Best Dry Herb Vaporizers 2017

If you're looking a vaporizer for dry herb ans loose leaf you have reached the right spot. We only feature the highest rated devices. These outstanding dry herb vaporizers are ranked according to performance and the feedback we got from our readers. We considered multiple aspects when creating the extensive list. We tested portability, battery life and vape experience. This list will get updated regularly. Whenever we get a device that surpasses our expectations we will make sure to add it to this page.

Cheap herbal vaporizers are good for beginners, but many times they don't offer the same quality and performance as these high ranking devices. Fast heating chambers, real time temperature adjustment and intuitive display are just some of the features we love on herbal vape pens. Great flavor even during extended sessions and all the maintenance tools you need inside the box. Get ready to experience dry herb vaping on a whole new level and check out our favorites.

Best performing herbal vaporizers 2018

Because flavor and taste are subjective, we didn't use only our ratings when creating this list. Some people might agree on the general rankings while others might have a different opinion. We wanted to include quality to price ratio, general performance over time and feedback from our readers. These are definitely the best dry herb vaporizers money can buy.

Best rated based on: Brand Model Price
Performance PAX Labs PAX 3 $274.99
Best Vapor Production Storz & Bickel Crafty $339.00
Best Flavor Magic Flight Launch Box $119.00
Best Convection Vaporizer Utillian 721 $176.87
Best Quality to Price Grenco Science GPen Elite $159.99
Best Quality to Price (high range) Eclipse Vaporizer Eclipse dry herb vaporizer $139.99
Best Beginners Vaporfi Atom $139.99

Best Performance

PAX 3 Vaporizer

Pax 3 Dry herb Vaporizer

With several improvements in terms of battery life and performance, the new PAX 3 dry herb vaporizer offers a far better experience than its predecessor. State of the art technology, incredible flavor and solid vapor production with every single puff.

Pro's: Flavor, vapor production, build quality, overall experience, 10-year warrant, 15s to reach temperature

Cons: Concentrates insert is a bit tricky to use

Verdict: One of the best dry herb vaporizers just got better and the experience it delivers is just stellar. Read the Full PAX 3 Review here

BUY NOW lowest price - $274.99

Davinci IQ Vaporizer

Davinci IQ Dry Herb Vaporizer

With its 51-LED grid display and incredible vape performance, the DaVinci IQ is one of the best conduction vaporizers we tested. It has a patented Zirconia mouthpiece for crystal clear flavor and a smart path to further enhance taste and overall experience.

Pro's: Zirconia mouthpiece and oven door, Smart Path technology, vibration feedback

Cons: Sometimes it's a bit hard to clean throughly

Verdict: The DaVinci IQ makes conduction heating absolutely shine with incredible performance and eye catching looks. Read the Full DaVinci IQ Review here.

BUY NOW lowest price - $274.99

PAX 2 Vaporizer

Pax II Dry Herb Vaporizer

At the pinnacle of dry herb vaporizers, the PAX 2 is still our personal favorite. This device not only looks amazing but also performs flawlessly. Powered by a great battery and with surprising heat up time, it accounts for incredible and long lasting sessions. With a simple and elegant LED display the PAX is always ready to offer the quality you've been looking for.

Pro's: Build quality, ease of use, great flavor production

Cons: Price, airflow tends to get clogged on extended sessions

Verdict: Style meets performance for one of the best dry herb vaporizers ever built. If you can afford the price tag then go for it! Read the Full PAX 2 Reviewhere.

BUY NOW lowest price - $199.99

Best Vapor Production

Crafty Vaporizer

Crafty Dry Herb Vaporizer

A bit bulkier in looks than your average portable dry herb vaporizer, the Crafty from Storz & Bickel is also one of the best. In terms of vapor production it has very few competitors and it comes with its own dedicated smart phone app. German engineering at its finest to create a solid performer that gets the job done every time.

Pro's: Vapor production, build quality, German precision and engineering

Cons: Price, not that many temperature settings

Verdict: Not the stealthiest of dry herb vaporizers but certainly one of the top performers in its category. Read the Full Crafty Review here

BUY NOW lowest price - $339.00

DaVinci Ascent

Davinci Acsent Dry Herb vaporizer

One of the most elegant dry herb vaporizers on the market it's definitely a device that will get you noticed. Packed with performance and features it offers more than two hours of vaping on a single charge. It heats up really fast, has a classy finish and a lovely OLED display.

