Vape modsEither tubular, eGo-style or box shaped, Vape mods are the most technologically advanced vaping devices and they come in a variety sizes as well as numerous features such as variable voltage, variable wattage and temperature control. Regardless of their shape, these products can be included in two main review categories; Advanced personal vaporizers or regulated vape mods and mechanical or unregulated vape mods.

These advanced personal vaporizers are powered by either an internal- or  inter-changeable battery. Common battery types are the 18350, 18650, or 26650, which need to be purchased separately. The higher quality Mods offer a variety of features like the option of choosing between different wattage’s, voltages and even temperatures. The temperature control feature requires the use of Nickel or Titanium coils, while standard variable voltage and variable wattage options require Kanthal coils. These, unlike normal portable vaporizers, are referred to as regulated vape mods because they are able to maintain a steady flow of vapor, regardless of the battery charge, voltage, wattage or temperature setting.