What kind of batteries should I buy for my mod?

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Batteries are the force behind every aspect of your mechanical mod or advanced personal vaporizer and having the best one is essential for a satisfying and safe overall vaping experience.

They come in many shapes and sizes and manufacturers are struggling to come up with even more powerful models all the time. Understanding the types of batteries out there and their importance with respect to the necessities of your build is crucial for any vaper looking for the ultimate performance.

Which type of battery does your mod take?

The fundamental notion that governs the whole process is the type of battery you mod can accommodate. Some mechanical mods and advanced personal vaporizer are telescopic and can accommodate more than one type of battery, while others work with only one model. However, many times their capacity depends on size, 18650 batteries will ensure a greater autonomy than an 18350 type.

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At the same time, a telescopic mod can look a bit long and bulky with the 18650 battery inside, and this is why some vapers prefer the much smaller ones. Some devices even allow stacking of batteries or using kicks, but staking is rather dangerous especially in a poorly vented mechanical mod with no safety features.

Knowing Ohm's Laws is very important

While knowing the battery model alone is enough to start looking online for most people, vapers that build their own coils need to pay close attention to Ohm’s Law too. Knowing the resistance of the atomizer and the voltage of the battery gives you an exact estimate on the amount of Amps it requires. Not all batteries are built in the same way, and for instance if your build requires 8Amps and your battery can only deliver 4, then the results might be catastrophic. Advanced personal vaporizers have different types of features to keep you safe in these cases, but mechanical mods depend on the battery alone and this is why they are intended for experienced users when going below the 1-Ohm limit.

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The types of vape batteries

When choosing the right batteries, there are IMR, protected ICR Li-Ion, and a new type of hybrids. IMR (Li-Mn - Lithium manganese batteries) are also referred to as ‘high drain’, ‘safe chemistry’, or ‘unprotected’. However, do not let yourself be fooled by the ‘unprotected’ notion, because this type of batteries is the safest you can buy for your mod. Protected ICR batteries have a built in circuit to prevent them from short circuits but in the event the circuit fails, they can vent violently in flames and possibly explode. The hybrid batteries have a new mixed chemistry that is both safe/high drain and extended capacity at the same time.

Battery recommendations

Always use IMR or Hybrid batteries in your mod and pay strict attention to the maximum continuous discharge rate with respect to your necessities. Brands like AW IMR, Sony, Efest, Panasonic, Samsung or Sanyo are best suited for your e-cigarette but beware of knock offs.

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