Know your vape batteries: 10 tips for beginners

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We are all looking for ways to tweak our mods and atomizers for the best performance. Low Ohm builds, Clapton coils and high power devices usually account for impressive clouds, but more important than that, safety comes first. Vape batteries are easy to find nowadays, but not all of them are suited for high wattages or mechanical mods. Thus, it is crucial to understand some key aspects about these products before using them with your low ohm builds.

Which brands are better and where to get them?

Always buy your vape batteries from a respectable supplier and avoid shady vendors with offers that seem too good to be true. Do some research first, see which shops are recommended by other users, read the reviews and only then make your purchase. A good 18650 vape battery should be around $7.5 - $10, therefore anything cheaper is a big red flag. Never purchase your batteries from eBay!

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When it comes to recommended brands always go for top rated manufacturers like Sony, LG, Panasonic, Samsung and Sanyo. Learn how to know the difference between an authentic battery and a fake one and always keep that in mind.

Do you have a regulated mod? Here's what you should know

If you have a regulated mod powered by a single 18650 that reaches a maximum of 40W, then you are safe with a 20A high drain cell. If the mod reaches a maximum of 75-80W then don't use anything rated below 25A;

For dual 18650 mods, use 25A high drain batteries if the mod is capable of up to 150W. For mods that reach 200W, then only use 30A batteries from Sony or LG;

Mods powered by three 18650 cells and a maximum power output of 220W should do the job safely with 25A high drain batteries;

Mechanical mods - A totally different story

When making a build on single battery mechanical mods or "mech mods" use this simple rule: divide 4.2 by the resistance of your atomizer and compare the result with the maximum discharge rate of your 18650 cell. For instance a build of 0.3 Ohms and a battery rated for 20A will result in 4.2 / 0.3 = 14A < 20A, therefore you're on the safe side. Never build lower than your battery Amp limit!

When making a build on a series dual battery mechanical mod, then you will need to divide 8.4 by the resistance of your atty. In this case don't use resistances lower than 0.5 on 20A rated batteries, don't use resistances lower than 0.35 Ohms on 25A rated batteries and don't use resistances lower than 0.3 Ohms on 30A batteries.

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Always avoid the risk of short circuits

If you ever spot vape batteries with damaged wraps, immediately stop using them. Shrinking wraps are available in almost any vape shop and you can easily mount them using a hair drier. If you don't feel like re-wrapping, carefully dispose of the damaged cells.

When you drop your mod and find that the battery has sustained visible deterioration, immediately stop using that cell and properly discard it.

Always carry batteries inside the mod or inside protective plastic cases. If it's imperative to put them inside your pocket, always use silicone pouches. Never put your keys, coins or any other metallic objects inside the same pocket. This is the most frequent cause of hazard.

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