Aspire Gusto Mini pod vaporizer with Halo e-liquids, simply divine

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Aspire Gusto Mini Pod Vape Blue

Pod vaporizers come in all shapes and sizes and the Aspire Gusto Mini is a worthy contender in this category. Carrying some of the best e-liquid flavors from Halo, this tiny vape packs a massive punch. It’s also one of the best direct lung pod systems and does an excellent job at delivering nic.

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High capacity pods

Direct lung and mouth to lung


Only 6 and 12mg nicotine

No nicotine salts

Non-refillable pods

What you get with the Gusto Mini

With the Aspire Gusto Mini you get the device itself, a pod of e-liquid, two mouthpieces, and the micro-USB charging cable. We would have loved to get more pods out of the box, but you can buy these separately on Halo’s website.

Aspire Gusto Mini Color Range

Gusto Mini vape: The design

The vape measures 70mm x 47mm x 22mm and has the same design as a tiny box mod. The fire button and micro-USB slot are located on the main side and the back panel is the pod door. You just slide it out and you can easily mount the e-liquid capsule.

900mah in such a tiny box

A 900mah internal battery powers the Aspire Gusto Mini. This is more than enough for the 1.5 Ohm pod resistance and lasts the whole day while actively vaping. It’s sleek, easy to use and super stealthy. Of course you can re-charge it at any time by using your laptop, computer or any external battery for Android phones. A green indicator light will let you know when the battery has reached 100%.

The pods - flavors and nic concentrations

When you get the pod vape you have to choose between two flavors: SubZero and Tribeca. We recommend Tribeca to beginners as it’s one of the best tobaccos out there. SubZero is a great alternative for menthol lovers. If you buy just the pods there are 5 flavors and two nicotine concentrations to pick from. These come in 6 or 12mg and even though they are way less than what the competition offers, you have to remember this is a direct lung vaporizer. Each pod has a total capacity of 4.2ml - by far one of the biggest we tried. As small comparison, the Phix pod vape has only 1.5ml pods.

To insert the pod inside your Aspire Gusto Mini you need to remove the two silicone leads and slide it in. This allows air to enter the pod, forcing the e-liquid to saturate the cotton inside the small atomizer. Just leave it for 5minutes like that and then you’re ready to puff. And if you enjoyed Tribeca, give Turkish Tobacco a try. This is one of Halo’s all time best-sellers.

Works both ways: LI and MTL

You can also mouth to lung the Aspire Gusto Mini but the nicotine concentration is not that strong for a fully satisfying hit. This is why we recommend using this tiny mod in LI mode for best results.

Performance and final words on the Gusto Mini from Aspire

Performance-wise, the Aspire Gusto Mini is a great little device for the office and for running errands. Easily fits inside the pocket or purse and looks like a tiny all in one. The 4.2ml pods have enough e-liquid to last two days, even more if you mouth to lung it. We would have loved to be able to refill them but either way, the flavors are fantastic.

Product Specifications

Rating of the Aspire Gusto Mini Pod Vape

8 Overall score
90 Score
Vapor Production 90
70 Score
Throat hit 70
80 Score
Overall quality 80
80 Score
Battery Life 80
80 Score
Build quality 80

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