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Our highly anticipated best vape pens 2017 list is finally ready. We’ve selected top devices ranked according to performance and general feedback from our readers. These small personal vaporizers are usually easy to use and affordable however there are some key aspects which define their functionality. From battery life to the type of coil used, these are intended for different types of users and vaping styles. This is why we only picked seven top vaporizer pens and grouped them according to user relevant criteria. We will continue to update the list as we stumble upon devices which deserve the credit.

Vape pens are usually great for beginners making the switch from regular cigarettes, simple ego vape devices or rudimentary cig-a-likes. However these don’t offer the performance and vapor quality as top of the line products. Powerful batteries, sub ohm coils and even temperature control features stand between entry level vape pens and real pocket friendly cloud machines. Great flavor, outstanding vapor production and a complete set of accessories earned these devices a place in our top.

Great performing vape pens – Early 2017 list

Because so many aspects are important when it comes to a good vape pen, we didn’t only stick to the ratings we gave during tests. We included durability over time, price to quality ratios and the feedback from multiple readers to assess the key aspects of these products. So rest assured, we ended up with a list that includes only the best vape pens money can buy.

Best rated based on:BrandModelPrice
PerformanceVaporFIRebel 3119.99
Best Quality/Price RatioMigVaporMorpheus89.95
Best Overall ExperienceVapor4LifeAuto Zeus69.99
Best TankSMOKStick One38.95
Best Mid RangeHaloTracer50.00
Best Entry LevelV2Void 59.95
Best LooksApolloOhm Go39.95
Best Closed SystemPAX LabsJUUL49.99
For beginnersVaporFIRocket 389.99
By experience (live site chat) we know that some will not agree on some rankings or ratings. We encourage vapers to contact us trough site chat. Our team loves hearing your opinion on the box mods you love. We take this information and process it when making the next top list.

Best Performance

VaporFi Rebel 3 Kit

An absolute powerhouse built for sub ohming, the VaporFi Rebel 3 features a 3000mAh battery and impressive 0.5 Ohm coils. With a tank capacity of 5.8ml you won’t need to take the e-juice bottle with you even for a full day at the office. Solid, well-built and easy to use, this is the type of vape pen we recommend for performance. A bit bulky considering the 30mm diameter, but reliable and great for big clouds.

Pro’s: Build quality, value, battery life

Cons: Bulkiness, coils work with VG concentrations up to 70%

Verdict: Top performance, great flavor and big clouds – all in a pocket friendly device  Read the Full VaporFi Rebel 3 Review here

BUY NOW lowest price – $119.99

Best Quality to Price

Morpheus Vape Mod Kit

Style meets power and functionality in the case of the Morpheus Vape Mod Kit and it’s the kind of device you can’t go wrong with. With a gorgeous carbon fiber finish and a 3000mAh battery, this vape pen deliver clouds like no other. And while the 0.2 Ohm coils give off pretty hot vapor, the 0.4 Ohm versions are stellar.

Pro’s: Looks, build quality, battery life, great coils

Cons: Vapor tends to get hot with the 0.2 Ohm coils

Verdict: Built for power and looks, the Morpheus Vape Mod Kit is an amazing personal vaporizer. Easy to use, packed with all the accessories you need and excellent for high VG liquids, this one is a must buy. Read the Full Morpheus Vape Mod Kit review here

BUY NOW lowest price – $89.95

Best Overall Experience

Auto Vapor Zeus Kit

This one comes as a real surprise, but we were simply amazed by the vapor quality it delivers. Not exactly built for cloud chasing, the Auto Vapor Zeus Kit makes the best impression in overall experience. The flavor is incredible, it’s light, easy to use and it automatically activates each time you take a puff.

Pro’s: General experience, great flavor, great for beginners, automatic activation with each puff

Cons: Takes long to refill the cartridges

Verdict: Don’t let appearances fool you. While this may look like a rudimentary two piece cig-a-like it’s actually ones of the best vape pens we tried so far. The overall experience is outstanding and it packs a lot of punch for such a tiny product. Read the Full Auto Vapor Zeus Kit review here

BUY NOW lowest price – $69.99

Best Tank

Smok Stick One Basic Starter Kit

In terms of performance it’s hard to find a rival for any version of the TFV4 tank, and the Smok Stick One Basic Starter Kit is clearly built to impress. A great combo between a powerful 2200mAh battery and a TFV4 Nano tank, this small vape pen delivers amazing clouds and excellent flavor. It’s fun to use, reliable and a great back-up to any high performing box mod.

