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The vaping industry is constantly evolving. Massive research and development is done to constantly make "newer" Vapes that will outperform all its predecessors. One of these vaping breakthroughs are Pod systems. 

Massive popularity, best experience

The pod system vapes have quickly gained massive popularity among beginners. These devices are great at delivering that much craved nicotine buzz and they do it better than any other ecig product. They are ultra portable, simple to use and hassle free. Just slide in the pod and vape.

It all started with the JUUL almost a year ago and now these pod mods are everywhere. We personally tested some of the leading brands and decided to do a separate reviews category dedicated to them. These products are best for beginners as they offer a very cigarette-like experience. Inside most of the pods you will find something called nicotine salts e-liquid. This is different from regular e-juice which uses freebase nicotine. Nicotine salts allow for a much higher concentration but with a very mild throat hit. This allows the nic to get absorbed in the body much faster and keep you satisfied for longer periods of time.

Pod Systems, keeping it simple

The key feature of pod systems is their simplicity. They fit inside any pocket, recharge in under 45 minutes and don’t require any extra skills. You simply slide a pod inside the battery and it’s ready to vape. This way you can easily swap between flavors or replace the cartridges when they become depleted.

Some of these vaporizers come with proprietary chargers, other work with standard micro-USB cables. Either way it takes under 45 minutes to get the battery fully charged and you can always take puffs in between. Autonomy ranges between a couple of hours and a full day, but it all depends on vape style and habits.

Open and closed

Pod systems can be closed or open. Closed vaporizers work with pre-filled pods and usually have a limited set of flavors. Open system vaporizers allow users to refill the pods and enjoy an endless array of delicious aromas. Nicotine salts e-liquids work best and there are a few brands out there which have become increasingly popular. Make sure to check out our e-juice reviews category for more detailed information on the most en vogue nic salt lines.

The Phix, My Von Erl and the Bo One Ecig are just some of the pod vapes you will read about in our new pod systems category. We will update it regularly and strive to list only the best vaporizers the market has to offer. It’s going to be a long journey but one that’s going to make a lot of smokers successfully make the switch.

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