Best Vape Mods & Box Mods in 2018

Best Vape Mods & Box Mods

Ecigguide brings you another best box mods for 2018. Our list is based on the highest rated and ranked vape mods we recently tried and tested. Our last ratings are based on mods we reviewed in the fall - winter  2017. For 2018 we already reviewed and rated some great vape mods. These will be added before the end of the year. This list will be updated whenever we receive newer, better vape devices. The recommendations we make are based on our own experience, basic ECG tests, user opinion and tests of fellow experienced vapers.

If you're looking to take vaping a step further you have arrived at the right spot. We highly recommend you to switch to a more powerful vaporizer like the;" the box mod" or "vape mod". With these devices you have much more control over your vape experience. Being able to change wattage, voltage and temperature makes vaping way more fun than simple vape pens or cig-a-likes.  Be aware that batteries and tanks might not be included. Make sure to read the reviews to find out and to read our vape tank recommendations.

Note: We receive a small commission when clicking on the links to the products. We rated these box mods un-biased and to the best of our ability. If you have specific questions please hit us up.

Outstanding vape & box mods - Winter 2018 Top list

Best rated based on: Brand Model Wattage Price
Performance Yihi SX Mini G Class 200w $219.95
Dripper KangerTech DripBox 60w $34.95
Sub Ohm Mig Vapor Neo 100w $59.95
Cloud Chasing Aspire Speeder 200w $54.95
Mini Mods SMOK Alien Baby 85w $56.95
Best Price/Quality score Tesla WYE 200W TC 200w $54.95
High wattage SMOK GX350 350w $72.95
For beginners Vaporfi VOX 60 TC 60w $63.75
Best Squonk Mods Ijoy Capo Capo 100w TC $66.95

By experience, and regularly talking with our visitors, we know that some will not agree on some rankings or ratings. We encourage vapers to contact us trough site chat or email. Our team loves hearing your opinion on the box mods you like. We take this information and process it when making the next top vaping mods list.

More useful Vape Mod info:


Best Performance


SX Mini G Class Mod

Yihi has always delivered outstanding products and the YIHI SX MINI G CLASS 200W TC is no exception. After vaping on this bad boy for only a couple of hours you will understand all the reasons why is on the top of our list. Great build quality, flawless performance and an accurate chip make this our favorite vape of 2017.

The newest mod from the SX Mini family comes with USB-C port and fast charging, as well as extremely accurate temperature control and a beautiful OLED display.

Pro's: Great battery life, USB-C port, fits 30mm atomizers

Cons: Joystick can be tricky to use, price

Verdict: The YIHI SX MINI G CLASS 200W TC is not only well engineered but also delivers a fantastic vaping experience.The perfect mod for high performance RDAs from 22-30mm and you simply can't go wrong with it. Read the full YIHI SX MINI G CLASS 200W TC review here

BUY NOW lowest price - $219.95

SMOK T-Priv Kit

SMOK T-Priv Kit

The SMOK T-PRIV KIT not only looks fantastic but it also performs like any big league vaporizer. It has a sturdy exterior and multiple LED lights all around the body for a very sexy look. It includes the Big Baby tank in matching color and together they seem like a miniature fog machine.

This vape is the perfect combination between looks and performance and it's every cloud chaser's dream come true. Reliable and with a power output of 220W it definitely deserves a spot on this page.

Pro's: Great battery life, responsive chip, LED lights all around the body.

Cons: Minor button rattle

Verdict: The SMOK T-PRIV is a fantastic kit for beginners and experienced vapers. The Big Baby tank offers a wide selection of coils and it matches the power of the mod. Read the full SMOK T-PRIV review here

BUY NOW lowest price - $72.95

Smoant Charon 218 TS

Smoant Charon TS 218

The Smoant Charon 218 TS is one of the best performing touchscreen mods on the market. Build quality is amazing, responsiveness is off the charts and looks-wise it’s an absolute winner. There are a lot of features and the user interface is one of the best we’ve seen. This dual 18650 box mod is perfect for any high end RDA or tank as it’s capable of outputting 218W.

