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JUUL e-cigs now available in the UK Image

JUUL ecig is coming to the UK - here's everything you need to know

America's fastest growing electronic cigarette is expanding. Starting this week the JUUL ecig is coming to the UK hoping to replicate its massive success back home. After becoming a big hit in Israel – JUUL's first international market where it was launched back in February – the tiny pod sys...

Celebrity Anders Holm vaping an Aspire K4 in Neflix's 'Game Over, Man!' Image

Celebrity Anders Holm uses an Aspire K4 vape pen in Neflix's 'Game Over, Man!'

If you were used to Don Draper lighting up cigarette after cigarette in the 60's inspired TV series 'Mad Men', looks like nowadays Hollywood has traded traditional smokes for their modern alternative. Celebrity Anders Holm uses a familiar vape vape in Neflix's most recent film 'Game Over, Man!'. ...

Dave Chappelle Vaping in Equanimity & The Bird Revelation Image

Dave Chappelle Vaping in Equanimity & The Bird Revelation, Netflix Special

Former Chappelle’s Show star seems to have hit the jackpot in the last few years. After his comeback to stand-up comedy in 2013, he managed to sign a huge contract with Netflix in 2016 for three specials. In his most recent show called "Equanimity + The Bird Revelation" we noticed this great ar...

Pod systems: Our newest reviews category Image

Introducing our new expanded Podsystems Review section

The vaping industry is constantly evolving. Massive research and development is done to constantly make "newer" Vapes that will outperform all its predecessors. One of these vaping breakthroughs are Pod systems.  Massive popularity, best experience Pod system vapes have q...

Smoant's new Battlestar Mini and Cylon - A quick look Image

Smoant's new Battlestar Mini and Cylon - A quick look

We all know the very popular smoant from the Charon TS and Battle star box mods. They contacted us a week ago asking if we were interested in reviewing their new products. The Battlestar mini and the Smoant Cylon. It looks SMOANT created not only one, but two brand new best sellers. Sm...

Top 5 vapes under $60 Image

Top 5 vapes under $60

When you’re on a tight budget you only want to buy products with the best quality to price ratios. We decided to make this top 5 vapes under $60 list and help you choose between the best out there. All of these vapes have been thoroughly tested and we stand by them 100%. NUMBER 5 - E...

A quick look over the European TPD law Image

A quick look over the European TPD law

As you probably know, the European TPD law came into full effect starting May 20, 2017. TPD stands for Tobacco Products Directive and it regulates the way these goods are sold all across the European Union. Electronic cigarettes and e-liquids are also covered by the TPD so strict rules have been ...

The August 8 FDA vaping regulations Image

The August 8 FDA vaping regulations. What will change and why

If you're a vaper then it's really important to understand what will change in the next couple of months and how this affects your access nicotine products and vape gear. The August 8 FDA vaping regulations are essentially the first step in a two year long process that will eventually prohibit th...