Best Vapes, Liquids, Ecigs & More

Best Vape Mods & Box Mods

Best Vape Mods & Box Mods

Our best box mods list is based on the highest rated vape mods we tried and tested in the last months. From recently released temperature control devices to high power cloud chasers and everything in between. High end mods packed with features and ranked according to their overall performance.

Best Dry Herb Vaporizers 2018 Image

Best Dry Herb Vaporizers

If you're looking a vaporizer for dry herb and loose leaf you have reached the right spot. We only feature the highest rated devices. These outstanding dry herb vaporizers are ranked according to performance and the feedback from our readers. We tested portability, battery life and overall vape experience.

Best Pod Mods

Best Pod Vapes

Here you will find our best pod mods, closed system vaporizers list and cig-a-like ecigs list. We based our rankings on objective criteria and displayed only the the top performing vapes we recently tested. Everything from closed pod systems to low output personal vaporizers great for nicotine salts.

Best Vape Pens

Best Vape Pens

We've selected the top vape pens ranked according to performance assessed by each of our team members. These small vaporizers are easy to use however there are some key aspects which define their functionality. We only picked the absolute best and grouped them in several categories.

Best CBD Oils Image

Best CBD e-liquids

We bring your or top favorite CBD products and the best kits to vape them with. From full spectrum CBD oils to 99.8% pure isolate, we’ve tested the wide majority of products on the market and ranked them accordingly. We used criteria like flavor, versatility, effectiveness and quality to price ratio.

Best liquid holding Vape tanks

Best Vape Tanks

We bring you the top performing tanks on the market ranked according to their vapor production, flavor, throat hit and build quality. Whether you’re looking for an recommended tank for your mechanical or a sub ohm tank for your box mod, all the products listed here have passed our rigorous tests & daily usage.

Best nicotine salts e-liquids

Best Nicotine Salts

These are the best nicotine salts we've picked and ranked according to flavor, throat hit and vapor production. From easy to use salts pods to nic salts juices for refillable vaporizers we selected only the top brands on the market. These delicious e-liquids will definitely keep your nicotine cravings fully satisfied.

Best nicotine salts e-liquids

Best E-Cigarettes

We selected the best e-cigarettes on the market right now and listed them in different categories. Check out the highest rated e-cig starter kits and disposable electronic cigarettes and pick your favorite. Make the switch to vaping today and benefit from the best overall experience and flavor.

Best drip atomizers

Best RDA vapes

Over the years we tested a lot of tanks. Mostly liquid holding tanks. With the rising popularity of the drip atomizer or the RDA we felt obligated to split our recommended tanks page in two. For all you drip freaks out there, here is our RDA top list.

Best online vape shops

Best online vape shops

These are our favorite online vape shops for purchasing mods, e-liquids and accessories like cotton and wire. They all have very good customer support, genuine products and accessible prices. Among them you will also find a few international vendors, so make sure you check out their shipping policy before making a purchase.

Best vape batteries

Best vape batteries

Get the most from your box mod or mechanical mod with any of these top of the line vape batteries. We use many of these cells during our vape tests and they always stand up to their reputation. Whether you're looking for a good 18650 battery or something bigger like a 21700 or 26650, we've listed our personal favorites for each category.

Best battery chargers

Best vape battery chargers

These are the best vape battery chargers ranked according to price range, performance and number of bays. Our no #1 recommendations when it comes to 18650 & 21700 vape chargers for all types of box mods and squonkers.

Best mechanical mods

Best mechanical mods

Time to upgrade your vape to the mech mods pros use on a daily basis. Get ready for the most hard-hitting, flavorful and mind-blowing experience. Just remember that mechanical mods are not for beginners and they require general knowledge about Ohm's Laws and battery safety.

Best pens for waxes and concentrates

Best Pens for waxes and concentrates

When it comes to dabbing these vape pens are your best bet. We've lined up only the top performing devices which our team of reviewers tested across the years. Get the most from your waxes and concentrates with these amazing dab pens.

Best squonk vape mods

Best squonk mods

Get the most vapor and flavor from your vape with these easy to use sqounk mods. Everything from high end brands to some of the most affordable squonkers on the market right now. We've tested, compared and ranked them according to each category.

Best vape starterkits

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Best vape starterkits

It doesn't matter if you're a beginner or intermediate, these vape starter kits are bound to do a great job. We've selected devices from entry level kits to more advanced box mods with tanks and ranked them according to their overall performance. Get de best bang for your buck and enjoy vaping like never before.

Best Oil vape pens

Best Oil vape pens

Get the most oil pen with these easy to carefully selected pens, specifically made for oils. Everything from pens for thin oils to refillable oil pod mods we ranked them all.


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