What is an all in one vape device

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It's no secret that mods and tanks are the best selling items from the e-cigarette industry. Powerful, versatile and easy to use, these products offer incredible flavor and vapor with every puff. But, because you always have a tank or an atomizer that screws onto the mod it makes carrying a bit difficult. This is where all in one vape devices stepped in and due to their revolutionary design managed to gain a generous share of the market.


All in one vape devices are personal vaporizers that have the e-liquid tank built inside the mod. There's no 510 connector, no more atomizer on top to take extra room and most are virtually leak proof. This makes AIO vapes the ideal carry around mate and most manage to fit inside any pocket.

Aspire Plato AIO

But not all in one vape devices are built the same way. One of the first and most popular products in this category was the eGo AIO from Joyetech. This small and revolutionary vape pen had a 2.0ml tank built inside the body just above the internal battery and used the same coils as the Cubis. At just under $20 it was one of the cheapest and most effective products ever designed. It's probably why there are still variations of it on the market today and these are just excellent for beginners.

The Kanger Nebox on the other hand was one of the first all in one vape devices built for sub ohming. Powered by a replaceable 18650 battery, this mod was able to reach 60W and delivered exceptional flavor and vapor production. Paired with the massive 10ml built-in tank, it became pretty popular among those looking for portability and autonomy.


A common characteristic of AIO vape products is their exceptional e-liquid capacity. Most have a glass reservoir under the hood, with the coil located at the base. In some cases the manufacturer includes a 510 adapter which replaces the inner chimney and coil and acts as a bridge between the mod and regular tanks and atomizers. Joyetech was one of the first to include such an adapter and this made the products even more popular.

Vaporfi VAIO kit

Recently many other companies have released their own version of AIO vapes. Vaporfi is one of them and their VAIO 80W TC is one of the best products we tested in this category. This has a built in 2100mAh battery and 3.5ml e-liquid capacity. However if you fancy a mod with swappable 18650, they also have the VAIO 75W TC.


The most common issue we encountered with these AIO products is the constant flooding and gurgling of the coils. This usually happens when refilling with e-liquid, however there are easy ways to get rid of the problem. Vaporfi even includes a small guide to help users dealing with the situation and it works like a charm.


So, if you're looking for portability, power and a big e-liquid reservoir then an all in one vape device may come in handy. Depending on your vaping style these are built for mouth to lung, direct lung and sometimes even both. They are easy to use, reliable and a pleasure to vape all day long.

One of the most recent products we tested in this category is called the Atopack Penguin from Joyetech and it packs quite a punch.

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