Can you vape without nicotine? Everything you need to know about nic free eliquids

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People usually associate vaping with nicotine. It's the powerful stimulant drug that got users addicted to cigarettes in the first place. But did you know you can also vape without nicotine? Many users do this on a daily basis. And there are multiple reasons you should also make the switch. From avoiding the multiple side effects like headache, nausea, heartburn to simply enjoying delicious flavors, zero nic vaping is becoming more and more popular.

Almost four decades ago Mike Russell said that people smoke for the nicotine, but die from the tar. However, we know now that there's more to addiction than just this drug. Tobacco companies use various other chemicals in the manufacturing process of cigarettes – like ammonia – to enhance its effects.

The concentration of nicotine also plays and important role. And while tobacco offers limited options in choosing a particular strength, e-cigarettes have made this possible. Nowadays vapers get their favorite flavors in various concentrations, including nic free e-liquids.

What is non nicotine vape juice

Nicotine free vape juice has the same flavor and the same composition as standard e-liquid. What it's missing are the stimulant effects. Almost all e-liquid manufacturers offer their products in at least three concentrations, and 0mg is always one of them.

Having different nicotine concentrations helps vapers gradually decrease their daily intake. It's also important for the battle with their addiction. This is one of the key benefits of vaping and the reason behind its popularity.

How does no nic e-juice compare to regular e-liquids

The addition of nicotine has two main effects on e-liquids. It enhances the throat hit and gives a more ambery tint to the substance due to oxidation. This means that e-juices with less nic will have a milder throat hit. This is particularly true when we also have the same propylene glycol ratio.

Nicotine has no effect on vapor production. This means you will be able to enjoy the same big clouds regardless of concentration. It does have a small impact on flavor. However that's not really noticeable on regular vape pens or mid-range mods.

No nicotine vaping – who is doing it and why

Nicotine fee e-juice appeals to quite a few categories of vapers. Former smokers are the most important. They use their vape because they enjoy the sensation or still have an oral fixation. The very purpose of e-cigarettes is to help thse users make the transition to a nicotine free lifestyle. It's also why more and more people make the switch every day.

There are also people who like the social aspects of vaping but don't want to get hooked on nicotine. These include vapers who have never smoked. Users find it easier to start conversations or make friends when they share a common passion. Blowing flavor rich vapor out of an e-cigarette can be quite relaxing and many enjoy the experience.

Vaping tricksters take big inhales and blow out clouds on a daily basis. Therefore vape juice without nicotine is the only viable option for this hobby. Due to the sheer volume of vapor even small quantities of the substance could induce small overdoses. And of course that's something everyone needs to avoid.

Flavor passionados also tend to keep away from nicotine. It's the only way to enjoy the purest taste on expensive rebuildable atomizers or high end sub ohm tanks. The substance has a peppery aftertaste that alters this true flavor chasing experience.

Is vaping without nicotine safe?

We get asked this question a lot and honestly we don't know what to make of it. Most scientists already agree that vaping is 95% safer than traditional smoking. In addition nicotine is just one of the ingredients found in e-liquids. Therefore if you take one ingredient away and use the same process of vaporization, the end result will definitely be as safe if not safer.

The only real danger of nicotine free vaping is if you're making the transition too fast. Heavy smokers need months of high nicotine intake and only then gradually decrease the concentration. This has to be done in small steps to let your body adjust. If you do it to fast you might end up craving for a cigarette in no time.

Different ways to vape zero nicotine

If you decided to try your first no nicotine vape there are numerous devices on the market right now which account for a great overall experience. The cheapest and most accessible is a disposable e-cigarette. Brands like Veppo and ePuffer offer their delicious flavors in 0mg and these are great for beginners.

e-cigarette starter kits are next in line and the wide majority of manufacturers and brands offer zero nicotine cartridges. For vape pens and box mods you can also benefit from the same throat hit free experience if you purchase 0mg nic e-liquids.

Unfortunately popular pod cigarettes like the JUUL vape do not have zero nicotine pods. However, according to a recent press release from the company's CEO, the brand plans on launching pods with 3% nic. This is great news and we hope JUUL offers even lower concentration pods in 2019. It would greatly help vapers cut down on their nicotine intake and eventually win the fight against addiction.

EX Vapers Issues

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