Two of the best rebuildable atomizers (RBA)

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Rebuildable Atomizers have become a new trend all over the vaping community in these last years and the industry is keeping up pace, developing newer and technologically advanced models each month. Their popularity is no surprise since it comes from the same reason why the industry took to mods so well – it is based on people not settling for less, and constantly asking for more from their e-cigarettes. Many people want their ecig to perform better and more efficiently to keep themselves satisfied. Vaporizing enthusiasts rebuild atomizers because it is cheaper and provides much better results than what the manufacturers offer.

The Kayfun Lite Plus

They ‘Kayfun’ line of RBAs are rather simple in design once you dissemble and look at it, but to think that someone came up with the idea in the first place seems quite amazing. The Kayfun works on the principle of creating suction as you inhale, forcing juice up through two small juice channels into the wick of your choice. It is kind of like the same principle trees use to get the water from the root to the leaves.

The Kayfun Lite Plus is designed out of seven pieces, five of them actually making up the device, while the other three are the tank body that comes in either full stainless steel or the optional clear window version. The Kayfun atomizer consists of the top cap, the body, and the bottom deck. On the inner part, there is the chimney, which consists of a main tube and a tapered top that seals into the top cap. While it may look like a difficult job the first time you take it apart, you will gradually get used to this model and put it easily back together after a few tries.

The Kayfun is a gives an amazing vape experience, while many factors affect the overall vape, it delivers a warm, condensed vapor with incredible flavor due to its relatively small atomizer chamber and air flow direction from underneath the coil.

The Taifun GT

The Taifun GT RTAThe Taifun GT is a remarkable atomizer that comes from Germany. It is made entirely of stainless steel with Plexiglas in its tank section so there are no soldering joints. The Taifun GT can be used with fiberglass wick or with stainless steel mesh. With the positive pole being adjustable and by exchanging air tubes with different inner diameters, the Taifun GT has adjustable draw.

The atomizer chamber is at the bottom of the device, with the tank going around and over it. The coil and wick are set up in the atomizer chamber that is sealed, and has two wick channels – one on either side. This is allows the e-liquid to flow into the chamber and reach the coil. While it may sound complicated, it is actually incredibly easy to set up and you will not encounter any problems with flooding, leaking, gurgling or dry hits.

Performance-wise, it’s a flawless device, delivering thick clouds of vapor, incredible flavor and a nice throat hit every time. Because the tank is made of Plexiglas you should take caution not to heat it over 60 degrees and not to use some e-liquids that produce cracks (ask the vendor before buying).

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