The MigVapor TRAP pod system - Refillable ecig with pods for e-juice and oils

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MigVapor TRAP pod system

The MigVapor TRAP pod system is a bit more versatile than your ordinary nic salts ecig. This tiny device is not only compatible with standard e-liquids, but it also works with thinner or thicker oils. It's easy to use, easy to carry around and very stealthy. The pods are refillable and battery life is well above the category average.

8.2 Ecigguides Editors' Rating

Nice vapor production and flavor

Good battery life

Refillable pods


Empty pods are quite expensive

Simple packaging, great contents

MigVapor didn't invest too much in the TRAP's packaging, but despite this, the device doesn't look cheap. It's packed in a thin cardboard box with a plastic blister inside. With the kit you get the battery, two empty pods, the charger as well as a manual.

We would have loved to see the device in more colors like blue, red or white, but unfortunately it's available only in black. Maybe it's something they plan on releasing in the near future.

Looks and features of the TRAP from MigVapor

The TRAP looks very similar to a SMOK Infinix. The pods slide in from the top and it's very easy to tell when they make a good connection. There's an LED notification light on the pod ecig which blinks when you take a puff and a charge port towards the end.

Mig Vapor Trap pod ecig

The battery activates upon draw and offers a few good hours of moderate vaping. Unfortunately there's no clear indicator about the total amperage but, based on experience, we think it's around 280 – 350mAh. It will get you through a full day at the office without problems especially if you're using high concentration nic salts. You can easily recharge the vape by plugging it in your laptop's USB slot.

Vapor production and flavor are really good, especially when using 60/40 VG/PG juices. The company recommends 50/50 for best results, however if you don't take very long puffs and don't chain vape you can easily get away with 60/40.

The TRAP pods

MigVapor TRAP pods have a capacity of 2.0ml and they are suitable mostly for e-liquids. They are easy to refill once you take off the top cap and we recommend 50/50 or 60/40 nicotine salts juices with concentrations of 35 – 50mg. MigVapor states that the pods can be refilled up to 5 times, but we already reached the 8th full cartridge and still didn't notice any changes in flavor or vapor production.

Mig Vapor Trap box contents

In the case of oils however, we got a couple of dry hits when using thicker solutions. We don't know if the pod was faulty or our oil wasn't compatible with the device. We will update this review once our pack of spare coils arrives and we get to test them thoroughly.

Performance and final words on the TRAP vape

The MigVapor TRAP ecig is well-made pod style vaporizer that's perfect for nicotine salts e-liquids. It's also compatible with oils – however this is something we couldn't put to the test. Vapor production and flavor are very good and battery life is more than reasonable. The only downside is the price per pod, at $12.95 per 2-pack.

Another thing worth mentioning is that MigVapor offers a bundle deal for their 30ml nic salts juice bottles each time you purchase the starter kit. For just one dollar they also include the e-liquid and you can choose from tobacco, menthol, mango or berries. Nicotine concentration is 50mg for all these e-juices.

Product Specifications
Battery life:Average
Brand:Mig vapor
Built Material:Metal (general)
Device Size:Small/Tiny
Production year:2018
Weight:Under 100g

Rating of the Migvapor Trap Pod System

8.2 Overall score
80 Score
Price 80
80 Score
Battery Life 80
80 Score
Aestetics 80
90 Score
Ease of Use 90
80 Score
Build quality 80

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