Everything you need to know about throat hit, explained

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If you've been vaping for a while then you definitely understand the meaning of the term throat hit. It's the sensation you get at the back of your throat when you inhale from your vaping device. And despite being a mild form of irritation, it's the thing most vapers crave for.

What is Troat hit exactly?

If you're a beginner browsing the internet for your first electronic cigarette, the term might get a bit confusing. This is due to the fact that there are multiple variables at play and sometimes the things we experience personally tend to be subjective.

Throat hit – like many other things we experience – is hard to explain. It ranges from a smooth satisfying sensation as vapor from your ecig travels down the throat to a very harsh, cough-inducing irritation. This all depends on the type of vape you're using and the type of e-liquid.

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Why is Throat hit important to vapers?

But why is Throat hit so important? Mainly because it's the only reason for which personal vaporizers don't seem like toys for a heavy smoker. They tend to replicate the sensation you get when inhaling tobacco smoke and one of the key factors is nicotine. A pack a day smoker won't find a 3mg ecig satisfying because it lacks the strong throat hit he is used to. Boost that nicotine concentration to 16mg or 24mg and we have a totally different story.

But nicotine is not the only thing that influences our perception of throat hit. The next important factor is the PG concentration of our juice. As a rule, e-liquids with higher PG concentrations tend to increase throat irritation while high VG alternatives tend to be milder. The same 6mg juice can feel smooth and satisfying to a long time vaper when using a high VG mix and very harsh when using a high PG mix. High PG mixes range from 40% PG up to 80%PG.

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Other ingredients used to enhance throat hit

Some e-liquid manufacturers who focus on throat hit can use other ingredients in their mixes to further amplify the sensation. These include alcohol, cinnamon, clove, capsaicin and even lactic acid. It might do the trick at times, but clearly nicotine has the decisive role regarding this perception.

Another important aspect when it comes to throat hit is the style of vaping. Mouth to lung vapers generally require higher concentrations of nicotine for a satisfying experience. Lung inhalers on the other hand only require a minimum concentration, since the vapor quantity is way bigger. Liquids which come in 0mg, 3mg and 6mg concentrations and high VG are usually intended for direct lung vaping.

Best way to experience great throat hit

We recently tested pod vaporizer and found it to be excellent in terms of throat hit and general user experience. It's a closed system vaporizer that works with pods and it's easy to use. The pods have one of the biggest nicotine concentrations available on the market and the vape is extremely satisfying. It makes it the ideal device for heavy smokers looking into e-cigarettes.

If you would rather buy an open system vaporizer that lets you refill the tank with e-liquid then we recommend taking a look at our Best Vape Pens page. These devices are intended for beginners and you will find options for every budget.

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