Nixul CBD Vape E-liquids review - great new CBD flavors in 3 concentrations

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Nixul CBD Vape

We’ve recently came across Nixul CBD Vape and decided to share our experience with these products. They are a relatively new company and besides the usual tinctures, oils and flavored syrups they boast six different CBD e-liquids. Their flavor profiles are mostly sweet and fruity with subtle undertones. The great thing about them is that they are available in different concentrations so this makes them ideal for beginners as well as veteran users.

8.3 Ecigguides Editors' Rating

Three CBD concentrations

Very nice flavors

Chubby Gorilla Bottles


Only 30ml options 

Design and packaging of Nixul CBD Vape E-liquids

Nixul CBD Vape E-liquids come in six different flavor and their labels are minimalist and include various animal drawings. The juices come only in 30ml chubby gorilla bottles and this guarantees they will work with any vape pen, bod mod or pod system out there.

Nixul CBD e-liquid flavors, concentrations and how to use

Each Nixul CBD e-liquid is available in three different concentrations. You can get the 300mg version, which is the cheapest or upgrade to a 500mg bottle or even a 1000mg bottle. Do note that the concentrations are per bottle and not per milliliter like in the case of nicotine e-juices. Another thing worth nothing is that these juices contain 0 traces of nicotine, so they won’t help with those cravings.

Nixul CBD vapes are made from 99.9 pure isolate and they use a VG/PG base. This makes them compatible with any type of e-liquid device therefore you won’t need special pens or other equipment.

To use these e-juices just fill up the tank like you wold with a nicotine based e-liquid and allow the coil at least 10 minute to soak up. Then we recommend starting at a low power setting and gradually increase the wattage as you get accustomed with the taste. CBD can be slightly bitter and have an earthy taste so make sure you don’t get completely overwhelmed by vaping at the same settings as you would e-liquids.

nixul cbd e-liquids for vaping

Nixul CBD Flavors

The Bear is our favorite flavor from their line-up. This is one of the most unique CBD e-liquids on the market and one we definitely recommend. If you ever had black forest cake, then this tastes very similar. It’s a combination of chocolate sponge with whipped cream and cherry. This goes so well with the CBD flavor on the background and it’s perfect for any moment of the day.

Next in line is The Turtle, which is a very refreshing blue raspberry lemonade. It’s very fruity, slightly tangy and with a very fizzy aftertaste.

And speaking about raspberries, The Wolf if another great CBD e-liquid that also combines blueberries and strawberries for the ultimate fruity mix.

The Elephant also includes strawberries, but it carefully blends them with bananas for the ultimate dessert vape. Here the sweetness of the banana goes perfectly with the sourness of the strawberry for a smooth and delicate aroma.

If you are fan of Popsicles then The Eagle is the flavor to get. This is a mix between lime, blue raspberry and cherry and it has a very refreshing aftertaste.

Last but not least we have Lioness, which is one of our favorite all time desserts. It blends the robust citrusy tones of fresh oranges with subtle hints of whipped cream. Combined with the CBD undertones this juice is a real all day vape.

Rating of the Nixul Cbd Vape

8.3 Overall score
80 Score
Flavor 80
80 Score
Vapor Production 80
90 Score
Price 90

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