The best vape mods & box mods of 2020

Best Vape Mods & Box Mods

Ecigguide welcomes you to our best vape mods list in 2020. We regularly update this list so please come back if you need to find a box mod that suits your needs.

Already vaping? Looking to take it a step further? You have arrived at the right spot. We highly recommend you to switch to this more powerful vape. The, "box mod" or "vape mod" offers exactly that and more. With these devices you have much more control over your vaping experience.

Being able to change wattage, voltage and temperature makes vaping way more fun than simple vape pens or cig-a-likes.

Here we featured only the highest rated devices that have been thoroughly tested by our team of reviewers. Great vape mods with all the modern features like temperature control, variable wattage and power curves.

Most of these box mods are regulated and come with built-in protections. This makes them suitable for all categories of vapers, from beginners to pros.

This list will be updated whenever we receive newer, better vape devices. The recommendations we make are based on our own experience, basic ECG tests, user opinion and tests of fellow experienced vapers.

Last updated: December 2019

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The best overall vape mods | 2020 edition

Category Vape Mod Wattage Best Price
Performance Rincoe Mechman 228w $59.90
Box Mod Kit VGod Pro 200W Kit 200W $119.99
Sub Ohm Vaporesso Revenger 220w $69.95
Cloud Chasing SMOK Majesty 225w $59.95
Small Mods VooPoo Drag Baby Trio 25w $39.99
Best Price/Quality Tesla WYE 200W TC 200w $54.95
High wattage Wismec Luxotic NC 250w $74.95
For beginners Eleaf Basal 30w $42.95

Be aware that batteries and tanks might not be included with some new box mods. This means you will only get the device itself. This is basically box shaped vape with room for a battery as well as a 510 connection to screw on a tank.

In most cases you will have to find a matching tank and add recommended batteries. We urge you to read the reviews. We give recommendations on finding the right tanks and batteries for your vape mod.

Best by category: quick scroll

Current top 10 Quick guide Choose the right vape mod

Best Performing vape mods

Here are our picks for best performance mods. These devices are not only powerful but they are also packed with features. Most have very responsive chipsets and the build quality is top notch. Regardless of your choice, you definitely won't be disappointed.

Rincoe Mechman 228w Kit

Rincoe Mechman 228W

Very affordable and high powered, the Rincoe Mechman 228W starter kit is perfect for anyone looking for the ultimate performance vape. This device comes with a tank inside the box and it's very easy to use. It can reach a whopping 228W and it's very dependable.

You will be able to adjust the wattage as well as the temperature and it has presets for Nickel, Titanium and Stainless Steel.

The mesh tank delivers outstanding vapor production and flavor and it's perfect for anyone looking to blow off big clouds.

What we liked What we didn't like
Powerful and easy to use Bulky
Great tank included with the kit Poor outdoor screen brightness
Consistent performance Not very stable on the desk

Verdict: The Rincoe Mechman 228W is our number one pick for best performance box mod. For under $60 you get a high powered device and an equally good tank. The mod is very easy to use and it's one of our favorites from 2019.

Buy the Rincoe Mechman 228W starter kit

Vaporesso Polar kit

Vaporesso Polar 220W Kit

Powered by the new OMNI Board 4, the Vaporesso Polar is an excellent kit for savvy vapers. It comes with the Cascade Baby SE tank and delivers an incredible overall experience. The flavor is really impressive especially when used between 60 - 80W.

Boasting a nice color display, the device is packed with features. You can adjust wattage, temperature and pre-heat curves. This way you can customize the vapor to match your liking and find the sweet-spot in no time.

With the CCW/CCV curves feature you can set pre-heat curves depending on the type of build you are using. This is particularly helpful in the case of coils with big ramp-up times.

What we liked What we didn't like
Powerful chip Bulky
Complex menu and all the features Middle frame is made from plastic
The Cascade Baby SE tank is amazing Wattage spikes

Verdict: The Vaporesso Polar is our number two pick for best performance box mod. It is powerful, reliable and full of interesting features. It comes with a good tank and delivers perfect vapor and flavor.

Buy the Vaporesso Polar starter kit


VooPoo Too 180W

The TOO has one of the most responsive chips on the market. The 180W Voopoo delivers a smooth and consistent vapor with every puff. Overall efficiency is at 95%. Also the U-Force sub ohm tank perfectly matches mod's output.

The build quality is outstanding and overall feel is that of a high end mod. The menu and features make the device extremely versatile and suitable for all types of vapers.

The snake skin themed slip covers are absolutely gorgeous. The build quality on this bad boy is one of the best out there at this moment.

