The Best Pod Vapes 2019 - Top compact, stylish, closed system Pod Mods

Best Pod mods & Closed system E-cigs

Ecigguide brings you our best pod mods, closed system vapes list and cig-a-like e-cigs list. Pod e-cigarettes are relatively new on the e-cigarette market but they are becoming increasingly popular. They are not built for clouds but they do a terrific job at delivering nicotine.

Our list is based on the top performing pod vapes we recently tested. And stay assured, we will always update our favorites as soon as new products are released.

Disclosure: The pod mods featured on this page were tested by our trained team of reviewers. We use affiliate links to these products as part of the review. This means that we receive a small commission whenever you make a purchase using one of our links. However, this will never influence our opinions and ratings we give to these devices. It also doesn't affect the price you pay for any particular vape. The commissions we earn are used to keep the site up and running. This way we will always be unbiased and honest when it comes to our recommendations. is not intended to be accessed or used by individuals under eighteen years of age. If you are under eighteen (18) years of age please leave this website immediately. We also do not provide medical advice, and all the content is for general information purposes only.

Best performing Pod vapes & closed system e-cigarettes

To get a better understanding what pod vape or e-cigarette fits your needs. We made this handy table. Are you a beginning vape or do you have experience vaping pod vapes? Are you looking for a refillable e-cig or a pod vape that comes with cartridges? To make life easier check out this table.

Best rated based on: Brand Model Price
MLV PHIX $34.99
With refillable vape pods SMOK Infinix $19.99
Suorin Drop $39.99
Best low output Aspire Breeze $29.99
Vaporesso Nexus AIO $21.99

Low output vaporizers, cartridge vapes and e-cig starter kits are excellent for beginners as well as intermediate or advanced vapers looking for a backup device. These usually have high nicotine pods, they are stealthy and ultra-portable.

They might look similar to regular vape pens, but these podmods have their own set of characteristics. When making this toplist we looked at pros and cons of each cartridge style vape. 

We recommend to check out the whole list before deciding on a particular pod vape.

The recommendations we make are based on product performance, nicotine satisfaction, and through testing. We always corroborate this with feedback we get from our readers and staff. That’s why you will always find only the best performing pod vaporizers on our list.

Best Pod Mods with non-refillable pods

Pod vapes with non-refillable cartridges are the easiest to use. These are also the most popular since they offer a very nicotine satisfying experience. Ultra portable and great for beginners there are our top picks for this category:

Phix E-cig

Best Pod mods & Closed system E-cigs

Very similar the the JUUL, PHIX ecig combines a sleek ultra-portable design with some of the best pod flavors out there. Battery life is better, the pods are bigger and nicotine is also 5%. The connectors between the pods and mod are magnetic and so is the charger.

The patented ceramic coils give really good flavor and vapor and the build quality on this tiny vape is top notch.

What we liked What we didn't like
Great choice of flavors Propriety charger
High nicotine concentration Only one nicotine strength
1.5ml pods No battery indicator

Verdict:Also known as the “JUUL killer” the PHIX ecig is our choice for number #2. Easy to use, reliable and great for delivering that much craved nicotine buzz, this is more affordable and a pleasure to use.

Buy the PHIX

Aspire Gusto Mini

Best Pod mods & Closed system E-cigs

Carrying some of the best flavors from Halo, the Aspire Gusto Mini pod system is quite impressive. It's powered by a built in 900mAh battery and allows mouth to lung as well as direct lung draws. Measures 70mm x 48mm x 22mm and is available in four different colors.

The Gusto Mini pods are some of the biggest we've seen and they are easy to mount. Coil resistance is 1.5 Ohms and each of these bad boys has a capacity of 4.2ml of e-liquid. They only come in 6mg or 12mg concentration.

Pro's: Delicious flavors, great battery life

Cons: no nicotine salts, only two nicotine concentrations

What we liked What we didn't like
Delicious flavors No nicotine salts
Great battery life Only two nicotine concentrations
Halo singnature e-liquids

Verdict: The Aspire Gusto Mini pod vaporizer is well built and has great battery life. Flavors are really delicious but they only come in two nicotine concentrations. On the other hand it's one of the few devices in this category which offer direct lung draws.

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Best Refillable Pod Mods

Refillable pod vapes are the cheapest on the long term and they are designed for nicotine salts e-liquids. These devices come with cartridges that can be refilled up to 10 times and they offer amazing flavor and vapor production.

SMOK Infinix

Best Pod mods & Closed system E-cigs

The SMOK Infinix pod mod is our favorite device in this category. It's very similar to a JUUL, but it's refillable and cheaper on the long term. The build quality is quite impressive for a device this small. It excels in terms of vapor production and flavor and it's fully compatible with nicotine salts.