Pro’s: : Vapor, flavor, build quality, awesome coils

Cons: Battery capacity should be slightly higher for bigger autonomy

Verdict: If you like the original TFV4 tank, you’ll love the Nano version and the quality of these coils. Flavor and vapor production are top notch from such a small, portable vape pen. Read the full Smok Stick One Basic Starter Kit review here

BUY NOW lowest price – $38.95

Best Mid Range Vape Pen

Halo Tracer Kit

Offering an excellent price to quality ratio, the Halo Tracer is one of our favorite vape pens. It’s built from high quality materials, has a great battery and an equally powerful tank. The flavor you get off it is really amazing and the kit comes with a 30ml bottle of top shelf e-liquid.

Pro’s: : Great flavor, easy to use, reliable

Cons: Only one type of coils

Verdict: A really nice and well-built vape pen that’s extremely portable. It does the job perfectly every time and the liquid you get with the kit is so delicious.  Read the full Halo Tracer Kit review here

BUY NOW lowest price – $50.00

Best Entry Level Vape Pen

V2 Void Vaporizer Kit

Designed in Germany, this leak-proof all in one vape pen is ideal for people on the go. The V2 Void Vaporizer Kit comes with two different types of coils for high VG and high PG liquids and is fully compliant with the European TPD law.

Pro’s: : Easy to use, leak proof

Cons: Vapor quantity could be more generous

Verdict: Not a cloud chasing device, this is ideal for people looking for a well performing device that works with both highVG and highPG liquids. The all in one device makes it easy to refill and replace atomizer heads.  Read the full V2 Void Vaporizer Kit review here

BUY NOW lowest price – $59.95

Best Looks

Apollo Ohm Go Kit

With a very futuristic and appealing design, the Apollo Ohm Go Kit earned a place in our best vape pens list for its build quality, performance and durability over time. It’s one very sexy personal vaporizer powered by a 1900mAh battery that’s super simple to use. Features two coils for both sub ohm and mouth to lung vaping.

Pro’s: : Looks amazing, performs great, two types of coils

Cons: Battery capacity is not that great

Verdict: A perfectly balanced vape pen kit that’s reliable and durable on the long run. Great flavor, good vapor and two types of coils for mouth to lung users as well as direct lung users. Read the full Apollo Ohm Go Kit review here

BUY NOW lowest price – $39.95

Best Closed System


By far one of the best performing closed system vaporizers on the market, the JUUL Ecig delivers a very satisfying vape and a great throat hit. Excellent for current smokers and so easy to use.

Pro’s: Futuristic, easy to use and very reliable

Cons: Battery life could have been better

Verdict: The JUUL Ecig is the ideal vape pen for any beginner looking for a closed system starter kit. Pods are easy to swap, flavor is awesome and vapor production is ideal.  Read the full JUUL Ecig review here

BUY NOW lowest price – $49.99


VaporFi Rocket 3 

Simple to use, elegant and reliable, the VaporFi Rocket 3 is our choice for best beginners’ vape pen. It automatically detects the type of coil used and switches between regular wattage mode and temperature control mode. Flavor is really good and vapor quantity is way above average with the 0.5 Ohm atomizer.

Pro’s: Easy to use, auto temperature control, great coils

Cons: Would have loved a mouth to lung coil inside the kit

Verdict: The VaporFi Rocket 3 lets users experience a cutting edge vaping experience in either power mode or temperature control mode.  Read the full VaporFi Rocket 3 review here

BUY NOW lowest price – $89.99


Leading Vape Pen kits – Early 2017

1. VaporFi Rebel 3 Kit – performance winner
2. Morpheus Vape Mod Kit– best quality to price ratio
3. Auto Vapor Zeus Kit – best overall experience
4. V2 Void Vaporizer Kit – best entry level performance
5. Halo Tracer Kit – best mid range performance
6. Smok Stick One Basic Starter Kit – best tank on a vape pen
7. Apollo Ohm Go Kit – best looks
8. Juul Ecig – best closed system vaporizer
9. VaporFi Rocket 3 – best beginners’ vape pen

We didn’t have the chance to test all vape pens on the market, but these are the best we’ve tried so far. However, things like flavor, throat hit and vapor production are many times subjective and depend on the style of use and type of e-liquid involved. If you’re still having problems picking the right one for your needs, contact us and we’ll gladly help you out.

*Note: We update this list on a regular basis. The prices mentioned are the lowest at the moment. If by any chance you find these vapes somewhere for less please contact us and we will make sure you will always get the lowest rates.

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