Interesting facts about the KR-808 battery. The Pro's and cons

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Many of the well known ecigarette brands sell devices that come with a KR-808 battery. They are smaller than other types of batteries and they are similar to the L88B or 510 models. Usually they come in different sizes, from the regular 100mm cig-a-like to the xl version that is about 140mm long and packs a lot more energy.

ecig batteries different colorsKR-808 batteries are an excellent choice for beginners or for casual vapers that love devices which mimic traditional analogs. Some people like this experience better because they don’t feel like vaping from a magic wand, like the case of more sophisticated devices like clearomizer tanks. Many starter kits come with this type of battery, and they usually are of higher quality and quite cheaper than other alternatives.

The kr808 d1 "mini" battery

It is often called the “mini” battery and unfortunately this also means it has a mini lifetime. This might just be the most important downside to this model, the fact that you need to charge it quite often but on the other hand, many brands offer portable charging cases with their starter kits and this means that you can revive your batteries on the go.

Most of the time, these types of batteries come in both automatic and manual versions and they are usually included in the starter kits so you can enjoy any type of vaping. Another downside, however, is the fact that you can only use prefilled cartridges with these KR-808s. You need to have very steady hands and a lot of patience in order to refill these types of cartridges and buying new ones all the time can be quite expensive. Nevertheless you can use a lot of existing cartomizers with this battery, only not the ones designed for the 510 model, as the KR-808 has recessed threading.

When it comes to vapor production, this battery model won’t blow your mind. It’s quite modest as compared to other more advanced models like personal vaporizers and cartomizer tanks. The average KR-808 has 280mAh which will give you about 200 puffs before you will need to recharge, while a typical small 510 battery holds a charge of 180mAh and lasts for around 80-100 puffs.

There are two types of KR-808 batteries: the KR808D-1/E-8 and the KR808D-2/E9. On the KR808D-1/E-8 threads on battery are male, while threads on atomizer/cartomizer are female.  V2 Cigs, Bloog, Halo G6, South Beach Smoke, Smoketip, Premium Vapes, Apollo and Eversmoke use this type of battery.

On the KR808D-2/E9, threads on battery are female, while threads on atomizer/cartomizer are male. Some of the brands that use this model too are Eversmoke, Green Smoke and South Beach Smoke.

If you like to keep things simple, this might just be the best choice for you but if you like experimenting with refillable cartridges, atomizers and variable voltages you should definitely consider another option. KR-808s are usually for people who just like to screw on their favorite cartomizer flavor and enjoy a decent vaping experience without any mess or fuss.

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