Pro's: Touch screen, well built, high power

Cons: Rather bulky and quite heavy

Verdict: If you like touchscreens you are going to love the Smoant Charon 218 TS. This high end box mod offers all the perks of modern day vapes without the glitches we’ve seen in the past. Read the full Smoant Charon 218 TS review here

BUY NOW lowest price - $93

SX Mini Q Class

SX Mini G Class Mod

SX Mini Q Class is extremely precise in terms of performance. It feels more powerful than it actually is. This vape has the same snappy feeling as the Therion when browsing the menu options. When paired with a good RDA or RTA the temperature control mode operates free of glitches or hick ups. A quick tip; Add a presets for SS316L in the TCR mode and skip the default SS304.

Pro's: Battery life, great chip set, very powerful

Cons: Price, the overhang with 24-25mm tanks

Verdict: The reason the SX Mini does not deserve the highest spot is its price. Personally I like the Read the full SX Mini Q Class 200w review here

BUY NOW lowest price - $149.95

Smok H-Priv kit

SMOK H-Priv Mod

Some vapers call it the improved X-cube. We called it the younger slimmer and sexier sister of the SMOK X-cube. This is definitely the highest rated vape mod kit in our toplist. The SMOK H-Priv has a spring loaded 510 connector. The latest model features an OLED display and a minimal amount of adjustment buttons. The metallic finish feels classy than give this vaping mod a high quality feel.

Pro's: Price, design, ease of use

Cons: Bottom charging port, switching modes is confusing in the beginning

Verdict: If you liked the X-cube you will love the SMOK H Priv. It's noticeable that SMOK listens to its customers. The smaller size makes it so much easier to handle. For more please Read the full SMOK H Priv review here

BUY NOW lowest price - $62.95


smoant charon TC 218

The SMOANT CHARON TC 218 belongs in this list because of the shear power you get at an affordable price. The device is powered by the ANT 2180 chip. It's the type of mod that doesn't disappoint and temperature control works on it like a charm

Pro's: One of the most affordable high power box mods

Cons: No cons, except the hard to tweak temperature curve

Verdict: 218 watts at that price? That's almost impossible. It seems the brand is doing their utmost to enter the Vape market as a great alternative to DNA chips. Read the SMOANT CHARON TC 218 review here

BUY NOW lowest price $59.90

Best Squonk Mods

Ijoy Capo Squonk

Ijoy Capo Squonk

The iJoy CAPO Squonk 100W TC is our favorite squonk mod on the market. It's compact, well-built and it's designed for clouds and flavor. Included in the kit you also get a high drain 20700 battery as well as an 18650 adapter. I features a huge 9ml e-juice bottle, a lovely display as well as the iJoy Combo RDA Triangle. This 25mm rebuildable dripping atomizer has screw-less two post deck and a beautiful 810 ULTEM drip tip.

Pro's: well built, compact, great performance

Cons: it's regulated

Verdict: : If you enjoy a good squonker, the you are going to absolutely love the iJoy CAPO Squonk 100W TC. It's great for beginners as well as pros. Awesome quality, perfect clouds

BUY NOW lowest price - $66.95

Geek Vape Athena Squonk Kit

Geek Vape Athena Squonk Kit

Powered by a single 18650 battery, the Geek Vape Athena Squonk mod is ideal for anyone looking for performance at an affordable price. Paired with the Athena BF RDA this starter kit is hands down one of the best we tried. Fully mechanical, this tiny device hits as hard as a locomotive. The deck is easy to build on and flavor is just off the charts.

Pro's: build quality, performance and price

Cons: battery is not included

Verdict: : The Geek Vape Athena Squonk kit is excellent for every category of vapers from intermediates to pros. The deck is easy to work with, the device is fully mechanical and it works with a single 18650 battery. Read the Geek Vape Athena Squonk Kit review here.

BUY NOW lowest price - $57.99


VOX 60 TC by VaporFi

Vaporfi VOX 60TC

By far the most sturdy device we have tested so far we rated the Vox 60 as best mod for beginners. The VOX 60watt is a temperature controlled mod that feels and looks like something that produces massive clouds. With the right tank this is exactly what this box mod does. We paired the VOX 60tc with a V-six tank and we absolutely loved it.

Pro's: Feels heavy and rugged, high manufacturing quality, great kit price

Cons: We would like the device to be just 15 watts more. This increases the range quite a bit.

Verdict: Great first device for beginners. The Vox has the best reach in terms of vaping needs. We suspect a beginner to have this mod for a long time. We recommend taking the kit since the Vsix tank is one of the best atomizer options.

