Best Mechanical Mods 2020 - Top performing mech mods for cloud chasing

Best Mechanical Mods

Ecigguide welcomes you to our best mechanical mods 2020 list

These tubular unregulated vape devices are aimed only at experienced users and it's something we definitely not recommend to beginners. If you are a novice or intermediate user then check out our best regulated box mods page for more appropriate products.

With these popular mechanical mods you cannot adjust wattage, temperature of browse through the menu. They don't even come with a display and the power is automatically adjusted based on the resistance of the atomizer.

Most mech mods and hybrid mechanical mods are powered by a single 18650 or a 21700 battery and don't have any internal chipsets or wiring. Electricity goes from the battery directly to the coil and the only thing slowing it down is voltage drop.

This voltage drop is influenced by a series of factors like the materials used, the number of connectors and their type. The lower the voltage drop the better will the mech mod perform.

We only featured the best mechanical mods on this list, with the lowest voltage drop and the highest build quality.

One thing you should consider is that these products do not include batteries. You will need to purchase high drain 18650 or 26650 cells separately as well as a good vape battery charger.

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The best overall mechanical mods | 2020 edition

Vape Mod Battery type Best Price
VGOD PRO Mech 2 18650 $95.00
Tauren Mech 21700/18650 $65.00
CoilART Mage Mech 21700/18650 $79.99
Blitz B17 18650 $99.99
EUGENE Artisanal 18650 $113.00
VGOD Elite 18650 $89.99
DEJAVU DJV Mech 18650 $68.00

Most high end mech mods don't include an atomizer. Depending on the overall diameter and color you can quickly match the mod with one of these highly popular RDAs.


VGOD PRO Mech 2 mod

The VGOD PRO Mech 2 is one of the few top rated mechanical mods that comes with an RDA. The Elite rebuildable dripping atomizer has 24mm diameter and features dual post design for easy building. The device is made from high quality copper and stainless steel and accounts for lightning fast fire speeds. It's one of the hardest hitting mech mods we ever got the chance to test and the quality to price ratio is unbeatable.

What we liked What we didn't like
Hits really hard A bit expensive
Copper and stainless steel build Complicated bottom cap
Included Elite RDA

Verdict: We selected the VGOD PRO Mech 2 as our top mechanical mod on this list for good reason. It hits like a locomotive and the build quality is flawless. We really like the camo finish and it comes with an included RDA. The device feels solid, well build and give the impression it's going to last for many years.

Buy the VGOD PRO Mech 2 kit

Tauren Mech

Tauren Mech mod

With its unique finish and colors, the Tauren Mech is a one of a kind mod. It looks absolutely amazing in brass red and very easy to use. The device features an advanced bottom fire button with 360 surface area. It offers a great tactile feedback and hits very hard. You can use the mech mod with either a 21700, a 20700 or even a 18650 battery with the provided adapter.

What we liked What we didn't like
Hard hitting Colors are a bit hard to match with RDAs
Luxurious paint job Higher voltage drop than more expensive mods
Innovative 360 bottom fire button

Verdict: The Tauren Mech features a wide range of beautiful colors and fires instantly due to its unique 360 surface button. It doesn't come with an RDA, but the 24mm diameter makes it compatible with a wide range of atomizers.

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CoilART Mage Mech V2.0

CoilART Mage Mech mod V2.0

The CoilART Mage Mech V2.0 is a hybrid mechanical mod that works with stacked batteries. You can use it in single 21700/18650 mode but you can also mount the extra stacking tube to benefit from series voltage and performance. Build quality is really good and the performance is quite impressive. Do take note that it's a device we only recommend to the most experienced of vapers!

What we liked What we didn't like
Very hard hitting Series vaping is very risky
Stackable batteries It's quite tall with the stacking tube
Self adjusting battery connector Hybrid connector requires protruding 510 RDA pins

Verdict: The CoilART Mage Mech V2.0 is a very powerful mechanical mod that requires a lot of respect and knowledge. It can be used with dual batteries stacked in series, which accounts for high voltage and hard hits. It's also a hybrid device, which means the RDA makes direct contact with the positive pole of the battery.

