The 4 dry herb grinders we tested and liked - Here our favorite weed grinders

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Dry herb grinders are very important. From rudimentary $5 models you get for free from your dispensary to the 4-piece grinders we all know and love, these accessories are part of the vaping lifestyle.

And while some people still prefer to use their hands to break up the plant into tiny pieces, a herb grinder greatly improves the overall experience. Grinding helps create more surface area. This enhances flavor and vapor productions and ensures uniform vaporization.

Main reasons for using a dry herb grinder

Using a dry herb grinder will have a big impact on your vaping experience . And it all starts with your fingers. Buds are usually covered with tiny crystals and resins which can get very sticky. This usually leads to other complications like difficulties handling your vape accessories and that characteristic smell.

herb grinder

The process is a lot faster when using a grinder. Just throw the bud inside and let it do all the work. It’s a much easier and cleaner method than breaking up the botanical or chopping it.

Depending on the type of dry herb vaporizer you are using, it may require a fine or medium grind for best results. This all depends on the type of heating, the type of vaping chamber and its placement. The differences between convection vs conduction are pretty big and each process requires more or less air to pass through the grounds.

Kief is another reason to use a cannabis grinder. Most 4-piece grinders have a separate chamber where this gets collected. This gets collected through a sieve and can be used to spice up your bowl or make rosin.

Herb grinders we tested and liked

As you can probably imagine, we tested various herb grinders across the years. And while all of them did a pretty nice job, there are a few products we still use on a regular basis.

Magic Flight Finishing Grinder

magic flight grinder

The Magic Flight Finishing Grinder is one of our favorites. It’s not your typical dry herb grinder, as it’s mostly used to sheer or grate pre-ground buds.

It turns the grounds into something similar to a powder and this makes it the ideal size for convection vaporizers or for the Magic Flight Launch Box vape. It’s a bit tiny in size therefore it’s not the ideal accessory for people with big hands.

Santa Cruz Shredder

santa cruz grinder

The Santa Cruz Shredder is a 4-piece herb grinder that we absolutely love. It’s made from medical grade aluminum which has been treated with ultrasounds to give the surface a lasting finish.

The grinder very easy to use, intuitive and gives some of the best results. The pieces are held in place by very strong magnets and the kief collector works like a charm.

Groove Grinder by Aerospaced

groove grinder

The Groove Grinder is another product we are very fond of. This top of the line weed grinder uses a series of grooves and sharpened cutting edges instead of the usually diamond teeth.

It produces a medium to fine grind that’s just perfect for conduction as well as convection vaporizers like the Firefly 2 . The material used is CNC machined aluminum and the build quality is really impressive.

SLX 2.0 Grinder

slx2.0 grinder

The SLX 2.0 is one of the most revolutionary herb grinders on the market. It’s made from aerospace grade aluminum and has a ceramic coating on the interior used to reduce friction.

It doesn't chip or flake and produces extraordinary results every single time. The coating prevents kief and micro particles from sticking to the teeth and helps collect even more pollen in the bottom chamber.

How to pack your vaporizer

The thing you need to remember is that grinding is just half of the process. The other important factor in getting a great dry herb vaporizing experience is packing the chamber. Loading your oven properly has multiple advantages like richer vapor, stronger taste and uniform vaporization.

Most herb vaporizers require a fine grind for best results. The botanical then needs to be packed moderately tight and up to the top. If the material is too lose, it won’t heat up evenly, and will deliver weak performance. On the other hand, if it’s too tightly packed it will restrict airflow and prevent the vaporization process.

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