VaporFi Air 2 Mini bundle kit review

VaporFi Air 2 Mini Vaporizer Bundle

If you’re switching from tobacco cigarettes, there’s no better way to start vaping than with a mouth to lung device. The VaporFi Air 2 Mini is one of the latest products to hit the market in this category and performance wise it’s definitely one of the best. It’s a small and portable all in one personal vaporizer that works with e-liquids as well as oils.


Vaporfi Air 2 Mini w coil and liquidThe VaporFi Air 2 Mini is available in two colors – white and black and it comes packed in a nice cardboard gift box. Inside you will find the vaporizer itself, two 1.1 Ohm e-liquid coils, a micro-USB charging cable, a mouthpiece and the user manual. With this bundle kit you also get a 30ml bottle of e-liquid, crafted to your personal liking. You can mix up to three different Vaporfi flavors, three individual flavor concentrations, choose a VG/PG ratio and the desired nicotine strength.


The all in one VaporFi Air 2 Mini vaporizer is very portable and it’s only slightly bigger than the JUUL. It measures 105mm x 18mm x 10mm and is powered by an internal battery rated at 350mAh. The output wattage is 15W and that’s pretty good for a dedicated mouth to lung device. But unlike the JUUL this particular vaporizer doesn’t work with pods so you can use any e-liquid flavor you like.

charging port Vaporfi AirBy taking out the mouthpiece and using one of its slots as a tool you can easily take out the chimney section of the vaporizer. There’s a detailed leaflet on how to get this done but it’s very intuitive and doesn’t require a lot of force. Once you take out the chimney you get access to the 1.4ml tank and you should only fill this to the Max line indicator. The coil screws to the end of the chimney and when you fill with e-liquid for the first time it needs to prime. Just take a few ‘dummy’ puffs by not pressing the button and let the vaporizer sit for around ten minutes before turning it on.

To turn on the VaporFi Air 2 Mini just press the fire button five times and a flashing LED notification light will let you know you’re ready to vape. It will also let you know when it’s time to recharge and for this you simply need to plug the micro-USB cable to the side of the vaporizer. The whole process should take around one hour but you can still use it while it’s charging.


Coil 1.1 ohm Vaporfi AirIn terms of performance, the VaporFi Air 2 Mini is a very simple one-button-operation type of device. The coils deliver the perfect amount of vapor and flavor is pretty good. You cannot adjust airflow but the overall experience is very close to that of puffing out of a cigarette. There is a bit of gurgling and flooding once in a while but that’s easy to fix. You can also buy the oil atomizers separately and turn the device into a hybrid to use with oil concentrates.