5 Cheap herb vaporizers that perform surprisingly well - with pros and cons

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Cheap herb vaporizers are not always your best bet in terms of performance and reliability. However, there are a few products out there that perform surprisingly well. They pack the technology to deliver great flavor and vapor and their batteries are more than decent.

Things to consider when buying a cheap dry herb vape

One of the most important things to consider when purchasing an affordable vaporizer for herb is the brand. Most big companies have their own websites and you can easily find information about their products on numerous online communities like vape forums or Reddit. If you can't find anything about a particular vape or you only see it listed on shady Chinese websites then it's probably not worth the hassle.

Next you will need to look for reviews of that vaporizer and customer feedback. You will generally find reviews on vape sites, forums, Reddit and Youtube. This will help you have a better understanding of the product you want to buy and weigh its pros and cons.

The last thing you need to consider is expectations. You can't ask from an inexpensive herb vaporizer to perform like its $300 rivals. Having unrealistic expectations will most likely cause you frustrations, so it's important to know what to anticipate. The most important aspects we recommend keeping an eye out for are: the type of oven used, battery capacity and temperature settings.

5 Affordable herb vaporizers within the $100 budget

We considered a budget of $100 for our most affordable herb vaporizers. And while not all of these vapes are this expensive, it's definitely a very good threshold to get the best bang for your buck.

Here are 5 cheap vaporizers for dry herb we tested and recommend:

5. PULSAR APX herb vaporizer - $69.99

The Pulsar APX is a very sleek and portable herbal vaporizer which features five temperature presets and a ceramic heating chamber. It is compact, discreet and its battery life is decent.

cheap dry herb vaporizers

It doesn't come with the best airflow design and it can get quite warm after a few minutes of use. But for the price of just under $70 it's a great device to get you started with dry herb vaporization.

Get the Pulsar APX

4. LITLE 1 vaporizer - $49.99 CAD

When it comes to simple, straightforward herb vapes that work the LITLE 1 is a pretty good choice. This tiny vaporizer features a built-in 850mAh battery and it will fit inside any pocket.

cheap dry herb vaporizers

It only has one temperature option and it takes around 45s to heat up but the overall experience is surprisingly good for this price.

Get the Little 1

3. UTILLIAN 420 vaporizer - $79.99 CAD

The Utillian 420 is one of the best quality to price vaporizers on the market right now. It's easy to use, features a ceramic heating chamber and offers 4 pre-set temperatures.

cheap dry herb vaporizers

You can get over 40minutes of battery life and heat up times are of around 20 seconds. With its high quality glass mouthpiece you can be sure flavor is pure and crisp every single time.

Get the Utillian 420

2. E-CLIPSE vaporizer - $99.99

The E-Clipse vaporizer is the only one in this category that offers fully customizable temperature between 300F - 435F. It comes fitted with a 2200mAh battery and has interchangeable glass or plastic mouthpiece.

cheap dry herb vaporizers

The ceramic heating chamber ensures perfect results every time and build quality is pretty good. It's great for all those vapers who want full control over their experience.

Get the E-Clipse

1. MigVapor Herb-E - $59.95

The Herb-E from MigVapor is our number one pick for best cheap vaporizer. This device is ultra-portable, easy to use and comes with two pre-defined temperature presets. It's powered by a non-removable 1200mAh battery and this is enough to last you for at least 8 sessions.

cheap dry herb vaporizers

The oven is made from aerospace grade aluminum and it can take up to 0.4g of dry herb. We recommend this portable herb vape to any beginner looking to get the best quality to price ratio. Everything from the build quality to its performance make the Herb-E an absolute winner.

Get the MigVapor Herb-E

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