The 7 best 300 Watt++ plus vape mods we tried for High wattage vaping

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Powerful vaporizers are definitely not for everyone. However if you're looking for a device with future proof cloud chasing capabilities, these are the best 300W+ mods we tried and liked. Everything from triple 18650 / 20700 mods to quad battery powerhouses built for clouds and the most intense vape experience.

What is a 300W+ box mod?

As the name probably gives it away, a 300W+ box mod is a vaping device capable of reaching at least 300W. Some of these vaping mods can go even higher if you use the right batteries. Most of them use at least three 18650 cells, however there are models which work in quad battery configurations.

Do I need such a high wattage mod?

As we mentioned earlier, 300W+ mods are not for everyone. We definitely do not recommend these devices to beginners or intermediates. Apart from their weight and bulkiness, many people don't even use their mods at over 100W anyway.

On the other hand if you like vaping at high wattages and already own a few powerful RDAs, then this type of mod might present some appeal. They are ideal for powering low resistance dual or quad coils and deliver vapor like no other. As a matter of fact, they are the only electronic vapes that come close to those cloud chasing competition mech mods.

Which are the best 300W+ box mods on the market right now?

If you are looking for a good 300W vape, then these are the mods we tested and liked. We did not arrange then in a particular order, so regardless which one you choose, expect similar results at very high wattages:


Ijoy X3

The iJoy Captain X3 is one of the few mods on this list that works with two types of batteries. Besides 20700s you can also use it with three 18650 as long as you place them inside the included adapter. The device reaches a top output of 324W and features adjustable wattage, temp control a minimum resistance of 0.05 Ohms.

Get the iJoy Captain X3


300W+ box mods

The Reulueaux RX300 Quad is one of the bulkiest mods we've put our hands on. It takes four high drain 18650 cells and it's reasonably heavy. Minimum resistance is 0.05 Ohms and apart from adjustable wattage and temp control the device is also firmware upgradeable. Maximum output is 300W.

Get the Reulueaux RX300 Quad



The SMOK G320 is one of our personal favorite 300W+ mods in terms of design and looks. It will take three high drain 18650 batteries for the maximum output of 320W, but it also works with only two cells inside. The device features adjustable wattage, temperature control, TCR and upgradeable firmware.

Get the SMOK G320


Lost vape triade 300W

This mod has the longest name we've ever encountered but it's very powerful and well built. It's powered by Evolv's DNA 250C chip and this ensures high accuracy and fast response when you press the fire button. It features variable wattage, temp control and you can even use it as power bank to charge your USB devices on the go. Maxim output on this bad boy is 300W.

Get the Lost Vape Triade


Smoktech Primus 300W

The KooPor Primus might look a bit funky on first sight, but it's very powerful. It works with three 18650 batteries and it's able to reach a maximum output of 300W. It is able to fire down to 0.1 Ohms in variable wattage mode and down to 0.06 Ohms in temp control mode.

Get the KooPor Primus



The SMOK GX350 is hands down the most powerful vaporizer on this list and it can reach a whopping 350W. For this it uses four high drain 18650 batteries and fires down to 0.1 Ohms. The device features temperature control, fully adjustable wattage and TCR. Despite its size the mod is very ergonomic and fells nice in the hand.

Get the SMOK GX350


Think vape finder

Also powered by the DNA250c chipset, the Think Vape Finder is able to deliver 300W and offers very low response times. The firmware is fully upgradeable and the build quality on this mod is really good. You can use it in variable wattage mode, temp control mode and boost mode. It can also work as a mobile power bank for your phone.


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