BUY NOW lowest price - $63.75

Innokin Oceanus kit

Innokin Oceanus kit

Innokin has released a great number of top rated beginners' kits so far and the Oceanus is no exception. Fitted with a 0.5 Ohm coil and an easy to build RBA head this is perfect to get you started in the world of vaping. It comes with two batteries inside the box and the 110W power output is more than enough for day to day needs.

Pro's: Well built, sturdy and it includes the Scion sub ohm tank.

Cons: 20700 batteries are not that popular or easy to find

Verdict: The Innokin Oceanus is a great tool for beginners. It delivers incredibly puffy and flavorful clouds and battery life is pretty good. It also includes an RBA head to help you experiment with building your own coils and wicking. Read the full Innokin Oceanus kit review here

BUY NOW lowest price - $79.95

Joyetech Atopack Penguin

JoyTech Atopack penguin

At little under $30 the Joyetech Atopack Penguin is one of the most affordable starter kits on the market today. And despite its low price, this device manages to deliver a truly impressive vape experience. The pods are easy to refill and swap and battery life is enough to last you a whole day.

Pro's: Very affordable, refillable pods, great battery life

Cons: No airflow adjustment

Verdict: The Joyetech Atopack Penguin is a lovely all i one vape kit that's affordable and great for beginners. Unlike its competitors the pods are refillable and the 2000mAh battery ensures great performance all throughout the day.

BUY NOW lowest price - $29.95

High wattage

SMOK GX350 kit

SMOK GX350 kit

The SMOK GX350 Kit is not something for the faint-hearted as it's able to reach a whopping 350W power output. It comes with a TFV8 Cloud Beast sub ohm tank and plenty of features. It's definitely a product for cloud chasers and it can fill any room with vapor in matter of seconds.

Pro's: SMOK build quality, power output, awesome tank

Cons: Rather bulky

Verdict: The SMOK GX350 Kit is the perfect choice for those looking for power and clouds. The TFV8 Cloud Beast keeps up with the mod and it even works with high VG e-liquids without any dry hits. Definitely not beginner material. Make sure to read the full SMOK GX350 review.

BUY NOW lowest price - $72.95

Sigelei 213w

Sigelei 213w mod

The Sigelei 213 is one of the hardest hitting devices on this list. If cloud chasing is your goal this mod is definitely what you need. When tested we did not go over 120W we did not have a right build at that time. We think this device is great to use despite the fact that the menu takes getting used to.

Pro's: Placement of buttons, astonishing power.

Cons: You need the manual when going to the Sigelei's menu for the first time

Verdict: We recommend this mod to Cloud chasers or anyone that's looking for a high powered hit. This boxmod will meet your expectations. We still need to test the machine at full power that's why we gave it this temporary position in our best vape mods list. Read the Full review of the Sigelei 213w here.

BUY NOW lowest price - $99.95

KangerTech Kbox 160 TC

KangerTech Kbox 160TC

We had fun reviewing the Kanger KBox 160. We somehow all have the same taste when it comes to vape design and ... brushed steel! After very quick shipping, it took me almost 3 weeks to get my hands on the Kbox. The good part is that the vape had no signs of wear after being "kidnapped" by 2 other colleagues.

Pro's: Simple menu and buttons

Cons: The device is slim when fitting tanks bigger than 24mm you will get some overhang

Verdict: Combining features like a slim design, brushed steel and the rounded corners make absolutely fabulous to look at. Kangertech managed to create a beautiful vapemod with a enormous range. At 40watts the batteries will last you more than a day. Read the full KangerTech Kbox 160 review here.

BUY NOW lowest price - $44.95

Tesla Invader 3

Tesla Invader Box mod

When paired with a rebuild able dripping atomizer or a high power tank the Tesla Invader 3 is able to produce the most damp clouds you’ve ever seen. The 240watt invader is rated among the best could chasing vape mods in 2016 and 2017. For those ready to step it up a notch this is the box mod to choose. Use it with a RTA for now and have some spare power when deciding to switch to a drip atomizer or high power tank.

Pro's: Ease of use, only top quality materials used

Cons: The device is quite heavy

Verdict: If you're looking for that on-demand power burst. This is the mod to go for. At a max of 240watts the Invader 3 is able to fog up the biggest rooms. Please make sure to check our Atomizer recommendations and our take on the Tesla invader

BUY NOW lowest price - $44.95

Compact Mods

SMOK AL85 Alien Baby kit

SMOK alien baby kit

Measuring only 71 x 48 x 27mm the SMOK AL85 Alien Baby hides a lot of power under its tiny hood. The 85W output is perfectly matched by the included TFV8 Baby Beast and performance on this bad boy is incredible. Packed with features and built to last this is one of our favorite compact mods so far.