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Blitz B17

Blitz B17 mod

The Blitz B17 is quality mechanical mod built in the shape of a bamboo stem. The tube is manufactured with Tibetan silver and the build quality is outstanding. The combination between hybrid 510 connector and gold plated brass button delivers lightning fast fire speeds together with low voltage drop. It's a one of a kind mod and the perfect choice for advanced vapers.

What we liked What we didn't like
Tibetan silver plating Not as ergonomic as the competition
Gold plated brass button Rather expensive
Hybrid 510 connector Hybrid connector requires protruding 510 RDA pins

Verdict: The Blitz B17 combines its unique bamboo stem appearance with the retro finish made from Tibetan silver. It features a hybrid connector, gold plated brass pin and comes with lots of spare parts inside the box. It's a classy mechanical mod built for the advanced vaper.

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EUGENE Artisanal

EUGENE Artisanal mod

The EUGENE Artisanal mech mod is the most expensive device on this list. If offers a unique meteorite style finish and the build quality is top notch. This hybrid mechanical mod is intended for advanced vapers and features very low voltage drop. The threads are buttery smooth and everything about this device feels high end.

What we liked What we didn't like
Unique finish Quite expensive
Top build quality Doesn't come with an RDA
Hybrid 510 connector Hybrid connector requires protruding 510 RDA pins

Verdict: The EUGENE Artisanal is an expensive mechanical mod built for vaping connoisseurs. Its hybrid connector ensures minimum voltage drop and the meteorite style finish gives it a very luxurious appearance.

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VGOD Elite

VGOD Elite mod

The VGOD Elite mechanical mod is like the muscle car of the vaping industry. It features the flare grip chassis and it's built from solid copper. This ensures very low voltage drop and makes the mod hit like a powerhouse each time you press the button. The switch is made from carbon fiber and included in the box there's even a really cool carry case.

What we liked What we didn't like
Solid copper build Rather bulky
Very low voltage drop Doesn't come with an RDA
Included case

Verdict: The VGOD Elite is powerful hybrid mech mod built for cloud chasing. It's really hard to beat in terms of performance and comes with its own convenient carry case. It requires batteries with 35A discharge rate.

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The DEJAVU DJV Mech is a 25mm hybrid mod that works with a single 18650 battery. It is designed in Malaysia, built from solid brass and it's highly customizable. You can swap between the stainless steel or acrylic fire button and between the spring or magnet switch. The build quality is very good and the textured finish gives it really nice grip.

What we liked What we didn't like
Brass build Only one color available
Customizable fire button Doesn't come with an RDA
Customizable bottom switch

Verdict: The DEJAVU DJV Mech mod is very customizable and affordable. It's a mid range hybrid mechanical mod powered by a single 18650 cell. If features two types of fire buttons and two types of battery mechanisms.

Buy the DEJAVU DJV Mech mod

Mech Mods - A quick guide

What is a mechanical mod?

Mechanical mod explained

Mechanical mods are tubular or rectangular shaped mods with no boards, chipsets or internal wiring generally used for cloud chasing. Power is drawn directly from the battery depending on the resistance of the atomizer. These devices have a single button and don't feature displays, menus or adjustments. They are usually powered by a single 18650/21700 battery, but there are models which take two stacked cells.

The standard type of mechanical mod is made of three parts: the top cap, the tube and the bottom cap. In most cases the fire button is integrated in the bottom cap for easy contact and access.

What is a hybrid mech mod?

A hybrid mod is a mechanical mod that features a hallow top cap. Instead of the usual 510 pin we have a hole for the atomizer connector. This allows it to make direct contact with the positive end of the battery and dramatically reduces voltage drop.

Hybrid mods hit harder than standard mechanical mods, however they come with bigger risks. They are intended to be used only with RDAs which have a protruding 510 pin. If the pin doesn't stick out at least 2mm there a real chance of short circuiting the battery and cause it to vent. However, in a cloud chasing showdown between mechanical mods vs electronic mods, these hybrids would definitely be the winners.

Why series mechanical mods require so much caution?

Series mech mods use two batteries connected in series. When you connect two batteries in series their total voltage doubles, which means a lot more electricity is going to pass through the coil. These device require serious knowledge and experience and they are only suitable for advanced vapers. There are limits on how low to build and which types of batteries are compatible with series vaping.