MigVapor Herb-E review - very affordable and ultra portable dry herb vape

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MigVapor Herb-E

The MigVapor Herb-E is a really impressive portable dry herb vaporizer. With a price tag of under $60 this entry level device delivers unparalleled performance and the build quality is outstanding. It's very easy to use, easy to carry around and battery life is more than enough for 8 – 10 sessions. It features two vape modes – normal and boost – both offering good vapor and flavor.

8.6 Ecigguides Editors' Rating

Beautiful design

Easy to use

Generous chamber

Two operating modes 

Ultra-portable and discreet


Aluminum chamber instead of ceramic, quartz or stainless steel

What you get with this dry herb vape

The Herb-E vape comes packed in a beautiful transparent box. Inside you will find the marijuana vaporizer itself, a pair of tweezers for the mouthpiece, micro-USB cable, three pipe cleaners, an alcohol wipe, user manual, and warranty cards. The device is available in a single color option – Carbon Fiber – and it looks and feels premium.

A thing worth mentioning is the 90-Day warranty and also the 1-Year $25 replacement warranty. That's right, if anything happens to your Herb-E within the first year of purchase, MigVapor will give you a replacement for only $25.

MigVapor Herb-E packaging

Herb-E design and features

While smaller, the Herb-E vaporizer is an ultra-portable dry herb device which is similar shape to a PAX 3. The full metal body is wrapped in high quality carbon fiber and the rounded edges make it ergonomic and easy to hold and use. The mouthpiece has a patented design and it uses two strong magnets to make a solid connection with the vape. By using the supplied tweezers you can take it apart for cleaning purposes, especially after extended sessions.

The chamber is top-placed and it's built from aerospace-grade aluminum. It's very generous and you can fit up to 0.4g of grinded botanical inside. We do recommend an aluminum grinder for this vape, and luckily MigVapor has a bundle deal on those when you place your order. The device works with conduction heating.

On top of the vaporizer we have the plastic mouthpiece. The button is placed on the main side and the micro-USB port on the base. Five clicks turn the device on or off and it takes around 30s to reach optimum vaping temperature.

Happy Herb-E VS Angry Herb-E

MigVapor Herb-E happy vs angry

There are two operating modes for the MigVapor Herb-E – normal and boost mode. Normal or "Happy Herb-E" features two yellow eyes behind the power button. This represents normal vaping temperature and it's perfect for nice smooth vapor and clean taste.

Boost mode or "Angry Herb-E" features two red eyes behind the power button. This represents the highest vaping temperature and it's perfect for extracting all the essential oils from the plant. It delivers a warmer but a bit harsher vapor, however it's something most vapers appreciate.

To switch between modes just keep the fire button pressed for 5 seconds until the two LED lights chance color. We mostly used Happy Herb-E mode during the first 3 – 4 pulls and Angry Herb-E towards the end of the session for a complete and satisfying experience.

Performance and final thoughts on the Herb-E

The Herb-E from MigVapor is hands down one of the most impressive devices in this category. Well build and incredibly affordable it's the perfect to-go dry herb vaporizer for beginners and intermediate vapers. It's easy to use, has a generous heating chamber and two operating modes.

The Herb-E is a vape pen for herbs and will not work with waxes or concentrates. If you're looking for good concentrates pen then the MigVapor WASP is an excellent choice.

The carbon fiber finish gives it that premium vibe and the 1-Year $25 replacement warranty it's something we would like to see on other devices as well. The 1200mAh built-in battery is enough for 8 – 10 sessions in normal mode or around 6 – 7 sessions in angry mode.

All in all a very good dry herb vaporizer and a product we definitely recommend.

Product Specifications
Battery life:Great
Brand:Mig vapor
Built Material:Metal (general)
Charge duration:1 - 2 hours
Device Size:Compact
Heat up time:20 - 30 seconds
Heating source:Battery
Production year:2018
Temperature settings:Teperature presets
Weight:Between 100 - 200g

Rating of the Migvapor Herb E

8.6 Overall score
100 Score
Price 100
80 Score
Battery Life 80
90 Score
Ease of Use 90
80 Score
Chamber Capacity 80
80 Score
Ease of Maintenance 80

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