Smoant Karat pod vape review - First pod system with quartz coils

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Smoant Karat pod vape

The Smoant Karat pod vape is one of the most technologically advanced starter kits of 2018 and the design is amazing. It's the first e-liquid device that uses a quartz coil inside its pods and the flavor you get from it is incredibly intense. Not only that but it's powered by a built-in 370mAh battery and the chipset is both water and oil resistant.

9 Ecigguides Editors' Rating

Excellent design and build quality

Quartz coils give great flavor

Good battery life

Constant output


Not sure how the coils will behave in the future

No click when sliding in the pod

Important features of the Smoant Karat pod system

Smoant already made a name for itself on the pod systems market with its revolutionary S8 vape. This used a steady output all throughout the session and delivered rich clouds and great flavor with each puff. The Smoant Karat starter kit uses the same steady output technology. This means you can be sure the vapor doesn't diminish as soon when the battery drops below 50%.

And when it comes to quartz coils, we've only seen those before on oils and wax vape pens. The technology is completely new to e-liquid devices and it's still too soon to tell if it will stick or not. The flavor is really good and there's no priming time required, but we're not exactly sure how these coils will perform over time.

Packaging and colors for the Smoant Karat kit

The Smoant Karat starter kit comes in a very nice white cardboard box with a photo of the device on top. Inside you will find the device itself, a 2ml refillable pod, a charging cable and the user manual.

Available colors for this vape are: Gradient Blue, Rainbow, Black, Bronze Blue, and Gunmetal. All of them have a glossy finish that's a fingerprint magnet; however it's less noticeable with Gunmetal. But if we would have to choose strictly on looks, then we definitely love the blue gradient. It's very stylish and modern, similar to what you get with a Huawei P20 Pro smartphone.

Smoant Karat pod vape

Karat design and specs

The Smoant Karad pod vape measures 88mm x 48mm x 12mm and it's pretty heavy. This is due to its thick Zinc alloy body which makes the device feel premium. The build quality on this bad boy is very good considering the price range and the finish feels durable.

On the front of the device you can see a diamond shaped button, however this is only for aesthetic purposes only. This is where the notification light is placed, however the device is activated on draw and doesn't require the press of any button. The micro-USB charging slot is positioned on the bottom right side, and it's very practical. It even offers pass-through, which means you can vape it while it's plugged in.

The chipset is oil and water resistant, and offers multiple protections. This includes over charging protection, over-use, short circuit and low battery protection.

The Smoant Karat pod

The Smoant Karat pod has a total capacity of 2.0ml and comes with two very generous fill ports on the base. It also features two magnets that keep it fixed to the device as well as two contacts.

The quartz coil has a resistance of around 1.3 Ohms and this is excellent for mouth to lung vaping. We recommend using nicotine salts for this pod device with a VG/PG ratio of 50/50 or 60/40. The output and draw style is similar to that of a Suorin Drop and battery life is enough for a full day.

We did not experience any leaks or dry hits with the Karat, and the price of spare pods is very accessible. As a matter of fact, this is one of the least expensive pod mods on the long run. After one week of testing the quartz coil was still delivering good flavor and vapor but since it's new technology we need to wait for at least a couple of month for a real verdict.

Performance and overall thoughts on the Karat pod system

The The Smoant Karat pod vape is the first to use quartz coils with an e-liquid only device. The build quality is impressive and the gradient finish is one of our favorites so far. We really liked the flavor and vapor production, and it's a device you can easily use for mouth to lung inhales.

The only con we found is that the pod doesn't exactly click into place and there's no resistance whatsoever. It gives you the impression that it might fall off when you turn it upside down. However this does not happen thanks to the strong magnets fitted inside the device and pods.

Product Specifications
Available colors:Gradient Blue, Rainbow, Black, Bronze Blue, Gunmetal
Battery capacity:370mAh
Battery life:Great
Built Material:Zinc Alloy
Charge duration:1 - 2 hours
Charge port:micro-USB
Device Size:Pocket size
Device size:88mm x 48mm x 12mm
E-Liquid capacity:2.0ml
Production year:2018
Weight:Under 100g

Rating of the Smoant Karat Pod Vape

9 Overall score
90 Score
Price 90
90 Score
Battery Life 90
90 Score
Aestetics 90
90 Score
Ease of Use 90
90 Score
Build quality 90

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