Know your vape: Important facts and Tips about atomizers

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The atomizer is probably the most important part of any vaping device. It is responsible for transforming e-liquid into clouds and it also accounts for flavor, throat hit and the overall experience. Knowing a few key aspects about this product category is very useful on the long run and it will help you tweak your vape for best results every time. Regardless if you just started with mods or have a bit of experience in the field, here are a few essential facts and tips for atomizers:

Not all atomizers are the same

Kennedy Style RDADepending on their type and functionality atomizers can be grouped into four different categories: clearomizers / tanks, rebuildable dripping atomizers (RDAs), rebuildable tank atomizers (RTAs) and rebuildable dripping tank atomizers (RDTAs).

Clearomizers and tanks are products that work with pre-built coils (atomizer heads) and they can be intended for mouth to lung use (usually with resistances equal or bigger than 1.0 Ohms) or for direct lung use (usually with resistances lower or equal to 0.5 Ohms). Some might come with both types of coils and others might even come with RBA sections that allow users to create their own builds.

Airflow is important

Some tanks have adjustable airflow while others have fixed air intake slots – these are usually intended solely for mouth to lung use;

But just because some tanks have adjustable airflow it doesn't necessarily make them suitable for both mouth to lung and direct lung inhales. Always do some research and ask questions before buying a product, especially if you're only looking for a MTL or a LI type of device

Variable wattage vs temperature controlled coils

Pre-built coils made with Nickel (Ni200) or Titanium (Ti) wire are ONLY intended to be used in temperature control mode with vaporizers that support this feature. Never use Nickel or Titanium coils in variable wattage mode, in Bypass mode or on mechanical mods.

Kanthal and Nichrome coils are solely intended to be used in variable wattage mode, bypass mode and on mechanical mods.

The only type of wire you can use in both temperature control mode and variable wattage mode (bypass mode or on mechanical mods) is Stainless Steel.

Looking to steam Clouds? A rebuildable atomizer is the way to go. Here are 4 different types

Rebuildable Dripping Atomizers (or RDAs) are usually intended for direct lung inhales, low ohm resistances and higher wattages than standard clearomizers. These work well with high VG e-liquids and don't usually require nicotine concentrations higher than 3mg.Rebuildable tank atomizer

Rebuildable tank atomizers (or RTAs) on the other hand can be suited for mouth to lung usage (like the Kayfun series, Taifun, Squape etc) or for direct lung vaping (Griffin, VCMT, Sigelei Moonshot). The products in the last category are usually designed for sub ohm coils, thicker e-liquids and high wattages.

Rebuildable dripping tank atomizers, RDTAs, are a combination between an RDA and an RTA. They are intended to be used with sub ohm builds. RDTA's are known to produce a vast quantity of vapor.The downside is that when tilted they tend to leak.

An RTA with a juice flow control system makes it possible to vape both thick as the thinner (50/50, 60/40 VG/PG) e-juices. The flow can be controlled by closing the feeding holes or keeping them wide open.

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