The Suorin iShare review - One of the best pod systems we tried so far

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Suorin iShare pod system

When it comes to pod systems the Suorin iShare is really impressive. It's hands down one of the best vaporizers we tried in this category. Not only does it perform flawlessly but also completely revolutionizes the pod style experience. Comes with two batteries, a really good portable charging case and it's the perfect device for nic salts.

9 Ecigguides Editors' Rating

Amazing battery life

Great pods

Great overall experience


Plastic exterior

What's in the Suorin iShare box

The Suorin iShare comes packed in a white cardboard presentation box. Inside you will find the iShare portable charging case, two tiny batteries, two pods, a micro-USB cable and the user manual. It's available in two colors – black and white – and sells for little under $60.

iShare vape: Design and features

If you are familiar with the Air or the Drop, then the Suorin iShare is very different. This pod system is intended to be shared with friends or with your significant other and comes with its own portable battery. It's made from high quality plastic and it is ultra-light. It's almost the same size as a standard box mod and can easily fit inside your pocket.

The design is simple yet innovative. We basically have two tiny batteries fitted with refillable pods. These easily slide in the portable case and will recharge on the go. The connectors between the batteries and the case are magnetic and the LEDs will light up as they start to charge.

Suorin iShare

The iShare case

The Suorin iShare battery case measures 86mm x 45mm x 21mm and weighs around 80 grams with both pod systems inside. It's made from glossy plastic and has it's powered by an internal cell rated at 1400mAh. Has a micro-USB slot on the side as well as an LED notification light. The LED will light up each time the case charges the pod systems and color will change as the battery becomes depleted. When the light turns red you know it's time to plug it into your laptop, computer or wall adapter. It takes around 2 hours to fully recharge it.

Comes with two tiny pod systems

You get two identical pod systems with the Suorin iShare starter kit. These are also made from plastic and are incredibly light. They measure 76mm x 17mm x 10mm and weigh around 10 grams each. They have an LED notification light on the front and are powered by 130mAh internal batteries. The pod proprietary connectors are magnetic and we didn't encounter any contact issues. These vapes come with a sensor and they are activated on draw. Maximum output is 9W.

The iShare pods

The Suorin iShare pods are very well designed and easy to refill. They have a capacity of 0.9ml and their resistance is between 1.8 – 2.0 Ohms. Wicking material is Japanese organic cotton and if you wait 10 minutes after the first fill you will able to use them up to 3 – 5 times. They wick really well and work perfectly with nicotine salts ejuices.

iShare vape: Performance

Performance on the Suorin iShare is really impressive. This portable pod system is one of the best we tried and battery life is amazing. We got a full day out of the charging case without the LED turning red. Vapor production and flavor are pretty good in this category and the overall experience is amazing. We did notice that the battery charges a lot faster with just a pod system inside the case.

Is it a JUUL killer?

Compared to the JUUL, the Suorin iShare is a really good alternative. The pods are refillable and this greatly reduces the overall monthly cost. Vapor production and flavor is similar if not slightly better. However the biggest pro is battery life. You're not only getting two pod systems instead of one, but you can also recharge them on the go.

Product Specifications
Battery life:Awesome
Built Material:Platics (general)
Charge duration:Under 1 hour
Color:Black, White
Device Size:Pocket size
Production year:2017
Weight:Under 100g

Rating of the Suorin Ishare

9 Overall score
90 Score
Price 90
100 Score
Battery Life 100
90 Score
Aestetics 90
90 Score
Ease of Use 90
80 Score
Build quality 80

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