Pro's: Looks, performance, ease of use, great vapor quality

Cons: Price, only comes with a glass mouthpiece

Verdict: Classy looks and great flavor make the DaVinci Ascent a device we highly recommend. Due to the way it was built it packs the best taste and it's highly portable. For more please Read the full DaVinci Ascent review here

BUY NOW lowest price - $190.00

WISPR 2 Vaporizer

WISPR 2 Dry herb vaporizer

The most popular and dependable dry herb vaporizers. The WISPR 2 doesn't have a built in battery. It uses butane gas to heat up the chamber and this gives it an outstanding autonomy. It takes around 30s to reach optimum temperature and the flavor you get from it is incredible. Just like on a cigarette lighter, it has a valve for regular gas refills. The retro design gives it a very chic appearance.

Pro's: Thick and flavorsome clouds, easy to clean, fast heat up time

Cons: Heats the chamber through a flame, requires butane gas refills

Verdict: If you're ok with the butane torch heating up the chamber then it's one of best investments when it comes to dry herb vaporizers. The excellent flavor, ease of use and durability make the WISPR 2 a great contender. Read the full WISPR 2 review here

BUY NOW lowest price - $169.00

Best Convection vaporizers

Firefly 2 Vaporizer

Firefly II Dry herb vaporizer

The Firefly 2 is futuristic dry herb vaporizer that boasts numerous high end features. The build quality is flawless, the finish is luxurious and both flavor and vapor production are top notch. It comes with its own smart-phone app and it's able to reach 400F in just 5 seconds.

Pro's: Build quality, design, looks and performance

Cons: Price, can't use it while the battery is charging

Verdict: Futuristic looks meet incredible vape performance to create one of the most beautiful dry herb pens on the market today. Read the Full Firefly 2 Review here

BUY NOW lowest price - $329.99

Utillian 721

Utillian 721

The Utillian 721 is one of the most affordable convection heating vaporizer on the market. It's built from high quality materials and it's really easy to use. The Utillian comes with four different temperature presets as well as a boost mode. The chamber is made from stainless steel and can accommodate a decent amount of ground botanical.

This sleek device is powered by a 2100mAh battery and ensures an operating time of over 60 minutes. The intuitive LED notification light will always show what temperature setting you're using.

Pro's: Temperature presets, convection heating, great build quality

Cons: Vapor can be quite harsh when using the highest temperature setting

Verdict: When it comes to convection vaporizers the Utillian 721 is hard to beat. Quality to price ratio is great and the flavor is spot on. Read the full Utillian 721 review.

BUY NOW lowest price - USD176.87

Boundless CFV

Boundless CVF

The Boundless CFV dry herb vaporizer combines convection heating with precise temperature control. It's build from heat resistant plastic and features a detachable oven as well as four different flavor rings. Comes with a funnel for accurate chamber fill and a packing tool.

You can fully adjust temperature between 140°F – 446°F or 60°C – 230°C and battery life is anywhere between 30 – 45 minutes. With the included quartz ring the Boundless CFV combines convection with a bit of semi-conduction for enhanced vapor production.

Pro's: Precise temperature control, convection heating, flavor rings

Cons: Plastic body, average battery life

Verdict: The Boundless CFV is a mid-range conduction dry herb vaporizer. Features full temperature control and comes with four different style flavor rings.

BUY NOW lowest price - USD209.13

Best Flavor

Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer

Magic Flight Launch Box Dry herb Vaporizer

Despite its simplistic design and looks, the Magic Flight Launch Box is one of the best in terms of flavor. It has no circuits, no boards and no internal batteries, but yet it manages to impress with every single puff.

Pro's: Price, ease of use, design

Cons: Battery life; the fact that you have to shake it between puffs

Verdict: One of the greatest surprises we had when testing a dry herb vaporizer. Flavor on the Magic Flight Launch box is just fantastic. Read the Magic Flight Launch Box Review here

BUY NOW lowest price - $119.00

Best Quality to Price ratio

G Pen Elite Vaporizer

Grenco G Pen Elite

Designed and manufactured by Grenco, the G Pen Elite Vaporizer offers the best price to quality ratio. It's compact, powerful and comes with a futuristic design. The temperature is fully adjustable between 200 – 428F and it's able to reach max value in less than 30s. The 2000mAh internal battery provides excellent autonomy. It also comes with its own classy G Card grinder and tools for cleaning. With one of the most generous chambers on a dry herb vaporizer this is definitely a winner in our book.