Pro's: Size, power output and the TFV8 Baby Beast tank included with the kit

Cons: Battery life

Verdict: The original SMOK Alien quickly bacame a legend in the vaping community and its younger brother doesn't fall far behind. This compact kit ensures great vapor and flavor and you can fit it inside any pocket. Read the full SMOK AL85 Alien Baby kit review here

BUY NOW lowest price - $56.95

Wismec Reuleaux rx75

Wismec RX75 Box Mod

The Wismec RX75W might look like an average box mod in fact it's way more than that. The Jay Bo designed mod has a sleek design and a great functioning integrated fire button. Its the best small vape device for producing flavorsome clouds. Apart from thoughtful design we found the RX75 to be the most user friendly vape mod in this list. Like many other Wismec's, it's impossible to accidentally hit the fire button when inside your pocket or bag.

Pro's: Awesome ergonomics, thoughtful design, great power reach

Cons: Battery life due to having only one 18650 battery

Verdict: If you're not a heavy vaper or high wattage fanatic, the Wismec RX75w might be the device you're looking for. Powered by one 18650 battery, the RX75 is lightest and safest mod to carry around inside your pocket. Want to find out more? Read the full Wismec RX75 review here

BUY NOW lowest price - $34.97

Best Cloud Chasers

Aspire Speeder 200w

Aspire speeder

Boasting an all mighty Athos tank, the Aspire Speeder 200W starter kit is ideal for clouds. This well built powerhouse is intended for intermediate or advanced users looking to for the ideal sub ohm experience. Powered by two high drain 18650 batteries this device is more than capable of chucking out fog, especially between 60 - 100W. The coils are engineered to perfection, have a long lifespan and work with high VG eliquids.

Pro's: Great quality, amazing coils, perfect for clouds

Cons: : Bulky, tank is a bit too airy

Verdict: : The Aspire Speeder 200W is where looks meet performance. This lovely starter delivers clouds like no other and built quality is top notch. Read the full Aspire Speeder 200W review here.

BUY NOW lowest price - $76.95


Smok Alien 220W TC

When it comes to big clouds you simply cannot beat the SMOK ALIEN 220W TC. This high power mod is more than reliable and comes packed with features. Fueled by two high drain 18650 batteries it's able to reach 220W and also does temperature control. It's one highly recommended mod all around the vaping community and works great with atomizers up to 25mm.

Pro's: Incredible value, high power, responsiveness

Cons: Can't use it with atomizers bigger than 25mm due to overhang

Verdict: We recommend the SMOK ALIEN 220W TC to experienced vapers. With a broad power reach most intermediate level vapers find this to be a suitable device as well. The Alien is totally worth it. Check our our specific atomizer recommendations and full SMOK ALIEN 220W TC review here

BOY NOW lowest price - $54.95

Best Sub Ohm

Vaporesso Revenger

Vaporesso revenger mod

The Vaporesso Revenger stater kit combines style and performance in a way we haven’t seen before. This state of the art mod is packed with all modern day features and the tank is a true champ cloud chaser. Temperature control, TCR and power curves are just some of the benefits of this absolutely gorgeous device. The analog clock screen saver is a nice touch and overall performance and responsiveness is really impressive.

Pro's: : Beautiful, high power, very good chip

Cons: : Fingerprint magnet

Verdict: : The Vaporesso Revenger is a chic looking stater kit that is intended for clouds. Packed with the mighty NRG tank, makes a great combo to fill up the room with vapor in a matter of seconds. Read the full Vaporesso Revenger review here.

BUY NOW lowest price - $69.95

Mig vapor Neo

Mig Vapor Neo Mod The Mig Vapor Neo with its rubberized paints looks like it belongs to the "sports class" of box mods. We rated this vape as the best mod for intermediate level vapers. There is no need to adjust the wattage or voltage, the Neo automatically adjusts output depending on the coil you’re using. This gives you more time to focus on your vaping experience.

