A look at the Smoktech Provec

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Technology is part of our daily lives and many e-cigarette companies are trying to incorporate inside their devices some of the breakthroughs their researchers are busy working on. Smoktech is one of these companies that already built an amazing reputation due to its state of the art and technologically advanced products.

Smoktech ProvecFounded in 2009, SmokTech is a leading company in electronic cigarette market, dedicated to create new vaping experiences for customers all over the world. Since 2010, they have constantly introduced many highly appreciated models under the brand’s name, such as patented dual coil cartomizers, patented dual coils tanks DCT, the Vmax series, the Zmax series, and the SID series. With a focus on product design, vapor quantity, safety, and taste to ensure an elegant vaping experience, Smoktech contributes to the development of the e-cigarette industry with many innovations and applauded devices.

Besides the already acclaimed mods, rebuildable atomizers, clearomizers their new line of products includes the Rocked Mod line, the Silenus Mod line and the Fury-S line, Smoktech made a lot of commotion in the vaping community with its most recent product –the Provec.

The Provec is a variable voltage / variable wattage mod, and SMOKTECH first Bluetooth connecting device, that is part of an innovative new generation of electronic cigarettes. In the past, once Bluetooth enabled devices first started sprouting up within the e-cigarette market, they seemed mind-blowing at first, but lacked the advanced characteristics seen in other popular devices.

‘The world’s first connected electronic cigarette’ called Smokio was developed in July 2013, in Paris, France, by a team of young electronics and software enthusiasts who believe that “a simple or small twist can have a tremendous impact”. Smokio has a small built-in chip that is able to connect to your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth and to synchronize all the data it keeps track of.

However, with the Provec, things are taken to the next level. Besides the mod’s meshed steel appearance that sets it apart from similar devices like the eVic Supreme, its two main advantages are the Bluetooth connectivity and the mind-blowing 36Watts of power, which is a big statement made by Smoktech in what vaporizers are concerned.

The  Smoktech Provec is the first ever AVP that can be controlled via Bluetooth by your iOS or Android powered smartphone. Through an app, the user gets to change the device’s voltage from 3V to 12V in 0.5V increments and the total power from 6W to 36W in 1W increments. The app will display the vaping time, current output power, current voltage and the resistance of the atomizers, with more features implemented by the time it will reach the market.

The Provec has a variety of safety features like ‘short-circuit protection’ and here are some of its characteristics:

  • maximum current: 10amp
  • color: black and stainless steel
  • material: High Level 304 Stainless Steel
  • battery power: 18650/18500/18350
  • support system: android 4.3+/IOS 6.0+
  • signal: high frequency flat signal

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