Pro's: Build quality, design, flavor, big chamber

Cons: Flavor not as good as the PAX but certainly better than most others

Verdict: At just under $160 the G Pen Elite Vaporizer offers great quality. It's definitely the way to go if you can't afford a PAX but want to experience dry herb vaping at its best. Read the Full G-Pen Elite by Grenco review here

BUY NOW lowest price - $159.99

Eclipse Dry Herb Vaporizer

Eclipse Dry Herb vaporizer

Hey The combination between glass mouthpiece, ceramic chamber and top oven placement make the Eclipse Herb Vaporizer a really good quality to price ratio competitor. You can adjust temperature between 300F - 435F in one degree increments and it takes a maximum of 40s for the device to reach peak value. Battery life is great and flavor as well as vapor production are pretty surprising for this price range.

Pro's: Full temperature control, glass mouthpiece, great battery life

Cons: Delicate mouthpiece, a bit of a hassle to clean the oven

Verdict: In the best quality to price ratio category it’s hard to find a product better than the Eclipse Herb Vaporizer. This 2200mAh portable vape offers really good flavor temperature is fully adjustable.

BUY NOW lowest price - $139.99

Cloud V Diamond

Cloud V Diamond Vaporizer

The perfect combination between power and style. The Cloud V Diamond is powered by 2000mAh internal battery and lets you adjust temperature between 300F – 435F. Highly portable, easy to use and efficient, it's one of the best dry herb vaporizers we tested in 2016. It even comes with a magnetic top cap to protect the mouthpiece.

Pro's: Full temperature control, great flavor, great price to quality ratio

Cons: Fingerprint magnet heats up quite a bit

Verdict:: A really nice and well built dry herb vaporizer that's extremely portable. You are in full control of the temperature and adjusting values takes no time. Read the Full Cloud V Diamond review here

BUY NOW lowest price - $129.99


VaporFi Atom

Atom VaporFi Dry Herb Vape

Having one of the best price to quality ratios, the VaporFi Atom dry herb vaporizer is great for beginners. With the elegant but simple design and intuitive LED display it's so easy to use. Power and simplicity with three predefined temperature settings. The 3000mAh internal battery paired with a big chamber are excellent for extended sessions or for sharing with friends. A true best buy.

Pro's: Big battery, simple to use, great flavor

Cons: Pre-defined temperature settings

Verdict: To us, the VaporFi Atom is one of the best devices we tested in 2016. It's fun and easy to use, intuitive and the vapor is outstanding. The generous chamber and a big battery make this the right choice for any beginner. Read the full Vaporfi Atom review here

BUY NOW lowest price - $139.99

The Best Dry Herb Vapes 2018

  1. PAX 3 Vaporizer – Performance winner
  2. Davinci IQ Vaporizer - Best conduction dry herb vaporizer
  3. Crafty - Best vapor production
  4. Utillian 714 - Best Convection vape
  5. Magic Flight Launch Box - Best flavor
  6. G Pen Elite Vaporizer – Best quality to price ratio for top vaporizers
  7. Firefly 2 – Looks/design
  8. WISPR 2 Vaporizer – Best vaporizer without batteries
  9. Eclipse Herb Vape – Best quality to price for highrange vaporizers
  10. Cloud V Diamond – Best quality to price for midrange vaporizers
  11. Vaporfi Atom – Best for Beginners

Top lists are difficult to do when it comes to dry herb vaporizers. Many times flavor and vapor production are subjective or depend on the mixes you're using. Don't expect to be chasing clouds because with dry herbs it's mostly about the taste and experience. Your budget plays a crucial role in this category but there are always good alternatives. Don't forget to do some in depth research before buying a herbal vape pen and don't hesitate to contact us if you have more questions.

*Note: We update this list on a regular basis. The prices mentioned are the lowest at the moment. If by any chance you find these vapes somewhere for less please contact us and we will make sure you will always get the lowest rates.

Herb vaporizers explained

What is a portable dry herb vaporizer?

Dry herb vaporizers are portable devices which heat up the ground plant mixture just below the point of combustion. This makes the essential oils volatile and ready to be inhaled. Compared to traditional methods, with dry herb vapes you don’t get any smoke and ash, therefore no carcinogens.

