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E-cig and vape product reviews

We don’t promote a brand in particular, but only the ultimate best and this is the main reason why we list the devices from our categories in a “top 10” or “top 15” order. (At the moment the listing have ratings in no particular ranking order) Whenever we receive a mod, kit, or disposable it gets a fresh rating based on the product’s performance and our experiences with devices from the same category. And unlike other site, we let our returning visitors rate their favorite brands or products and use this data to differentiate between electronic cigarettes that have the same score.
Regardless if you are a first time vaper or an acquainted ecig smoker, we are really that Ecig Guide you are looking for. From basic disposable ecigs, cig-a-like starter kit and eGo batteries to the most advanced personal vaporizers or APV’s, we’ve tested dozens of products and expressed our conclusions and opinions in reviews made especially for you. However, if you encounter any difficulties finding the e cig that best suits your needs, you can always contact us or use the online live chat.
Our readers are very important, and most people that visit our guide are looking for honest and unbiased reviews for products they want to buy, because they lack the necessary know-how and experience to make the best pick. This is why we decided to test e-cigarettes and other vape related gear with great responsibility and to feature on our website only products that we are firmly confident about their functionality and set of features.
Most of the items that we test are sent to us by various companies for the purpose of our review guide, but just because we don’t pay for them doesn’t mean they are automatically presented in a positive light. Other products we buy ourselves, because we are very enthusiastic about everything vape related and we want to always keep in touch with the latest market trends. Some gear we even borrow from friends or close ones for the sole purpose of testing and writing a honest review. But regardless of how an e-cigarette, mod vape, tank or battery ends up on our desk, we always make sure to test it thoroughly, examine all the positives and negatives and also check out the vendor or manufacturer’s website for customer complaints – we do this in case we miss something during the testing period and if there is a part that’s prone to malfunctioning we want to stress it even more.
The way we usually test a product is by continuously using the item for a whole week or – if we are working with more than one device simultaneously – by constantly rotating them after 2 hours of daily usage. We feel that daily use of the e cig gives the best idea what to look for, fall in love with or absolutely hate. We do try to focus on performance, that’s directly linked to the amount of vapor an e-cigarette can produce, the flavor and throat hit wet get from it when using the same e-liquid as a baseline, the overall build quality and the value to price ratio. Because many of these aspects are subjective and cannot be quantified we don’t write our reviews after the first days of usage, and decided that one week is enough to get past the positive impression usually given by novelty.
We are always paying close attention to the packaging and box contents of each product and we never skip this part when it comes to writing a review. The materials used and build quality are also essential to any good product and that’s why we use our experience and knowledge to draw a clear line between the great and the mediocre. Battery life is also a key aspect to any good overall vaping experience and that’s why it’s important to test the products at different voltage / wattages from beginner style to heavy vapor style. When we specify in a review how long a battery is going to last is only after calculating a mean between the performances achieved with the different styles of vaping.
We usually test an review e cig products with a certain type of e-liquid or with an e-liquid that has the same matching characteristics (VG ratio, nicotine level etc.) but different flavor. We do this in order to compare the amount of vapor, flavor and throat hit with other gear we used and to reach an honest and realistic conclusion. Products that come with pre-filled cartomizers (like the case of cig-a-like starter kits) we usually compare with similar products from other brands.
Features are the most important aspects to any vaping device, and this is why we like to talk about them in detail with every review we write. From the layout of the buttons, ports and display to the variable voltage / variable wattage and sub-ohm capabilities we try not to miss a thing. We also like to compare newer versions to their predecessors and find out what has changed, what are the improvements and what are the flaws
We like to give our readers as much info as possible when it comes to a certain type of product and that’s why we are sometimes mentioning the procedure required to refill, recharge, replace the atomizer heads or even build the coils. Information is key when making an educated choice and we want people to have the best vaping experience and be satisfied with the product(s) they buy.
But above all we don’t know everything and just like in your case, we are constantly learning new stuff from the people around us so that’s why we encourage readers to comment on our reviews and give us their opinion about certain products either if it’s good or bad. This is important not only to us but to our future visitors that are looking for one more confirmation before making the purchase. So please enjoy this e-cig guide, comment, share and vape on!