What kind of mechanical mod should I buy?

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Ok, so you have decided to replace your regular cig-a-like or eGo type device with a more powerful mechanical mod, but there are so many available on the online market and it’s very difficult to pick one without having second thoughts? Well, we are here to help you make a choice, but first let’s understand a bit these mechanical mods and learn a bit about some of the types.

What are mech mods

Mechanical mods are powerful electronic cigarettes, intended for all types of vapers from beginners to veterans but they require a bit of understanding on the laws of electricity and the inner workings of an ecig. They do not have any internal circuits, chips or boards and they depend solely on the battery you use. Having this in mind, it’s imperative that you buy a high quality battery in order to keep you and your mod safe and away from fire hazards.

Powerful mech mod

Usually mechanical mods don’t come with a battery out of the box, and if they do, it’s usually a low quality model for demo purposes only. Depending on the type of mod you purchase, it usually works with one or a couple of battery types. It is important to read the technical specs of the device you are ready to buy in order to see what kind of battery it takes. This is helpful because you can order a battery from the same online vendor and save on the shipping costs or you can go to your local hardware store and look for that particular type.

Standard vs telescopic mech mods

Mechanical mods can have a fixed length or can be telescopic. Having a fixed length doesn't always mean they work with a single type of battery, because some devices have extension caps in order to accommodate additional models. Telescopic mods work by extension tubes or by unscrewing the two pieces of the body in order to accept different types of batteries of the same diameter. Regular mech mods work with 18350, 18500, 18650 or 26650 batteries, but there are some exceptions.

When buying your battery it’s important to go for IMR or Protected models in order to reduce the chances of safety hazards. AW, Efest, Panasonic, Sony, Sanyo, Samsung, and MNKE are some of the manufacturers with the highest degree of customer satisfaction and safety; and this is why we recommend that you buy your batteries only from these brands.

Some features of mechanical mods

All mechanical mods work on the same principle, but some have more interesting features than others do. Depending if you like a magnetic firing pin, a floating center pin to go flush with your atomizer, additional vent holes to prevent the battery from overheating or a mod that can accommodate three types of batteries that you already own, the choice is wide and the prices are reasonable.

mechanical mod with tank

Usually custom built mods or hand crafted mods cost a lot more, but you get what you pay for. The build quality is phenomenal, materials are top notch and the threading is awesome. However, there are some decent China made mechanical mods at very affordable prices that can deliver maximum performance for each dollar you spend. They usually are around the $50 limit and they work like a charm.

We know there's an ongoing debate between mech mods vs box mods, however it mainly depends on your experience and expectations. We recommend mechanical mods only to the most experienced of vapers and electronic box mods to everyone else.

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