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here are thousands of electronic cigarettes and starter kits out there. However most seem complicated, bulky and just not intended for ladies. Here at Ecigguide we get asked many times to recommend the best vapes for females so we came up with this comprehensive list. We included many of the products we tried in the past few months but also the latest hype in vaping the ever popular pod vapes. Each one of these vapes are easy to use, leak proof and hassle free.

Best cig-a-like kit for women

V4L Auto zeus

From all the starter kits we tested there’s one that really stands out. The V4L Auto Vapor Zeus kit truly is an outstanding product. It comes in a wide range of colors including Magenta, Green, White, and Red and it’s incredibly easy to use. It comes with two refillable cartridges and the flavor and vapor production are more than enjoyable. You can also select from a diverse array of pre-filled cartridges and buy them in five-packs.

Pod system vaporizer for ladies

Bo One ecig

Designed in France, the BO One pod ecig is perfect for women. This ultra light, easy to use personal vaporizer packs a lot of flavor in its tiny pods. Build quality is amazing, price tag is more than affordable and the overall experience will simply blow you away.

They use nicotine salts e-liquids in the US version and there is a wide variety of aromas to choose from. Just slide in a pod and you’re ready to enjoy a full day of satisfying vapor.

My Von Erl

Another great pod system is the My Von Erl. Designed in Austria, this tiny vaporizer has become one of the most popular on the market today. It includes a huge selection of flavors, some of them from top shelf brands like Cutwood and Velvet Cloud.

Build quality is impressive, the pods come in different nicotine concentrations and battery is fully recharged in less than 45 minutes. The only downside is that they don’t use nicotine salts.

Aspire gusto mini

Last but not least we have the new Aspire Gusto Mini pod vape. This uses Halo’s signature e-liquids inside its pods and the flavor is just amazing. It’s the perfect shape and size for any lady and this allows for direct lung draws too.

The pods have a capacity of 4.2ml and are some of the biggest we tried. Turkish Tobacco, Tribecca, Cryptic Blast, and Sugar Twist are just some of the flavors available. And with a 900mAh battery this tiny vape offers fantastic autonomy.

The ultimate vape pen for flavor and vapor

SMOK Stick X8

Vape pens come in a variety of sizes, however we were really impressed with the SMOK Stick X8. It’s bigger than the competition but it packs a massive 3000mAh battery and one of the best tanks for flavor and vapor. This kit also comes in a variety of colors including Blue, Red, Gold and Rainbow.

The X-Baby sub ohm tank features a very cool top fill mechanism, doesn’t leak and has a total capacity of 4.0ml. It’s the perfect vape kit to carry around all day and it will not disappoint.

Best box mod for females

Smoant Charon TS

From the first time we put our hands on it, we knew this mod is going to be great for ladies. The Smoant Charon 218 TS features a beautiful touchscreen that works flawlessly. The user interface is nice and intuitive and the menu system is easy to understand and go through.

Powered by two 18650 batteries, this is the ultimate box mod for any tank or atomizer. Measures only 85 x 59 x 29mm and the glossy front and back panels really make it stand out.

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