What is a stealth mod and when do you need one - The top stealthy vapes

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You probably know by now that some mods are stealthier than others. Websites and reviewers often use stealthiness as one of the criteria when rating these products. But what exactly is a stealth mod and when do you need one? We are going to explain everything about these devices and present our top favorites from each category.

What are stealth mods and why are they called this way

Stealth mods is a general term used to describe vaping products that are easy to conceal. They might have a color which doesn't stand out, a form factor that's easy to mistake for something else or they are so small they fit perfectly fit inside the palm of your hand. Unlike the one or two battery mod vapes you almost need a bag for to carry around.

The smaller the device, the stealthier. And this has led to the release of countless tiny box mods and low profile atomizers. These products usually work with an internal battery or a removable 18350 cell. They have a maximum output of between 30 – 50W and they are definitely not intended for cloud chasing. You won't see any blinking lights and vapor production is moderate at best. Stealth mods serve a very precise purpose. They help you get your nicotine fix without drawing too much attention to yourself.

When do you need a stealth mod

A stealth mod will be particularly helpful when you're concerned about public opinion or want to be respectful with others around you. This usually happens when you want to vape at work or in various other public spots. And while you could ultimately conceal vapor and use your mod even in places where it is prohibited, we strongly advise you against it.

Stealthy vapes are great for subtle inhales and avoiding altercations and conflicts with non-smokers. They are also good for not tempting your smoker co-workers or your friends who are struggling to quit. They provide a quick and easy nicotine fix without the unnecessary attention.

Are there any limitations to stealth mods?

To put it simple – No, stealth mods work the same way as regular mods and you can eventually enjoy the same great experience. They are not as powerful at delivering vapor and they don't have conspicuous LED lights but everything else is the same.

Most box mods – even the bigger ones – usually have an option to turn the display off completely and this helps with overall stealthiness when needed. These are not as easy to conceal as their smaller counterparts but it's something worth knowing.

Stealthy dry herb vaporizers

Some dry herb vaporizers are also intended to be stealthy for obvious reasons. And while they can draw some attention due to the smell, using conduction or convection instead of combustion makes a big difference. Also portable vaporizers don't produce as much vapor as e-cigarettes do and that's a big pro.

The PAX 3 and the Herb-E from MigVapor are two of the stealthiest dry herb vaporizers we know.

Herb E Stealth mod for dry herb

Inhalation techniques for stealth vaping

The 8-second pull is the most perfect for stealth vaping. Just use any mouth to lung device and take a long pull from the mouthpiece. Keep the vapor in your lungs for up to 8 seconds and when exhaling you will notice there's almost nothing coming out. Because the vapor dissipates inside your lungs, it gives that much needed nic fix without drawing any attention.

If you can't hold in the vapor for this long you could try another technique. This involves taking shorter puffs and exhaling inside your shirt or sweater. Just tilt your head, grab the collar and blow all the vapor in.

It's also probably a good idea to use a lower VG e-liquid. Vegetable glycerin is responsible for the amount of vapor produced, and the lowering the concentration will have a big impact on the overall output. PG based juices have more flavor but they also tend to be a bit harsher so we recommend stepping down on the nicotine level.

Stealth mods we recommend

The JUUL ecig is one of the most popular stealth mods out there and our personal favorite. It's virtually a plug and play type of device that works with pre-filled pods. Easy to use and easy to conceal this tiny vape fits inside any hand or pocket. It's leak free, doesn't produce too much vapor and the 50mg nicotine concentration is perfect for a very satisfying draw.

The Vaporesso Nexus AIO might be a bit bigger than the JUUL but it's still super stealthy and consistent. It offers temperature control, a refillable tank as well as better battery life. The perfect device for nicotine salts e-liquids this is our favorite AIO vape.

If you're looking for stealth box mod then the SMOK Alien Baby is a great choice. It's easy to use, tiny, powerful and has the best flavor in this category. You need to be careful though, as the sub ohm tank included with the kit is quite the cloud chucker.

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