What we liked What we didn't like
Great chip A bit bulky
Packed with features
Really good sub ohm tank included

Verdict: The VOOPOO TOO 180W starter kit looks and performs top notch. It's one of the best devices we tried in 2018. Exceptional build quality and exceptional performance. All of this at a very affordable price.

Buy the VooPoo Too kit

SMOANT Charon Mini

SMOANT Charon Mini

The Smoant Charon Mini is where performance meets a luxurious design and affordability. This mod was one of the biggest surprises of 2018. It also it definitely deserves a place on the podium. The ANT225 chip is extremely good. The Charon Mini can accommodate atomizers up to 25mm on top.

The 2-inch TFT display and the modern user interface are clearly the stars of the show. The device easy to hold, and fits the palm of your hand perfectly. It's also pretty light, weighing under 160g.

It offers an unbeatable quality to price ratio for this category of products.

What we liked What we didn't like
Very good chip Fingerprint magnet
Great performance Average battery life
Atomizers up to 25mm

Verdict: The Smoant Charon Mini is one of the most affordable high performance mods we tested. Build quality is exceptional! The display is gorgeous and the user interface is very intuitive.

BUY the Smoant Charon Mini

Eleaf Lexicon 235W TC kit

Eleaf Lexicon 235W TC kit

The Eleaf Lexicon 235W TC kit is one of the first vape devices to use mesh coils. Furthermore the mod features eye-catching LED lights all over the chassis and comes with a dedicated computer app.

The device works with tanks and atomizers up to 28mm in diameter without overhang and has a maximum output of 235W. It's fun to use, powerful and the ELLO Duro tank is incredible for clouds.

What we liked What we didn't like
Impressive output A bit gimmicky
LED lights Intricate menu
Great sub ohm tank with mesh coils

Verdict: The Eleaf Lexicon 235W TC kit is a powerful box mod with many features. It has LED lights flashing all over the chassis during use and the new mesh coils are incredible.

BUY the Eleaf Lexicon 235W TC



The GTRS VAPE VBOY is an incredible piece of vape engineering. It uses the same Yihi SX500 chip as the SX MINI G Class but is a lot cheaper. Build quality and performance are really impressive on this bad boy. Its ergonomic shape makes it easy to hold and to use.

The mod comes with a 1.3" display and user interface is one of the best out there. You can adjust everything from the output wattage to the desired temperature, TCR values and output curves.

What we liked What we didn't like
Great board No Bluetooth
Ergonomic design Battery door is a bit flimsy
Outstanding build quality

Verdict: The GTRS VAPE VBOY might look a bit weird on first glance. This mod will surprise you after you get used to it. The button layout is a bit off but performance and user friendliness rank very high.


Best Box Mod Kit

If you're looking for the ultimate vape box mod kit, then this is your lucky day. After comparing dozens of devices each with its pros and cons we ranked this one as our number one pick. The perfect combination between power, batter life and performance and all at a reasonable price.

VGOD PRO 200W TC starter kit

VGOD PRO 200W TC starter kit

The VGOD PRO 200W TC is a real beast of a box mod kit. With an output of 200W and powered by the proprietary ATOM.V.200B chipset this bad boy is built for clouds. It can fire down to 0.08 Ohms and features variable wattage, temp control, and a pro mode with power curves.

Also the VGOD PRO Sub Ohm tank is a more than worthy sidekick, delivering sublime flavor and outstanding vapor production.

What we liked What we didn't like
Outstanding performance Complicated menu
Powerful and reliable chip Bulky and kind of heavy
Top quality materials

Verdict: The VGOD PRO 200W TC starter kit is powerful, sturdy and extremely accurate. It features variable wattage, temperature control as well as power curves. The included tank is an absolute beast.

Beginner mods, the best starter kits for the inexperienced

These are our recommended box mods for beginners. The controls are simple to use, the tank is easy to refill and the experience is outstanding. Wattage output is ideal for inexperienced users and the settings can be adjusted in small increments.



The ELEAF BASAL KIT is one of the most stylish and affordable devices for beginners. This mod and tank combo offer a fantastic mouth to lung experience. The coils are also really good. It features 2A fast charging, 0.75 Ohm coils and a maximum output of 30W.

This is hands down a perfectly balanced stater kit.

The colors - rose gold, brushed silver and gold - are also a thing of beauty

What we liked What we didn't like
Great mouth to lung experience Bottom fill tank
Beautiful design Build quality could be better
Highly portable

Verdict: The ELEAF BASAL KIT is one of the best options for beginners. It combines style with performance in a very unique way. It offers a really smooth mouth to lung experience with its 1.8ml tank.

