Burning out coils too fast? Here's what you need to know

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This probably happened to everyone. You fill up your tank with e-liquid, take a few puffs and all of a sudden you're left a horrible taste in your mouth. It was a brand new atomizer head and yet it only lasted a couple of minutes, hours or days. Dozens of people contacted us with similar issues so let's see what the problem is and how to prevent burning out coils prematurely.

A coil gets burnt when e-liquid inside the tank fails to properly saturate the wicking material. Because there's no juice surrounding the cotton fibers, they partially get combusted as soon you press the button. Once this happens the coil will still have that off taste to it regardless if you replace the liquid, lower down the wattage or clean the tank.

Why priming a coil is so important

Priming the coil is the first line of defense for this problem. Each time you buy a new tank or replace atomizer heads, carefully place a couple of drops of e-liquid inside the coil. You can also drip e-juice directly through those holes  surrounding the coil.

Vaporfi Vice and Lindbergh High VG juice

Once the coil is fully saturated carefully mount it inside the tank. Fill the reservoir with e-liquid and let it sit like that for at least 10 minutes. Power on your mod at a lower wattage and gradually increase it to your personal liking. If you cannot adjust wattage just take a few primer puffs from the tank without actually pressing on the fire button. Tiny bubbles coming from the coil are a good indicator that you're doing a good job.

E-liquid thickness plays a crucial role

Next thing you need to watch out for is the viscosity of your liquid. Depending on the type of tank and coil, it may not be able to handle high VG juices. If the coils and wicking holes are tiny, then chances are you can use a maximum VG mix of 70%. From our experience usually 60/40 e-liquids are best suited for all types of clearomizers and tanks.

Why your coils keep burning out

When your coils get constantly burnt despite priming them and using lower wattages you now you have an e-juice problem. Carefully check out the label or on-line specs and try a brand with a lower VG content. DIY e-liquid is also a great alternative and it gives way more control over the desired thickness.

FAQ high VG juice

Also Vegetable Glycerin tends to get thicker at lower temperatures therefore coils get burnt more often when it's cold outside. It's ideal to also start at a lower wattage in this situation and allow the ejuice some time to warm up.

Constant chain vaping is another enemy of coils struggling to wick. A mild hissing sound just after you take a puff signals a problem. When this happens let the tank rest for at least minute before taking the next puff. This should be enough to allow more liquid to get soaked into the coil. In the case of juices with a high VG concentration it's probably best to wait at least 30 seconds between draws.

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