Pro's: The 4500mAh battery is perfect to vape all day without worrying about charging

Cons: If you like to be more in control of your vape settings, this is not the device for you

Verdict: We really liked the Neo it's a responsive device. We did not mind being blind to vaping settings for a couple of days. As stated before the Neo takes the worries of figuring out the perfect settings away. We recommend you to read our take on the Mig Vapor NEO here

BUY NOW lowest price - $59.95

Best Dripper

Kangertech Dripbox AIO

kanger dripbox Mod

We reviewed a lot of all in one devices over the years. We can confirm that the Kanger AIO DripBox was the first one ever to come with a drip atomizer on top. This very innovative product is designed to deliver dripping to the masses. Vapers that are not into building their own coils get the best of both worlds when trying the AIO.

Pro's: Great all in one vape, great price

Cons: No device lock, changing the pre-built coils can be hassle

Verdict: For an all in one device this is definitely a device we would recommend to vapers with interests in making their own builds. The KangerTech AIO is not for everybody. We do not recommend it to use this device if you're a person that commutes a lot. Interested to find out more about this dripper? Please check out the review on the KangerTech Dripbox AIO

BUY NOW lowest price - $34.95

Best price/quality score

Tesla WYE 200W TC

Tesla WYE 200W TC

Built from PC and ABS, the Tesla WYE 200W TC is one of the lightest mods around. It also has one of the best quality to price ratios so far. At only $55 this brightly colored powerhouse has been designed for clouds. Able to reach 200W and boasting features like temperature control and TCR this is a device definitely worth checking out. The chip is very responsive and accurate and you can fit any size atomizer on top.

Pro's: : Ultra light dual 18650 mod, low price tag

Cons: : Design and colors

Verdict: : While the looks of this mod are a bit love it or hate it, its performance is undeniable. The Tesla WYE 200W TC packs a lot of features and power for this price and it’s so easy to use. Read the Tesla WYE 200W TC review here.

BUY NOW lowest price - $54.95

Tesla Stealth 100W

Tesla Stealth 100w

Tesla is one of the vape gear manufacturers that constantly innovate their flagship vape devices. The small sized Tesla Stealth 100w is one of them. The vape tank is “submerged” into the body which makes it easier to carry around. We rated the bigger brother of the 60watt as one of the most useful small sized vape mods. The stealth seems like its made to live inside your pockets.

Pro's: Small and powerful, great tank included.

Cons: No device lock, changing the per-built coils can be hassle

Verdict: Depending on the resistance used the Tesla Stealth can give up to 100watts power. We never reached it when we were testing. Do you travel a lot? No room to store a vape other than your pockets? Than this is de mini box mod you're looking for. Want to find out more about the Tesla Stealth 100w? Read the full review here

BUY NOW lowest price - $39.95

Leading Vape Mods Winter 2018


To give you a overview on the highest quality mods we made this small top list. This rating is based on average scores that our team of reviewers gave these vapes

  1. SX Mini G Class - Performance winner
  2. SMOK T-Priv kit - High End
  3. VaporFi Vox 60 TC - Beginners
  4. Aspire Speeder 200W - Cloud Chasing
  5. Vaporesso Revenger - Sub Ohm
  6. Tesla WYE 200W TC - Best price/quality
  7. SMOK GX350 - Best high wattage mod
  8. SMOK Alien Baby - Most compact
  9. KangerTech Drip Box - Best Dripper/Squonker
  10. Smoant Charon TC 218 - Most affordable

Making absolute top lists is impossible when it comes to vape & box mods. The reason is that no mod is the same. When looking for a mod you need to ask yourself the following questions; How much do I vape a day? Am I interested to take vaping a step further or am I ok with easy to use devices. Do I need a complete kit or am I comfortable ordering my tank separately? Do not forget that you need to take your time when researching what's best for you.

*Note: We update this list on a regular basis. The prices mentioned are the lowest at the moment. If by any chance you find these vape mods somewhere for less please contact us and we will make sure you will always get the lowest rates.

Vape Mods - A quick guide

What is a box mod?

Box mods are the most powerful and feature rich types of electronic cigarettes. Depending on their type they are suitable to all categories of users from beginners to pros. They work with atomizers and tanks and the battery is either replaceable or built-in. These devices can be regulated or unregulated.