Battery life is pretty reasonable and the tight draw makes it ideal for mouth to lung inhales. Each pod can be refilled up to 10 times and that's a big pro in our books.

What we liked What we didn't like
Refillable pods Only comes with one pod
Great vapor quality
Top of the line performance

Verdict: The SMOK Infinix refillable pod system is one of the best we tried. Battery life is great, vapor production is quite impressive and the flavor is off the charts. We only recommend using this tiny vape with nicotine salts juices.

Buy the SMOK Infinix

Suorin Drop

Best Pod mods & Closed system E-cigs

The Suorin Drop has been one of our favorite pod mods since the day it was launched. This pocketable vape offers one of the smoothest and most impressive nic salt experiences. It's powered by a generous 300mAh internal battery and works with refillable 2.0ml pods.

The device is activated on draw and delivers great flavor and vapor quality.

What we liked What we didn't like
Refillable pods Inconsistent wicking
Solid performance

Verdict: The Suorin Drop comes in a variety of lovely colors and offers good vapor and flavor. Battery life is more than decent and it uses a standard micro-USB connector. Each pod can be refilled up to 8-9 times.

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Smoant S8

Best Pod mods & Closed system E-cigs

With its regulated output, the Smoant S8 offers a very consistent experience. Vapor production and flavor are the same regardless off the battery charge. The pods are easy to refill and they have a capacity of 2.0ml. In addition the build quality and finish are top of the line.

The sleek pod mod features a 370mAh battery and two LEDs will let you know when it's time to recharge.

What we liked What we didn't like
Refillable pods Only comes with one pod.
Regulated output LEDs are hard to see
Consistent output Fingerprint magnet

Verdict: The Smoant S8 is a pod vaporizer with regulated output. The LED notification light is a nice added touch and overall vapor quality is just perfect.

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Suorin Air

Best Pod mods & Closed system E-cigs

With its refillable 2ml pod the Sourin Air lets you experiment an endless choice of flavors. This credit card shaped vape mod is sleek, ultra portable and a pleasure to use. The draw is perfect and it’s really simple to use. It takes some time to get used to but it’s the ideal starting point to enjoy all those lip biting nic salts flavors.

This rectangular vape uses standard micro-USB slot to recharge the battery and the whole process takes less than 45 minutes. Pod refills are a piece of cake if you have a dropper or a unicorn bottle and we recommend sticking with max 70% VG.

What we liked What we didn't like
Refillable pods Weird way of inhaling through the corner
Great overall performance Coils don’t last that long
Sometimes the device doesn’t fire

Verdict: The Sourin Air pod mod lets you experiment with a wide range of nicotine salts e-liquids. It takes some time to get use to and has some minor issues in day to day use but the draw is perfect and the overall vape experience rocks. It’s also one of the cheapest devices in this category.

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Wismec MyJet

Best Pod mods & Closed system E-cigs

The Wismec MyJet is one of the most versatile pod ecigs out there. It’s very similar to a JUUL in terms of size and performance but it works with refillable pods. Each of these pods has a capacity of 1.2 ml and ca be refilled up to 5 times. They are quite cheap when you buy them in bulk so you can carry some of your favorite flavors at all times.

The device gives very good flavor and vapor production is great for this price tag. You can recharge the battery with any micro-USB cable you might have lying around and the whole process takes under an hour. Refilling the pods is a bit tricky at first but once you get the hang of it, becomes a piece of cake.

What we liked What we didn't like
Refillable pods Tricky to refill
Cheap some coils burn out quite fast

Verdict: The Wismec MyJet ecig is intended to be used with nic salts or high nic e-liquids. The pods are refillable and a 5-pack goes for just $18.5. It’s easy to use, battery performance is above average and flavor is top notch. Read the full Wismec MyJet pod mod review here.

Buy the Wismec MyJet

SV Mi-Pod system

Best Pod mods & Closed system E-cigs

By far one of the best looking devices in this category, the SV Mi-Pod System has quickly earned a solid reputation among vapers. With the same form factor as a compact box mod this vaporizer is powered by a non-removable 950mAh battery. The device measures 60mm x 51mm x 13.5mm and the mouthpiece is integrated within the pod.

Pods have a capacity of 2.0ml and they use magnetic connectors to easily snap into place. They are a bit tricky to fill, however the overall experience is great. Perfect mouth to lung draw, amazing flavor and good vapor production.

What we liked What we didn't like
Nice looks Tricky to refill
Great battery life
Great vape experience

Verdict: The SV Mi-Pod not only looks amazing but also vapes great. Has a really interesting form factor and it's the ideal thing for nicotine salts.

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KandyPens Feather

Best Pod mods & Closed system E-cigs

The KandyPens Feather has a very interesting design. It's a robust and powerful pod vaporizer with a built-in 380mAh battery. It is 80mm tall by 11mm thich and has a rubberized finish. Comes with standard micro-USB port and a 15W output.

