Top 5 vapes under $60

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When you’re on a tight budget you only want to buy products with the best quality to price ratios. We decided to make this top 5 vapes under $60 list and help you choose between the best out there. All of these vapes have been thoroughly tested and we stand by them 100%.

NUMBER 5 - Eleaf iStick Pico 25

Eleaf istick Pico 25A true classic, this vape kit is affordable, easy to use and very portable. Powered by a single 18650 battery it can reach a whopping 85W. It comes in a kit with the beautiful ELLO tank and this is one of the best entry level atomizers out there. You will find a wide range of coils for it and when it comes to vapor production and flavor, just prepare to be amazed.

The Eleaf iStick Pico 25 also supports temperature control and has a Bypass mode where it behaves like an unregulated device, pulling current from the battery depending on the resistance you use. And since you can fit 25mm atomizers on top it’s also incredibly versatile if you ever want to step up to an RDA or an RDTA and build your own coils.

Price? Just $49.95

Read the full Eleaf iStick Pico 25 here.

NUMBER 4 - Tesla WYE 200W TC

Tesla WYE 200 modThe lightest mod we ever tested also has a great quality to price ratio. This 200W powerhouse has a body made from ABS and feels quite durable. The battery door has a very interesting design and the vibrant colors give it such a nice touch. Powered by two 18650 cells you just know it’s suitable for any high end RDA or sub ohm tank.

The Tesla WYE 200W TC also features temperature control for Nickel, Titanium and Stainless Steel, as well as TCR. Responsiveness is incredible in this price range and it’s a mod you can definitely carry around without feeling you have a brick inside your pocket.

You can get it for only $54.95

Read the full Tesla WYE 200W TC here.

NUMBER 3 - Vaporesso Tarot Pro

vaporesso tarrotYou will need to have a tank or RDA for this bad boy but it’s definitely a winner. This 160W dual 18650 mod is built with great attention to details and it comes at a very affordable price. The design on the panels is amazing, build quality is top notch and it’s packed with features.

The Vaporesso Tarot Pro offers SMART variable wattage or temperature control modes, TCR, CCT/CCW and Bypass. The customizable curves of power and temperature allow the user full control over the vaping experience and it’s very helpful in the case of Clapton coil builds.

Great quality for only $56.95

Read the full Vaporesso Tarot Pro here.

NUMBER 2 - SMOK AL85 Alien Baby

Smok Alien Baby kitOne of the most iconic device of 2017, this tiny powerhouse comes with a tank worthy of its name. Powered by a single 18650 battery it can easily reach 85W and it fires down to 0.06 Ohms. The Baby Beast tank is great for chucking massive clouds and the wide array of coils ensures you’ll always find something to suit your needs.

The SMOK AL85 Alien Baby has temperature control modes for Nickel, Titanium and Stainless Steel and it packs a very powerful punch despite its petite size. Fire button is masked in the side of the mod and it’s one of the most fun to use devices out there.

Only $56.95 for the full kit

Read the full SMOK AL85 Alien Baby here.

NUMBER 1 - Smoant Charon TC 218

Smoant Charon modOne of the biggest surprises of 2017 is also the mod we mostly favor as the winner in this category. With an ultra responsive chip, stellar build quality and enough power to take advantage of any high end sub ohm tank on the market today this is hands down one of the best devices under $60 we tested so far.

The Smoant Charon TC 218 comes with leather insertions on the battery door and the body is made from solid Zinc alloy. It features 218W output, temperature control for Nickel, Titanium and Stainless Steel as well as TCR.

Top quality for just $59.90

Read the full Smoant Charon TC 218 here.


There you have it, five of the best performing vape mods under $60 based on our experience. We know in the end it's only a matter of personal preference, but all these devices do an excellent job at delivering rich, flavorsome clouds. If you're on a tight budget you simply can't go wrong with the Pico, the Tesla, the Tarrot, the Alien Baby or the Charon. If you still need recommendations for a good sub ohm tank to go with these mods just write us a comment below and we will happily reply.

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