Buy the Eleaf Basal kit

Best high wattage mods

These are the most powerful mods on the market today. With outputs ranging over 230W, these bad boys are the excellent tools for cloud chasing and doing vapor tricks. They are mostly intended for experienced users as ordinary vapers don't usually crank up the power to more than 80W.

Wismec Luxotic NC

Wismec Luxotic NC

Featuring semi-mechanical operating mode the Wismec Luxotic NC can reach a whopping 250W output. It works with either 18650 or 20700 batteries and you can adjust between series and parallel through a single button.

It comes with the Guillotine V2 RDA in the kit and it's the perfect setup for big puffy clouds. Since it's a series mod we definitely not recommend this one to beginners. Power is adjusted via a potentiometer and the build quality is top notch.

What we liked What we didn't like
250W output Not a true series mech mod
Guillotine V2 RDA included Not suitable for beginners
Resin design

Verdict: The Wismec Luxotic NC continues the Noisy Cricket series of products. It has a maximum output of 250W and power is adjusted through a potentiometer. It comes with the Guillotine V2 RDA inside the box.

Buy the Wismec Luxotic NC

Small mods, the best compact vaping mods

Many of our readers ask us about our favorite compact box mods. These devices are easy to carry and they deliver great vapor and flavor when paired with a good sub ohm tank. Many of them easily fit inside your pocket or purse and have customizable power settings.

VooPoo Drag Baby Trio

VooPoo Drag Baby Trio

If you are looking for the ultimate compact box mod then the VooPoo Drag Baby Trio is hard to beat. Despite outputting a maximum of just 25W, the overall experience you get with this tiny bad boy is incredible. Everything is super easy to use and the flavor is phenomenal. Not to mention the excellent coils and the dependable GENE chip inside.

What we liked What we didn't like
Pocket friendly Non replaceable battery
GENE chip inside Non adjustable wattage or temperature
Amazing coils

Verdict: The VooPoo Drag Baby Trio is an excellent choice when it comes to tiny box mods. This bad boy not only looks great but also vapes grate. The tank and coils are amazing and the overall experience is truly amazing.

Buy the VooPoo Drag Baby Trio



When it comes to compact mods the VOOPOO MOJO is hard to beat. This 88W bad boy has that nice sports car vibe and comes with an impressive sub ohm tank. The device is powered by the highly praised Gene chip. This ensures super fast response times and works flawlessly. You can use it with other atomizers up to 24mm. It has all your temperature controls and wattage adjustments.

What we liked What we didn't like
Nice portable design Non replaceable battery
Build quality Funky button layout
Ultra fast chip

Verdict: The VOOPOO MOJO is one of the best options in the compact mods segment. Despite having a funky button layout, performance on this bad boy is really impressive. Also the chip is absolutely amazing.

Buy Voopoo Mojo



the SMOANT BATTLESTAR MINI is definitely worth checking out. Especially if you're looking for a lightweight, portable mod. Extremely affordable and built to last, this cute mod follows the footsteps of its bigger brother. Great performance, good chip and intuitive user interface.

This mod is perfect for beginners. You can easily pair it with any 22 - 23mm atomizer.

What we liked What we didn't like
Affordable and compact Battery life could be better
Great chip set Pretty basic
Temperature control

Verdict: Powered by a single 18650 battery, the SMOANT Battlestar Mini is a very good compact mod. Has a very responsive board. It's also packed with all modern features like variable wattage and temperature control.

Buy the Smoant Battlestar Mini

Best mods for cloud chasing

If you're looking to blow huge vapor, these are our picks for cloud chasing mods. High power meets stellar tank performance in the chase for the ultimate experience. The coils provided with these kits can handle high VG e-liquids without any issue.



The MAJESTY from SMOK is great for delivering rich, flavorful clouds. It also looks like a vape designed for the Royal Family. The body is made from beautiful resin material and each design is unique. Paired with the lovely color display this small mod can go up to 225W in no time.

The TFV8-X Baby Beast tank you get in the kit is one of the best we tried.

What we liked What we didn't like
Amazing design Resin body costs extra
Beautiful colors
Fantastic cloud production

Verdict: The SMOK Majesty mod is a really good option if you're interesting in enjoying rich vape clouds. This mod not only looks exceptional. It also performs like a true champ.

Buy the SMOK Majesty kit

Best mods for Sub Ohm vaping

Sub ohm vaping has never been so popular and with these mods you will definitely be enjoying it. Check out our top picks for low resistance coils and amazing flavor. Get ready to crank up the power to over 100W and blow out the most insane clouds.

