Recommended tanks andatomizers for high VG e-liquids

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When it comes to big clouds nothing beats high VG e-liquids. Whether we're talking about 70VG, 80VG or even higher, these juices account for the richest and smoothest vapor. But not all tanks or atomizers are similar so in order to fully enjoy your experience here's what you need to know:

High VG e-liquids are mostly intended for RDA's

High VG e-liquids were initially intended for RDAs only. Due to their open deck design, rebuildable dripping atomizers have no problem soaking with e-liquid regardless of its thickness. You just drip juice over the coils and you're ready to enjoy the most outstanding flavor.

Kanger Dripbox kit with RDA

But not all vapers are RDA lovers. These atomizers are not only difficult to build and wick but most importantly they have a very limited e-juice reservoir. This means you need to drip every five to ten puffs just to avoid dry hits. Also they tend to leak juice whenever they are not held up straight, which can be a real pain. Most people want something they can fill up and enjoy for longer periods of time and this is where modern sub ohm tanks step in.

Best tanks for high VG Juices

Not all tanks however are designed to cope with high VG juices. The higher the VG concentration the ticker the liquid. The thicker the liquid, the harder for it to saturate cotton inside the coil through small wicking holes. Dry hits are usually the first sign that something is wrong. Since less juice reaches the coil, dry cotton starts to burn and we're left with that awful taste in our mouths. If you use 80VG juice inside a small vape pen you will probably burn the coil in under ten puffs. These devices are simply not built to handle thick e-liquids. They work great with 60% VG or less because it allows the coil to properly saturate between draws.

Vaporfi vSix Tank

High power tanks on the other hand like the Cloud Beast King can handle high VG e-liquids best without problems. It has massive wicking holes and generous airflow so it's just perfect for this sort of thing. Rebuildable tank atomizers like the Griffin&or the Moonshot also work great with ticker liquids.

Our personal favourites

The Cloud Beast King is not a tank for everyone. It's big, bulky and intended to be used with high power mods. One of its coils can withstand up to 350W so it's not something for the midrange vaper. The TFV4 however is the ideal sub ohm tank for high VG ejuices. Measuring 24.5mm in diameter it comes with a wide selection of coils as well as great performing RBA. It handles 90VG liquids without problems between 40 – 80W and it delivers an impressive amount of vapor.

The TFV8 Baby Beast tank is another popular alternative and a tank we absolutely loved with the SMOK Alien Baby kit. The coils are just perfect for high VG e-liquids and the overall experience is one of the best. The IJOY EXO X or the Vaporfi Viper are other examples of high end tanks built for really thick clouds.

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