Alternatives for V2 vapes - our recommendations for compatible products

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Image of V2 Alternative vapes

V2Cigs and its manufacturer VMR Products LLC closed their doors for good on November 2nd, 2018. Unfortunately, this left thousands of customers looking for alternatives to V2 vapes and compatible cartridges. Since we reviewed so many of their products we decided it’s time to present you with a few similar starter kits. These devices offer a close experience to that of V2 cigs and come from trustworthy brands.

Alternatives for V2 Pro vape pens

V2 Pro vape alternative

V2 were famous four their Series 3 and Series 7 vape pens. Unfortunately both these device used proprietary technology. Therefore you won’t find any compatible or alternative cartridges on the market. What you can do though is upgrade to a superior vaporizer. Big brands like SMOK, Mig Vapor and Uwell offer top of the line vape pens featuring sub ohm tanks and tremendous battery life.

And because there are no microchips involved and no complicated technology these alternatives are not only cheaper but much more efficient and durable on the long term.

Prohibited 5th Degree alternative

Prohibited 5th degree similar vapes

The Prohibited 5th Degree was a best selling dry herb vaporizer from VMR Products. It’s an almost identical copy of the V2 Pro Series 7 but specifically designed for herbs and concentrates. It’s no longer available in shops and unfortunately you won’t find spare parts for it.

However, there are plenty of great alternatives. The Utillian 420 for instance offers a similar experience and has four temperature presets instead of three. Other worthy vaporizers include the E-Clipse and the top of the line Davinci IQ.

V2cigs alternatives from Mig Vapor

The Mig 21 Clear Fusion from Mig Vapor is similar to most V2 Standard E-Liquid Kits and their cartridges are interchangeable.

V2 EX cartridges can also be replaced with Mig 21 Clear Fusion MAX tanks. These have 1.8 ohm atomizers and therefore will deliver more intense flavor.

V2 Alternative ecigs

Super Power Mig Cig batteries are interchangeable with V2 EX batteries and will work with V2 EX blanks. As a matter of fact all parts and components of the Mig Vapor Standard e-cigarette kits and are identical to V2 Standard and EX kits.

When it comes to pre-filled V2 cartridges, there are plenty of options from Mig Vapor. For instance their Red Zeppelin is almost the same as V2 Red. Their Menthol Cool Blast is similar to V2 Menthol and their Sahara Classic is compatible with V2 Sahara. At the same time Mig Vapor offers lots of different other flavors which are worth trying out.

V2 compatible vapes from Apollo

Apollo is another big brand which offers alternative V2 vapes. Their Extreme kits are identical to V2 Standard ecigarette kits. This means that their batteries and chargers are also interchangeable. Apollo offers 280mAh automatic batteries which deliver the same type of experience as the ones you were used to vape.

If you are looking for V2 alternative cartridges, Apollo Tobacco is similar to V2 Cigs Red. Their Menthol cartridges are also compatible and tastes almost the same as V2.

Apollo V2 similar

In the case of e-liquids, Apollo Sahara is very close to the original V2 Sahara. Classic Tobacco resembles V2 Congress and Candy Cane Peppermint is similar to V2’s Peppermint.

A great alternative to standard and refillable V2 starter kits is the Apollo Endeavor. This device comes with two 900mAh batteries and works with all types of e-liquids.

V2 cigs similar products from Vapor4Life

Vapor4Life’s products are not interchangeable with V2 products, however they offer a similar mouth to lung type experience. Their Vapor Titan kit is perfect for that hassle free vape you’re used to. This device works with pre-filled cartridges and there are several flavors to choose from.


The Vapor Zeus is perfect for anyone who is used to a V2 Pro device. Vapor production is really good and the flavors and nicotine options are so varied.

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