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Can you vape without nicotine?  Image

Can you vape without nicotine? Everything you need to know about nic free eliquids

People usually associate vaping with nicotine. It's the powerful stimulant drug that got users addicted to cigarettes in the first place. But did you know you can also vape without nicotine? Many users do this on a daily basis. And there are multiple reasons you should also make the switch. From ...

Convection VS Conduction vaporizers – how they compare?  Image

Convection VS Conduction vaporizers – how they compare?

Personal vaporizers have completely revolutionized the way we enjoy dry herbs. They are easy to use, portable and powered by a rechargeable battery. But did you know that the technologies behind these devices are not always the same? The main criterion for classification of vapes is the type of h...

What is a stealth mod and when do you need one Image

What is a stealth mod and when do you need one - The top stealthy vapes

You probably know by now that some mods are stealthier than others. Websites and reviewers often use stealthiness as one of the criteria when rating these products. But what exactly is a stealth mod and when do you need one? We are going to explain everything about these devices and present our t...

10 reasons why JUUL ecigs are the best selling vapes on the market Image

10 reasons why JUUL vapes are the best selling pens on the market

Despite having their reputation affected by the whole US teen vaping scandal, JUUL ecigs are the best selling products on the market today. With over $454 million in retail sales last year alone, JUUL owns almost half the US market share, in a fierce battle with the major tobacco companies. ...

Are we really saving money with the new Pod Mods? Image

Are we really saving money with the new Pod Mods? Side by side comparison

Pod Mods are incredibly popular these days and highly efficient. From pre-filled cartridge devices like the JUUL to refillable alternatives such as the SMOK Infinix, these tiny devices are everywhere. Combined with the high concentration of nicotine salts, they really deliver that cigarette like ...

Ceramic VS Stainless Steel - best choice?  Image

Ceramic VS Stainless Steel oven | What are the pros, cons and alternatives

If you're browsing the internet for your first portable herb vape, then you're probably familiar with the ceramic VS stainless steel oven debate. And while many users and reviewers recommend ceramic, there are a few big companies and top rated products which use stainless steel inside their heati...

The Vaporizer Battle - Utillian 420 VS Eclipse Image

The Battle: Utillian 420 VS Eclipse - Entry level vs a midrange vaporizer

Dry herb vaping has really caught on in these last years but finding the right device for your needs can be challenging at times. From $80 vaporizers to $350 high end devices, there are dozens of alternatives on the market, but is the higher price really worth it? We are going to take a closer lo...

JUUL pocket chargers: Typhon VS JILI Image

JUUL pocket chargers | Comparing the Typhon and the JILI portable chargers

Tired of your favorite pod mod constantly running out of battery? 200mAh is nowhere near getting through a full day, even with moderate puffs. Original JUUL pocket chargers would have made great accessories, unfortunately Juulvapor doesn't make them. But what if this burning request of J...