Electronic box mods

Regulated box mod also known as electronic mods are the most popular. With power outputs ranging from 30W all the way up to 300W these devices are top of the line. Variable wattage, temperature control and user defined power curves are just some of the features available. Also these mods also come packed with multiple protections and safety mechanisms. Everything from shot circuit and reverse polarity protections to low voltage, high temperature and automatic cut-off.

Why temperature control?

Temperature control is one of the most important features of box mods. It allows the user to select a certain temperature above which the coil will automatically stop heating. This prevents dry hits and accounts for a more consistent vape experience.

TC is based on the proprieties of some materials where resistance varies linearly according to temperature. By constantly reading the Ohms, a mod is able to accurately predict coil temperature at any given point in time. It’s also the reason why temperature control only works with some materials like Nickel, Titanium and Stainless Steel.

In TC mode, depending on initial wattage, the mod with deliver electricity to the coil until it reaches the desired temperature. Once it does so, it will automatically lower its power output to maintain that value. High end mods also have a feature called temperature curve. This allows the user to control specific coil temperatures at specific time intervals in the 10-second cut off interval.

Stainless Steels is the most popular wire used in TC mode. This is because it’s the only material that can also be used in regular power mode without any issues or risks. Some vapers even consider the flavor coming from SS to be better than that from Kanthal.

Unregulated box mods

Unregulated box mod are also called mechanical mods. These device don’t have any sort of circuits or boards inside and they usually behave like a simple circuit. Once the power button is pressed, electricity from the battery heats up the coil. This process is governed by Ohm’s Laws. It basically means that coil resistance is the only variable which defines the mod’s output rate.

In terms of performance, this accounts for really high output power, minimal voltage drop and excellent vapor production. On the other hand if the resistance is lower than what the battery can offer, it could end up with a potential safety hazard. When the current drawn from the battery is higher than its continuous discharge rate, uncontrolled venting and explosions are not uncommon. This is the main reason behind why there are so many exploding ecig headlines.

We only recommend mechanical mods to experience users who clearly understand the implications of Ohm’s laws of electricity. These device are not toys and beginners should avoid them at all costs. Especially hybrid mods, where the atomizer makes direct contact with the positive pole of the battery.

Mod batteries

When it comes to batteries, we have two different types of mods: removable and built-in. Mods with removable batteries ensure more flexibility while device with a built-in cell are easier to use.

Built in batteries don’t require any type of maintenance. You just plug the cable and recharge until it’s full. These devices are great for beginners and intermediate vapers. On the downside, you will not be able to vape once the battery has been depleted. Another con is the limited number of recharge cycles any cell is physically capable of undergoing.

Mods with removable batteries have their perks. You can always swap the cell with a freshly charged on an continue vaping the whole day. And since you can always replace batteries, the mod with have a much longer life span. You are no longer limited to the usual 300 cycles before having to buy another product. On the downside, you will spend extra money on batteries and chargers. Also you will have to be careful when carrying these cells in your pocket as they can be a real fire and explosion hazard.

Choosing the right Vape Mod for you

Mods for beginners

Low output regulated box mods are great for beginners. If they come as a starter kit then they are even better. When experimenting, 50W is more than enough. With this power output you can enjoy both mouth to lung or direct lung styles of vaping. These devices usually come with an internal battery of with a removable 18650 cell. They are easy to use, intuitive and most of the times even have temperature control.

High power mods are usually big and bulky. They are hard to carry around and they usually require two batteries and desktop chargers. The menus can a bit complicated, with hard-to-understand features and less intuitive interfaces.

Mods for intermediate vapers

When it comes to intermediate vapers, anything goes. It all depends on budget and the types of features needed. We recommend mid range box mods that may or may not come as starter kits. Chances are you already have at least one or two tanks or atomizers from the previous vape.

Wattage around 80 - 100W is more than reasonable and it’s the perfect output to experiment with different sub ohm atomizers. It’s also great for trying coil builds on an RDA or RTA. These mods usually come with two 18650 batteries or a bigger built-in cell. Temperature control is a must in this case.

Mods for advanced vapers and power users

Most advanced vapers already know what to look for in a mod. These guys are usually more into the high end stuff and genuine mechanical mods. Many of today’s top of the line devices have a power output close to 200W. These are great for drippers or top-range sub ohm tanks.

Advanced mods have all the features and usually allow for future firmware upgrades. Everything from temperature control, TCR, power curves and temperature curves. Balanced fast charging, in depth menus and beautiful colored displays.