Vaporesso Nexus AIO review - Low output vaporizer with temperature control

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Vaporesso Nexus AIO

Vape tech keeps getting better, the Vaporesso Nexus AIO is your proof. It's the first device of its type to feature temperature control and it does a really great job at preventing dry hits. It's also one of the few pod style kits to have adjustable airflow and this makes a big difference when it comes to finding your sweet spot.

8.8 Ecigguides Editors' Rating

Temperature control presets

Airflow adjustment

ON/OFF switch

Good battery life

Easy to refill


Gets flooded with thinner juices

What you get with this AIO starter kit

The Vaporesso Nexus AIO comes packed in a beautifully designed presentation box, that's in the same color as the device. Inside you will find the tiny vaporizer pre-fitted with the brand new CCELL coil. You also get a spare cotton coil, a nice micro-USB cable, and the user manual.

There are eight different colors for this all in one kit including: Black, Silver, Orange, Ruby, Dark Blue and Green.

Nexus AIO: Design and main features

The Vaporesso Nexus AIO vape is similar in terms of design to an Aspire Breeze. It measures 86mm x 34mm x 17mm and the body is made from aluminum with plastic inserts at the top and bottom. It has a nice wide mouthpiece and an on/off switch. The micro-USB slot is placed on the base and it takes around 40 minutes the get the device fully charged.

When you take off the mouthpiece you get access to the chimney section, draw activation sensor and the e-liquid fill port, which is covered with a rubber gasket. The mouthpiece includes a flathead tool to help unscrew the chimney, but you can also do this with a coin.

Vaporesso Nexus AIO presentation

Powering the Vaporesso Nexus ecig is a 650mAh internal battery. This is enough to last you almost a full day at the office, mostly if you're using high concentration nicotine salts e-liquids. If you're using freebase nicotine then you will get anywhere from 3 – 6h of use. The on/off switch has a built-in notification light which shows remaining battery life. White means it's over 70%, Yellow means it's over 30% and Red means it's time to plug it in.

Another cool feature of this tiny vaporizer is its adjustable airflow. Just under the chimney notch there are two air slots which can partially cover with a small twist. You can adjust the draw from a very tight mouth to lung to a tight direct lung inhale.

First low output vape with temperature control presets

One of the most innovative features of the Vaporesso Nexus AIO is the built-in temperature control feature. By pressing the on/off button three times you can cycle through the three presets. A white glow stands for 230F, yellow stands for 210F and red stands for 180F. We recommend sticking with the first two settings as these produce the most vapor.

The Nexus AIO coils

Included in the Vaporesso Nexus all in one vaporizer kit you get two types of coils: the 1.0 Ohm NX CCELL atomizer and the 1.0 Ohm NX standard atomizer.

The NX CCELL coil uses ceramic technology and delivers pure flavor with long-lasting lifespan. The standard coil uses organic cotton and has a medium lifespan. Both these coils work best with 70% VG e-liquids and we don't recommend using anything thinner as they will get flooded in no time.

Performance and final words on the Nexus AIO vape

If you enjoy nicotine salts and love a stealthy low output vaporizer then the Vaporesso Nexus AIO is a really good option. It doesn't leak, comes with built-in temperature control, an on/off switch and delivers good vapor and flavor. Battery is fully charged in under 40 minutes and you can easily refill the glass reservoir without taking the coil out.

The only con is that it easily gets flooded when you use 50/50 or 60/40 e-liquids and it's a real pain to get the coils working properly afterwards.

Product Specifications
Battery life:Great
Built Material:Aluminium
Charge duration:Under 1 hour
Color:Blue, Black, Green, Red, Silver
Device Size:Compact
Production year:2018
Temperature settings:Teperature presets
Weight:Under 100g

Rating of the Vaporesso Nexus Aio

8.8 Overall score
90 Score
Price 90
90 Score
Battery Life 90
80 Score
Aestetics 80
90 Score
Ease of Use 90
90 Score
Build quality 90

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