These vaporizers work either by conduction or by convection and are powered by a built in or removable battery. It can take between a couple of seconds to up to a minute for device to reach optimum temperature for vaping. Current from the battery heats up the chamber, which is made from stainless steel or ceramic. Depending on the type of chamber, placement of the chamber, type of air path and mouthpiece, dry herb vaporizers offer different types of experiences. Cheaper devices have the chamber right below the plastic or silicone mouthpiece and use convection to heat up the plant mixture. More expensive portable vapes have the chamber at the bottom, longer air paths, ceramic chambers and glass mouthpieces. Some models even use convection heating, which makes them even more efficient.

Vape pens vs portable dry herb vaporizers

There’s a big difference between regular vape pens for dry herb and portable vaporizers. Vape pens are designed to be stealthy and easy to use but they don’t score that high when it comes to vapor production, flavor or battery life.

Dry herb vaporizers on the other hand are deigned to get the most from your botanical. These have much bigger batteries, complex heating systems, and bigger chambers. Flavor and vapor production are pretty good, especially with the high end models. They literally take the experience to a whole new level.

Convection heating or conduction heating?

Most dry herb vaporizers we tested use conduction heating. This is a very easy to implement technology and can produce pretty good results. Conduction means heat is transferred to the ground botanical by direct contact. This method isn’t that expensive, works well and accounts for good vapor and flavor. The cons are uneven vaporization, having to constantly stir through the mixture and a higher risk of partial combustion. Convection heating is more complicated and therefore more expensive to implement. Convection means the dry herb is heated indirectly, though a steady stream of hot air. This accounts for much better flavor, and more consistency throughout the session. The risk of combustion is also very low. First con of this method however is the high price of convection vaporizers. Second con is that these devices need constant and more in depth cleaning. The chamber can easily get clogged with vaporized residue. This in turns stops the steam of hot air from uniformly reaching the dried botanical.

With conduction heating the plant material needs to be compacted inside the chamber. In the case of convection the mixture has to be looser so that air can circulate freely through it.

Main parts of a dry herb vaporizer

Any portable dry herb vaporizer consists of three main parts: the body, the chamber and the mouthpiece. The body can have a single button or multiple buttons. Dry herb vapes with a single button usually have one or more LED notification lights. These are the easiest to use. Multiple button vaporizers are a bit more complex. They usually have temperature adjustment, and LCD display and allow for more control over the vape experience. The body also holds the battery. This can be built-in or user replaceable. Capacity ranges from 1000 - 3000mAh and usually the bigger, the better.

The chamber is placed on the top or bottom part and it’s usually covered by a door or by the mouthpiece itself. This is made from ceramic or stainless steel. Usual capacity is between 0.2 - 0.5 grams. When the chamber is placed on the bottom of the device, vapor has more time to cool since it travels a longer path. Last but not least we have the mouthpiece. This can be made from plastic, silicone or glass. Glass mouthpieces usually allow the vapor to cool down before it reaches the lips. On some vaporizers the mouthpiece is completely flat. This might seem a bit odd at first, but the overall experience is pretty good.

Multi purpose vaporizers

As the name probably says it, multi purpose vaporizers can work with either e-liquids, dry herb and waxes. These devices come with interchangeable chambers, each one destined for a particular type of use.

They offer great versatility, especially in the case of users who enjoy both e-liquids and ground botanical or waxes.

Dry herb vapes for beginners

We recommend beginners to look for an entry level vaporizer. This usually doesn’t cost as much as high end devices but delivers a good amount of vapor and flavor. Heating type is usually conduction, and the chamber is placed on top.

Starter dry herb vaporizers come with a single button and one temperature setting. They have an LED notification light which indicates when it’s ready to vape. Battery life is not that great, and it’s not the type of device intended for shared sessions.

Loose leaf vaporizers for intermediate users

Mid range dry herb vaporizers are very popular. These devices usually have more than one temperature preset and the chamber is also placed on top. Battery life is a lot better than on entry level vapes.

The chamber can be either stainless steel or ceramic and the regular capacity is between 0.2 - 0.3 grams. In terms of vapor production and flavor it all depends on brand and model. However the experience is noticeable improved in comparison to low budget vaporizers.

Portable dry herb vaporizer for experienced users

Experienced users usually look for the best devices money can buy. These state of the art vaporizers include high end features and their batteries are amazing. Everything from Zirconia or glass air-paths to Bluetooth, smartphone app, and convection heating.

Vapor production on such a device is far superior to entry level or mid range products. Flavor is pure, odor is concealed and multiple temperature presets allow a more in depth tuning of the overall experience.