The KandyPens Feather pods have a capacity of 2.0ml of e-liquids. They use a 0.8 Ohm atomizer to deliver exceptional vapor quality and quantity from a device this size. Developed and designed in the US this, it's one of the highest quality products in this category.

What we liked What we didn't like
Refillable pods Coil life is not that great
Nice design
Rubberized finish

Verdict: The KandyPens Feather is one of the few products developed and designed in the United States. It has a very interesting shape and works great with nicotine salts e-liquids. The 0.8 Ohm coils give incredible vapor and flavor.

Buy the KandyPens Feather

Best Low Output Vaporizers

If pod systems just won't cut it for you, then low output vaporizers are the next best thing. This devices have built-in e-liquid reservoirs and work perfectly with nicotine salts. They have bigger batteries, and sometimes even adjustable airflow and temp control.

Aspire Breeze

Best Pod mods & Closed system E-cigs

The Aspire Breeze is probably the most powerful device you will see listed on our best page. Powered by a 650mAh battery this device comes with two coils, one of which is sub ohm. It holds 2.0 ml of e-liquid and it’s a great mod to enjoy nicotine salts with. Vapor production is outstanding and flavor wise you can’t go wrong.

This vaporizer has a built in tank which you can refill with juice. The process is simple once you get the hang of it. You can use up to 70% VG and having a power button makes things a lot easier.

What we liked What we didn't like
Refillable reservoir Much bigger than the competition
Great battery life
Great vapor

Verdict: The Aspire Breeze AIO vaporizer is powerful and well built. Vapor production is outstanding and the 0.6 Ohm coils give a very satisfying overall experience. It’s easy to use and the battery lasts for a very long time. Read the full Aspire Breeze review here.

Buy the Aspire Breeze

Vaporesso Nexus AIO

Best Pod mods & Closed system E-cigs

It’s more of a tiny AIO mod than a pod system but nevertheless it’s great for enjoying nicotine salts juices. The Vaporesso Nexus is chic looking personal vaporizer that features impressive build quality. The specially designed 1.0 Ohm coils allow for three different temperature control settings.

You can fit it inside virtually any pocket and refilling takes only a few minutes once you get the hang of it. Thanks to its impressive 650mAh battery, the device offers outstanding autonomy.

What we liked What we didn't like
Refillable reservoir Gets flooded with thinner juices
Temp control presets
Airflow adjustment

Verdict: The Vaporesso Nexus AIO is a very portable all in one low output vape intended for nicotine salts. It’s extremely affordable, easy to use and delivers great vapor and flavor. Should not be overfilled and tends to work best with 70/30 mixes.

Buy the Vaporesso Nexus

Top-list Pod Vapes

To give you an oversight on the highest quality pod mods and low output vaporizers we made this small top list. The rating is based on average scores given by our team for these devices.

  1. JUUL ecig - Best non refillable pod mod
  2. Phix ecig – Best nic salts flavors
  3. SMOK Fit – Best refillable pod system
  4. Suorin Drop – Best value for money refillable pod vaporizer
  5. Aspire Breeze – Best low output vaporizer
  6. Vaporesso Nexus – Best tiny AIO vape

About Pod Mods and Closed System Vaporizers

Closed system vaporizers explained

Closed system vaporizers are the types of e-cigarettes and mods that work with non-refillable cartridges. These can by pod mods, all in one devices or two piece cig-a-like starter kits . Once the e-liquid in the cartridge has run out, this has to be discarded and replaced with a new one.

Because these products are leak proof and easy to use they are often preferred by beginners. They don't require any set of skills and they are perfect for day to day use. The only downside is pod monthly cost.

What is a Pod Mod

Pod mods are devices which work with replaceable pods. These come in different shapes and sizes but they only fit the product they were intended for.

pod mod components

Pod mods can be non-refillable or refillable. Non refillable pod device usually carry nicotine salts e-liquids and they are intended for mouth to lung use. Refillable pod systems can be used with any type of high nicotine strength e-liquids, but we mostly recommend nicotine salts.

Low output vaporizers

Low output personal vaporizers are usually all in one products where the output power doesn't exceed 15W. Combined with high resistance coils and a relatively small battery these make great portable devices. They are most efficient when used with nicotine salts liquids.

All in one devices have the e-juice reservoir integrated in the body. This system accounts for a leak-free experience and easy maintenance.

Nicotine Salts the perfect match

As opposed to regular freebase nicotine, nicotine salts can be used in higher concentrations without having a harsh throat hit. This ensures more of the substances reaches the bloodstream and provides long term relief.

Nicotine salts e-liquids are manufactured by different brands and come in a variety of concentrations from 20mg up to 50mg. Many closed system pod manufacturers use nicotine salts with their starter kits as this works perfectly with the low output batteries they usually carry.