Vaporesso Revenger

Vaporesso revenger mod

The Vaporesso Revenger stater kit combines style and performance in a way we haven’t seen before. This state of the art mod is packed with all modern day features. It comes with a tank that is a true champ cloud chaser.

Temperature control, TCR and power curves are just some of the benefits of this absolutely gorgeous device. Also the analog clock screen saver is a nice touch. Overall performance and responsiveness are really impressive.

What we liked What we didn't like
Beautiful mod Fingerprint magnet
High power output A bit bulky
Very good chip

Verdict: : The Vaporesso Revenger is a chic stater kit intended for clouds. Packed with the mighty NRG tank, makes a great combo. Get ready to fill up the room with vapor in a matter of seconds.

Buy the Vaporesso Revenger

Best cheap mod

Affordable mods are very popular and these devices definitely have a lot to offer. Here are our picks for the cheapest vapes that won't disappoint. Great quality to price ratio and all the modern features you might expect from a 2018 vape.

Tesla WYE 200W TC

Tesla WYE 200W TC

Built from PC and ABS, the Tesla WYE 200W TC is one of the lightest mods around. It also has one of the best quality to price ratios so far. At only $55 this brightly colored powerhouse has been designed for clouds.

Able to reach 200W the device is packed with features. It offers temperature control and TCR and it's worth checking out. The chip is very responsive and accurate. You can also fit any size atty on top.

What we liked What we didn't like
Ultra light dual 18650 vape Design and colors
Low price tag Feels a bit cheap
Very good chip

Verdict: : While the looks of this mod are a bit love it or hate it, its performance is undeniable. The Tesla WYE 200W TC packs a lot of features and power for this price and it’s so easy to use.

Buy the Tesla WYE 200W TC

Leading Vape Mods in 2019


To give you a overview on the highest quality mods we made this small top list. This rating is based on average scores that our team of reviewers gave these vapes.

  1. Rincoe Mechman - Performance winner
  2. GTRS Vape VBoy - Best chipset
  3. VGOD PRO 200W TC - Best Box Mod kit
  4. ELeaf Basal - Beginners
  5. SMOK Majesty - Cloud Chasing
  6. Vaporesso Revenger - Sub Ohm
  7. Tesla WYE 200W TC - Best price/quality
  8. Wismec Luxotic NC - Best high wattage mod
  9. VOOPOO Drag Baby Trio - Most compact
  10. Eleaf Lexicon - Mod kit with the best tank
  11. Smoant Charon Mini - Cheapest high end mod

Making absolute top lists is impossible when it comes to vape & box mod devices. The reason is that no mod is the same. When looking for a mod you need to ask yourself the following questions; How much do I vape a day? Am I interested to take my vaping experience a step further or am I ok with easy to use devices. Do I need a complete kit or am I comfortable ordering my tank separately? Do not forget that you need to take your time when researching what's best for you.

Vape Mods - A quick guide

What is a box mod?

box mod anatomy

Box mods are the most powerful and feature rich types of electronic cigarettes. Depending on their design they are suitable to all categories of users from beginners to pros. They work with atomizers and sub ohm tanks and the battery is either replaceable or built-in. Vaping mods can be regulated or unregulated.

Electronic box mods

Regulated box mods - also known as electronic mods - are the most popular. With power outputs ranging from 30W all the way up to 300W these devices are top of the line. Variable wattage, temperature control, and user defined power curves are just some of the features available.

Also these mods also come packed with multiple protections and safety mechanisms. This means everything from shot circuit and reverse polarity protections to low voltage, high temperature and automatic cut-off.

Why temperature control?

Temperature control is one of the most important features of box mods. It allows the user to select a certain temperature above which the coil wire will automatically stop heating. This helps prevent dry hits and accounts for a more consistent vape experience.

TC is based on the proprieties of some materials where resistance varies linearly according to temperature. By constantly reading the vaping Ohms, a mod is able to accurately predict coil temperature at any given point in time.

It’s also the reason why temperature control only works with some materials like Nickel, Titanium and Stainless Steel.

In TC mode, depending on initial wattage, the mod with deliver electricity to the coil until it reaches the desired temperature. Once it does so, it will automatically lower its power output to maintain that value. High end mods also have a feature called temperature curve.

This allows the user to control specific coil temperatures at specific time intervals in the 10-second cut off interval.

