BO ONE Ecig Kit Review - An awesome Closed system, Pod style Vaporizer

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BO ONE Ecig Kit featured
Designed in France, the BO ONE ecig is a beautiful pod mod with so much to offer. It has a sleek design, great array of flavors and the build quality is top notch. This device is aimed at beginners and the draw mimics that of an actual cigarette. It’s super easy to use, with no refills, no leaks and no previous experience required.
8.6 Ecigguides Editors' Rating

Nice range of flavors

Portable Charge case option

High capacity pods


Proprietary Charger

European version doesn't come with nic salts

Nic concentration is lower than the competitors

The BO ONE ecig comes packed in a lovely cardboard presentation box. Inside you will find the battery and the small USB proprietary charger. With the kit you also get a complementary set of two pods.

BO ONE packaging

The design is pretty similar to that of a JUUL e-cig. The unit measures 100mm from the tip of the pod to the base. It has a total weight of 22 grams and the outer coating is ceramic. The device feels very nice in the hand and as natural as a real cigarette.

The 380mAh Battery

A 380mAh internal battery powers the BO ONE ecig. This is enough to last for a full day at the office if used only during breaks. You usually get over 300 puffs out of it, but it depends on the way you inhale. It also takes around 45 minutes to recharge and the connectors are magnetic.

The LED notification light on the battery will glow each time you insert a pod or take a pull. A blue color means the battery is full, white is when it’s halfway and red when it’s time to plug it in.

BO ONE battery

The BO ONE Pods

The pods are not refillable and they have a capacity of 1.5 ml of e-liquid. The US version is filled with nicotine salts e-liquids, with a concentration of 3.5% or 35mg. The European version has three nicotine concentrations: 0mg, 8mg and 16mg. These pods are sold in 3packs and flavors range from fruits and sweets to menthols and tobaccos. Depending on the type of flavor the pod has a different color and they look very nice.

BO ONE pods

Final words on the BO ONE vape

The BO ONE ecig is a simple plug and play pod vape and it’s ideal for beginners. You just need to slide in the pod and the battery activates automatically whenever you take a puff. It’s discreet, easy to use and very satisfying. Throat hit feels great and the draw is tight and similar to that of pulling out of a real cigarette. It’s not a device intended for big clouds but the flavors are very good and nicotine satisfaction is 100%. You can easily take it with you everywhere since it easily fits inside your pocket.

As a side note, the BO Power is like a portable charging case for the BO ONE ecig. It has a total capacity of 1500mAh and it’s designed to charge your vape on the go. Looks about the size of a pack of cigarettes and has a cool leather case. Definitely a must have if you’re constantly traveling.

Product Specifications
Brand:BO vape
Built Material:Metal (general)
Charge duration:Under 1 hour
Device Size:Compact
Production year:2017

Rating of the Bo Ecig

8.6 Overall score
80 Score
Vapor Production 80
90 Score
Throat hit 90
80 Score
Overall quality 80
90 Score
Battery Life 90
90 Score
Build quality 90

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