme Brulee, and Fruit Medley – as well as three limited edition JUUL pods.

A look at a standard Juul cartidge

JUUL pods are small pre-filled cartridges. These include the mouthpiece at one and the coil at the other and make a strong connection with the battery. The pods have a capacity of around 0.8ml and the e-liquid used is nicotine salt based. This allows for 50mg concentration – or 5% - without an incredibly harsh throat hit.

Compatible, 3rd party cartridges

Also referred to as alternative or compatible pods, 3rd party JUUL pods are essentially pre-filled cartridges manufactured by other companies. These have slightly higher e-liquid capacities and come in different flavors and nicotine concentrations. They make a good connection with the battery and overall experience is very similar to that of the original pods.



EONSMOKE pods come in seven different flavors. Capacity is 1.0ml and there are two nicotine concentrations available: 4% and 6%. With the 6% pods you get 10mg more nic than with traditional JUUL cartridges and they sell for around $12 a 4-pack.

Cool Mint and Mango taste pretty similar to the original JUUL flavors. Watermelon on the other hand is something completely original. It has a candy like sweetness to it and it's a lot better than Fruit Medley. Tastes almost like the aftertaste from a good old Jolly Rancher. Blueberry and Strawberry were our favorites. These are both packed with fruity goodness and are super smooth. The blueberry has that sweet-tart aftertaste without being over powering. Silky strawberry almost has like a whipped cream aftertaste and it's in the same candy-like category as watermelon.

Café Latte is the only flavor we didn't enjoy. Tastes a bit bitter and has an artificial vanilla aroma. Frankly we tested way better coffee flavors across the years. This just isn't one of them. The thing you need to always watch out when using EONSMOKE pods is chain vaping. These cartridges don't have the same temperature sensing technology as the real JUUL pods and you can burn them very easily. Always allow at least 10 seconds between puffs for a good overall experience. Also nicotine buzz is not as great as on actual JUUL pods and a bit inconsistent. We didn't notice any leaking during our tests.

ZiiP pods

ZiiP pods

ZiiP pods are available in six different flavors as well as three nicotine concentrations. Capacity is 1.0ml and vapor production is a slightly better than with JUUL or EONSMOKE pods. Maximum nicotine strength is 40mg and minimum nic is 18mg. They also sell for around $12 per 4-pack.

Tobacco, Mango and Mint are very similar to the original JUUL flavors, but they are a bit milder in terms of flavor and throat hit. Watermelon tastes nice at first but then starts to feel a bit chemical. Cappuccino is much better than EONSMOKE's Café Latte but nothing that will sweep you off your feet. Our personal favorite was Strawberry Milk – however it started leaking after 1h of use. We also came across frequent dry hits.

Nicotine buzz is not as good as on actual JUUL pods and the airflow is different.

My overall thoughts on 3rd party JUUL pods

Seems these JUUL compatible pods are a bit hit and miss. Nicotine buzz is inconsistent and there's no temperature control feature to prevent dry hits. You need to wait at least 10 – 15s between draws and we noticed that taking dummy puffs helps with the wicking process. They are also prone to leaks and sometimes it's hard to take them out of your JUUL. The flavors on the other hand are pretty good most of the time and they can totally rejuvenate the tiny pod system. We would recommend them only for their flavors, but it's up to you to decide.

My advice is to wait until the 3rd party companies come up with an improved product. If you ever had a similar or different experience with these pods. Please let us know about it in the comments below.

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