Stainless Steels is the most popular wire used in TC mode. This is because it’s the only material that can also be used in regular power mode without any issues or risks. Some vapers even consider the flavor coming from SS to be better than that from Kanthal.

box mods explained

Unregulated box mods

Unregulated box mod are also called mechanical mods. These devices don’t have any sort of boards inside and they usually behave like a simple circuit. This means that there are no safety features available whatsoever.

Once the power button is pressed, electricity from the battery heats up the coil. This process is governed by Ohm’s Laws. It basically means that coil resistance is the only variable which defines the mod’s output rate.

In terms of performance, this accounts for really high power, minimal voltage drop and excellent vapor production. On the other hand if the resistance is lower than what the battery can offer, it could end up with a potential safety hazard.

When the current drawn from the battery is higher than its continuous discharge rate, uncontrolled venting and explosions are not uncommon.

We only recommend mechanical mods to experience users who clearly understand the implications of Ohm’s laws of electricity. These device are not toys and beginners should avoid them at all costs. Especially hybrid mods, where the atomizer makes direct contact with the positive pole of the battery.

The Batteries

When it comes to batteries, we have two different types of mods: removable and built-in. Mods with removable batteries ensure more flexibility. On the other hand devices with a built-in cell are easier to use.

Built in batteries don’t require any type of maintenance. You just plug the cable and recharge until it’s full. These mods are great for beginners and intermediate vapers. On the downside, you will not be able to vape once the battery has been depleted. Another con is the limited number of recharge cycles any cell is physically capable of undergoing.

Mods with removable batteries have their perks. You can always swap the cell with a freshly charged on an continue vaping the whole day. And since you can always replace batteries, the mod with have a much longer vape life span.

You are no longer limited to the usual 300 cycles before having to buy another product. On the downside, you will spend extra money on batteries and chargers. Also you will have to be careful when carrying these cells in your pocket as they can be a real fire and explosion hazard.

Choosing the right Vape Mod for you

Mods for beginners

Low output regulated box mods are great for beginners. If they come as a starter kit then they are even better. When experimenting, 50W is more than enough. With this power output you can enjoy both mouth to lung or direct lung styles of vaping.

These devices usually come with an internal battery of with a removable 18650 cell. They are easy to use, intuitive and most of the times even have temperature control.

High power mods are usually big and bulky. They are hard to carry around and they usually require two batteries and desktop chargers. The menus can a bit complicated, with hard-to-understand features and less intuitive interfaces.

Mods for intermediate vapers

When it comes to intermediate vapers, anything goes. It all depends on budget and the types of features needed. We recommend mid range vape mods that may or may not come as starter kits. Chances are you already have at least one or two tanks or atomizers from the previous vape.

Wattage around 80 - 100W is more than reasonable and it’s the perfect output to experiment with different sub ohm atomizers. It’s also great for trying coil builds on an RDA or RTA. These usually come with two 18650 batteries or a bigger built-in cell. Temperature control is a must in this case.

Mods for advanced vapers and power users

Most advanced vapers already know what to look for. These guys are usually more into the high end stuff and genuine mechanical mods. Many of today’s top of the line devices have a power output close to 200W. These are great for drippers or top-range sub ohm tanks.

Advanced mods have all the features and usually allow for future firmware upgrades. Everything from temperature control, TCR, power curves and temperature curves. Balanced fast charging, in depth menus and beautiful colored LCD or OLED vape displays.

Box mods buyer's guide: what to look for when purchasing a vape mod

The most important thing when buying a box mod is the personal user experience. And this is usually a combination of factors including how the device feels in the hand, its build quality, its interface and menu and of course the way it performs.

You can benefit from the full experience when you test the device at your local vape shop, however most people buy their mods online. Here you need to pay close attention to the technical specifications and read at least one or two reviews before making a purchase.

Many reviewers - our team included - mention key aspects regarding the build quality, finish, physical dimensions and weight of the products they test. This is important if you have big or small hands because you can easily tell if it's the right mod for your needs. We also like to mention information about the 510 connector and what diameter atomizers or tanks it can hold without overhang. This is important if you already have some tanks or RDAs that you want to use with your new mod.

If temperature control is your thing, then make sure the vape mod has presets for some of the most popular wire like Nickel, Titanium and Stainless Steel. Also if you are interested in a box mod with power curves of pre-heat functionality make sure to thoroughly go through the specs and look for that particular feature.

Last but not least make sure you get all the info on the type(s) of batteries the vape mod requires. Most of these devices work with two 18650 cells, but there are many models with built-in batteries or that work with bigger cells like 26660, 20700 or 21700. The batteries are very often not included with the kit so that is a purchase you will need to make separately.