Celebrity Anders Holm uses an Aspire K4 vape pen in Neflix's 'Game Over, Man!'

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Image of Celebrity Anders Holm vaping an Aspire K4 in Neflix's 'Game Over, Man!'

If you were used to Don Draper lighting up cigarette after cigarette in the 60's inspired TV series 'Mad Men', looks like nowadays Hollywood has traded traditional smokes for their modern alternative. Celebrity Anders Holm uses a familiar vape vape in Neflix's most recent film 'Game Over, Man!'. The star takes frequent puffs from his pen during several scenes to help him stay focused. They even had a discussion that it's not called smoking anymore. In the movie they made it seem like his waiter side-kicks and friends, Adam Devine and Blake Anderson, didn't know what vaping is.

Shortly after we've all seen Dave Chappelle vaping on the very popular JUUL vape on the stage of his ' Equanimity & The Bird Revelation' comedy special, Netflix brings yet another vape in the spotlight. We're not exactly sure if Anders Holm is a former smoker, but he definitely knows how to blow clouds with the Aspire. The funny 'Die Hard' homage premiered on March 23 and has become increasingly popular.

More on the K4 pen

The Aspire K4 is a vape pen starter kit manufactured in 2016. It features a modified version of the Cleito sub ohm tank and a carbon fiber 2000mAh battery. The device is available in two different colors – Black and Pink – and it's intended for direct lung draws. The kit includes the K4 battery, the Cleito tank fitted with a 0.27Ohm atomizer, a spare 0.27 Ohm coil, a micro-USB cable and a vape band.

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The Cleito tank for the K4

The original Cleito tank has a total capacity of 4.0ml and uses three types of coils: the 0.2 Ohm – intended to be used between 55 – 70W, the 0.4 Ohm – intended to be used between 40 – 60W, and the SS316L 0.4 Ohm coil intended to be used between 55 – 65W in both power mode or temperature control.

Despite being the same size, the K4 Cleito has a capacity of 3.5ml and works only with the modified 0.27 Ohm Clapton coils. These coils have been specifically engineered for the 2000mAh battery and they pair just perfectly for big clouds and mouthwatering flavor.

Aspire K4 kit

It's performance

The Aspire K4 vape pen kit is the biggest and the most powerful of the K-Series. Battery capacity is a lot more impressive than that of its smaller brothers – the K2 and K3 kits – and the tank is intended only for direct lung hits.

The device measures 142mm in height and has a total diameter of 22mm. It features single button operation as well as a micro-USB slot position on the base. It's easy to use, easy to recharge and easy to refill. The coil acts as the chimney and filling with e-liquid is made from the top.

Performance-wise the Aspire K4 is an excellent starter kit for direct lung use. Vapor production and flavor are very good and it scores really high on the user friendliness chart. It's probably the reason why it is still popular to this day and why Netflix decided to use it in their most recent film.

Pro TIP: A great alternative to the Aspire K4 is the SMOK Stick Prince kit. This vape pen features the top rated TFV12 Prince tank with a total capacity of 8.0ml as well as a 3000mAh battery.

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