Dave Chappelle Vaping in Equanimity & The Bird Revelation, Netflix Special

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Image of Dave Chappelle Vaping in Equanimity & The Bird Revelation

Former Chappelle’s Show star seems to have hit the jackpot in the last few years. After his comeback to stand-up comedy in 2013, he managed to sign a huge contract with Netflix in 2016 for three specials. In his most recent show called "Equanimity + The Bird Revelation" we noticed this great artist vaping and immediately asked ourselves what he was using. After some zooming and rewinding we think we found the answer.

dave chapelle vape used

High profile comedian trades Cigs for a Juul

Dave Chappelle used to chain smoke on the stage like a steam engine, this time it looks like the artistis making a smarter and more stylish choice. In his New Years Eve special the comedian was constantly puffing from, what looked to be a JUUL vape while entertaining the audience.

It was noticeable that most of the audience haven't seen a tiny and compact vape like that before. Someone in the crowd even asked for a hit. To which he replied that he was not planning on getting herpes.

It seems Mr. Chappelle made a health-conscious decision somewhere between the second and third special and we can’t but applaud him for this. Smoking so many cigarettes on stage wasn’t just unhealthy for the artist, but he also set a bad example for youngsters looking up to him.

And truth be told, if you want to stay away from cigarettes, the a compact vaporizer like the JUUL vape is one of the best alternatives out there. This ultra portable pod style vaporizer is very easy to use, consistent and dependable. It fits inside any pocket and it’s roughly the same size as a real cig.

Why the JUUL ?

The JUUL is so efficient because it combines two key elements: high nicotine concentration and a tight draw, suitable for mouth to lung inhaling. It consists of a small battery and swap-able pods. Each 0.7ml pod is filled with flavored nicotine salts e-liquid. This allows for a nic concentration of 50mg but with a much smoother throat hit.

Plug and play is another great feature of the JUUL vape. You just slide in the pod and it’s ready to be vaped. No leaking, no mess, no hassle and no previous experience required. Also, the battery is fully charged in less then 1h. This way you’ll always have it ready before leaving for work.

Great variety of PODS

JUUL pods are available in five different flavors. Virginia Tobacco is their classic and it’s what we recommend to beginners. They also have Cool Mint, Fruit Medley, Creme Brulee, and Mango, the last one being our personal favorite. The cool thing about this ecig is that it comes with four different pods inside the box. This way you can easily sample them out and find your personal favorite without having to spend extra. Besides the five classic flavors, there is also the limited edition line. This includes Classic Tobacco, Classic Menthol and Cool Cucumber. Cool Cucumber has to be one of the most interesting ecig flavor we tried so far. It may feel strange at first but once you get used to it it’s an absolute revelation. It’s a subtle cucumber with a hint of mint and works perfectly as an all day vape.

Works better for beginners than other vapes

And it’s not just Dave Chappelle. Thousands of new vapers vouch for their JUUL ecigs. It’s one of the most efficient, portable and easy to use devices on the market today and it’s the ideal tool to experiment e-smoking with.

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