Regulated Mods IconRegulated vape mods are also referred to as electronic mods or advanced personal vaporizers and are some of the most en vogue vaping devices at the moment. They are powerful, stylish, dependable and they come with numerous safety features to prevent accidental misuse. The best box mods don’t always come in kits and this gives the user plenty of versatility in picking the prefect tank or rebuildable atomizer to match his or her vaping needs.

Many of today’s regulated devices are box mods and these work either with an internal, non-removable high capacity battery or with a high drain 18350 / 18650 / 26650 model that’s sold separately. They usually come with a micro-USB charging cable and a user’s manual as well as a few other accessories. Most box mods have a 510 connection on the top, which can benefit from an adjustable or spring loaded center pin to offer compatibility with a wide range of rebuildable atomizers and tanks.