Let’s talk a bit about cloud chasing, what is the hype all about?

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The growing e-cigarette community has witnessed many trends until now, but none of them has shifted the whole manufacturing process in the design of new and more powerful devices than the popular art of ‘cloud chasing’. Fueled by the burning desire of many vaping enthusiasts to push their devices to the limit, this trend has quickly caught on and became a niche of the industry that’s responsible for some of the most powerful vapes, rebuildable dripping atomizers and mechanical mods ever produced.

Who are the cloud chasers

Cloud chasing refers to a group of vapers that invest a reasonable amount of time and money into perfecting the amount of vapor their devices can deliver. In essence, there’s an ongoing competition on puffing out the biggest clouds of vapor by using custom modification mods and building of coils, hence the term ‘cloud chasing’.

Cloud chasing vape

However, this is not a game for amateurs, because pushing the mods and batteries to the limit can sometimes be very dangerous. Advanced personal vaporizers come with many types of safety features to keep vapers out of harm’s way, but only a few models that are powerful enough and allow the use of sub-ohm coils, that can result in massive clouds. This is why, the wide majority of cloud chasers uses mechanical mods. These devices are unregulated and they don’t have the same safety features as APVs, the only protection being the vent holes inside the mod’s body.

Ohm's Laws are essential for cloud chasing on mech mods

This is why, understanding and using Ohm’s Laws of electricity is one of the key elements for all those that want to try the experience. They also need to be familiar with the types of batteries and their continuous discharge rate because using a sub-ohm coil that needs 23Amps and a battery that can only deliver 20A can turn out very nasty for the user.

Build coils to your liking

Another thing you need to familiarize with is the art of building coils and choosing the best rebuildable dripping atomizer to suite your needs. There are many atomizers and tank systems out there, but not all of them are intended for puffing out massive clouds. The best devices for this trend are the RDAs that can allow for dual or quad coil builds. Once you practice and understand how to build your coils for a particular sub-ohm resistance, another key factor you need to keep track of is the airflow.

Cloud chaser

The idea is simple – the more air goes through the atomizer and reaches the coils, the bigger and more powerful the clouds it can produce. There are already RDAs out there with four vent holes that give out impressive amounts of vapor, you just need to find a model that’s perfect for this kind of thing.

The great thing is that you can use RDAs with your mech mod or advanced personal vaporizer, so this makes them extremely versatile.

Nicotine strength is very important in this case

Last but not least, the nicotine concentration. You might be familiar on how a 1.8% e-liquid feels like when vaping it on a regular device like the Cool Fire I, but you might be overwhelmed by the throat hit once you use the same e-liquid on a powerful sub-ohm build. When going cloud chasing, it’s ideal to use an e-juice with a big VG content and very low nicotine concentration.

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