The menthol flavor in e-cigarettes is one of the most loved ones

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From all of the flavors out there, menthol is one of the most used in a variety of products worldwide. You can find it in all sorts of candy, tea, tooth paste, gum, mints and cocktails that wouldn’t taste the same without it. In the last years it has been also used in chocolate, cakes and ice cream due to its refreshing aroma that we all love since our childhood. The menthol flavor in e-cigarettes is the most loved one and a lot of smokers that make the switch to the ecig are looking to vape their favorite flavor.

Mint plant Menthol is an organic compound which can be made in a laboratory or derived from mint oils, and has a distinctive and, for most people, pleasant odor and aroma. It is used to enhance the flavor, popularity, and ease-of-use of many food products, candies, and medications. In its natural state, menthol appears as a waxy compound that is clear or white in color and easily melts at small temperatures. As a medication, it can be used as a mild local anesthetic, counter-irritant, and, more specifically, for the relief of minor throat irritation.

There is evidence that menthol has been known in Japan for more than 2000 years, but in the West it was not isolated until 1771, by Hieronymus David Gaubius. Since its debut in the western culture, it has been used in a variety of products including cigarettes in the 1920’s. It gained broader popularity with the introduction of a filtered menthol brand, Salem, in the mid-1950's.

Even though the US has banned most of the flavored cigarettes because they encouraged minors or non smokers to use them, menthol managed to evade the law due to the impressive number of users and the market share. In the EU however, menthol cigarettes are to be completely banned by the year 2022. But no worries, you will be still able to enjoy your favorite aroma by making the switch to ecigs, and there are a lot of brands out there that want to deliver the ultimate experience.

Halo has four available menthol flavors: Mystic, Menthol ICE, CoolMist, and SubZero. V2 offers V2 Menthol (Refreshing Mint), Peppermint (Sweet Mint), and Green Tea Menthol. Greensmoke users have Menthol ICE, Apollo users have Menthol and Menthol Breeze, Eversmoke users have Cool Menthol and Peppermint Party, Blucig users have Magnificent Menthol while Volcano users have Menthol and Menthol Burst. All in all, every brand has at least one menthol flavor which proves that it’s one of the most loved on the market.

Whether it’s in cartridges, e-liquid or disposables, you will always be able to vape your favorite aroma and have that refreshing taste spoiling your taste buds with every occasion.

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