EMPE CBD vaping products - Cannabidiol pods, cartridges and vape juices

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EMPE CBD vaping products

If you are looking for pre-filled cartridges for pen or Cannabidiol pod for your JUUL then EMPE CBD vaping are definitely worth checking out. They sell a wide variety of CBD-based products and their flavors are incredible. All these CBD eliquids are 100% organic and made in the USA. Also their customer support service is really impressive and it’s one of the main reason we recommend them.

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EMPE CBD pods for the JUUL

If you already have a JUUL vape then these CBD pods are fully compatible with your device. They are available in five different flavors and have a total capacity of 1.0ml. Each pod has a total concentration of 200mg Cannabidiol and it’s made from isolate.

To use the EMPE CBD pod just slide it inside your pod vape device and vape like you would from a regular cartridge. Do note that these pods are not refillable and must be replaced once depleted. The price per pod is of $34.99.

CBD cartridges from EMPE USA

EMPE CBD cartridges are compatible with a wide variety of 510 threaded pens and vaporizers. They also come with an eGo style pen battery as a bonus in case you don’t have one already. These are pre-filled with isolate based CBD and you can get them in two concentrations: 200mg or 350mg.

The CBD concentration is per cartridge and not in in mg/ml like in the case of nicotine e-liquids. There are five flavors available and prices range between $29.99 and $44.99 depending on the concentration.

EMPE CBD e-juices for your vape

EMPE CBD vape juices are compatible with all types of e-liquid devices. These juices are made from isolate and they are infused with natural terpenes for a more robust flavor.

All these Cannabidiol e-liquids from EMPE come packed in gorilla style plastic bottles and the labels have a pleasing, minimalist design. These are also available in five flavors, however just one CBD concentration of 350mg. This makes them the least concentrated products from the whole line-up, but they are perfect for beginners.

We recommend experienced users to go for the cartridges or pods, which offer a much higher CBD concentration per puff.

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EMPE CBD Flavors

All EMPE CBD products come in these five flavors. Some are enriched with natural terpenes and oils while others use artificial flavorings for a more intense experience.

Wild Cherry is one of our favorite flavors from this line up and it’s utterly delicious. We like it because it tries to set itself apart from all the usual cherry e-liquid flavors. It’s packed with the exotic notes of of the Barbados cherry and works really well with the slight bitterness of the CBD isolate.

Watermelon Taffy is next in line, with it’s subtle balance between sweet and savory. This candy style CBD e-juice works perfectly in any moment of the day and the aftertaste is quite impressive. It’s best suited for low output vaporizer and vape pens up to 25W.

Gorilla OG is perfect for all those looking for a more natural cannabis flavor. It tells the story of a hybrid strain, created from the popular Gorilla Glue and OG Kush for an indica-dominant aroma. You will enjoy it’s powerful earthy tones as well as the familiar sour taste associated with these types of strains.

Blue Dream is another nature inspired CBD vape juice. This time we are talking about a sativa-dominant strain with its roots in the sunny California. It combines the popular Haze, a sativa with the Blueberry indica, for a slightly fruity flavor that’s soothing and packed with terpenes.

Last but not least we have Tropical, an exotic sweet and sour e-liquid made with guava nectar, papaya and oranges. The combination works really well with the CBD aftertaste to create this outstanding all day vape. It’s perfect for beginners who don’t have any experience with the taste of Cannabidiol juices.

Rating of the Empe Cbd Vaping Products

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90 Score
Flavor 90
70 Score
Vapor Production 70
80 Score
Overall quality 80

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