The highly popular My Von Erl pod system an in depth review

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The highly popular My Von Erl pod vape, fully reviewed
My Von Erl is probably the most popular European pod style vaporizer. Designed in Austria, this tiny e-cig is considered a closed system device because it works with pre-filled pods. The pods come in a variety of flavors and nicotine concentrations, however they use freebase nicotine rather than nic salts.

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With the starter kit you will get the device itself, the pod, a UBS charging cable and the user manual. Unlike some of its competitors, the My Von Erl uses a standard micro-USB connector. This makes it compatible with almost any Android phone charger out there. The ecig has a built-in 350 mAh battery. It also features a notification light whenever you plug it to the USB. A typical recharge session takes less than 45 minutes and will let you enjoy a full pod.

The VON Erl pods

Depending on where you purchase it from the ecig comes in different configurations. You can get the My Von Erl in standard starter kit version with one house brand tobacco pod. You can also get the top shelf version with one Cutwood, Frisco Vapor or Velvet cloud pod. The tobacco pod has a nicotine strength of 18mg, while the top brand pods come in 24mg.

Each pod has a capacity of 1.6ml. This should last from one to three days, depending on how often you use it. The house mixes are available in 12 different flavors, each with three nicotine concentrations: 0mg, 9mg and 18mg. The top shelf brand pods are available in over 15 delicious flavors, in nicotine levels ranging from 6mg – 24mg. All the pods come in 2-packs and they sell for just under $10.

General Features of the Von Erl device

Every time you take a puff from the My Von Erl the LED notification light will glow in a different color, depending on the status of your charge. Green means the battery full, white is when it's halfway and red when it's time to plug it in. This is great because you will never be caught off guard. Also, because of the way it is designed, you will always see your current e-liquid level. This way you can easily swap the pod with a new one once it gets depleted.

carbon textured my Von Earl Pod Vape

Final words on the Von Erl Vape

The My Von Erl is a very user friendly e-cig that requires no experience and is basically plug and play. Just slide in the pod and you're ready to vape. It can easily fit inside any pocket and the form factor makes it feel so natural in the hand. A great mouth to lung device, with a satisfying throat hit lots of flavors and various nicotine levels. The overall experience is very close to that of an actual cigarette, but with a slightly looser draw.

Product Specifications
Battery life:Average
Brand:Von Erl
Built Material:Metal (general)
Charge duration:Under 1 hour
Device Size:Compact
Production year:2017

Rating of the Von Erl Pod Vape

8 Overall score
80 Score
Vapor Production 80
80 Score
Throat hit 80
80 Score
Overall quality 80
70 Score
Battery Life 70
90 Score
Build quality 90

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