Get to know Koi CBD Vape juices, one of our favorite cbd liquid lines

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Koi CBD E-juice Review
8 Ecigguides Editors' Rating

CBD products are really hot right now. From oils to tinctures, from capsules to isolates it’s the stuff everyone is talking about. However, when it comes to vaping, things are a bit different. You can just put CBD oil or CBD tincture inside your atomizer. There are special juices intended to vaporized. These are diluted inside a PG/VG carrier. Out of them, Koi CBD e-liquids is one of our favorite lines.

The KOI CBD Juice line

Koi CBD e-liquids consist of 5 delicious favors as well as an unflavored version called White Koi. These come packed in black frosted 30ml bottles fitted with droppers. Labels feature a cute fish and the presentation is more than great.

The great thing about these particular e-liquids is that you can use them in three different ways. You can put them inside any atomizer or tank and vape them. You can take them orally. And also you can mix them with your favorite e-liquids for a nice CBD aftertaste.

Koi CBD Juice Line

The price tag

Price per bottle varies between $29.99 – $99.99, depending on the amount of CBD. Unlike with nicotine e-liquids, the concentration is for the whole bottle, not for each milliliter. Therefore a 30ml bottle with 250mg CBD will have a concentration of 8.33mg/ml. 1000mg will have a concentration of 33.3mg/ml.

The KOI CBD flavors we liked most

Blue Koi

Our favorite flavor from Koi CBD e-liquids is Blue Koi. It’s a sweet, delicious mix of blue raspberries with a hint of mystery on the exhale. It doesn’t taste like regular dragon fruit, but it’s really delicious and works very well to balance out the tart flavor of the berries. From what we heard this is also the company’s bestseller. And for good reason. Of course there a slight earthy aftertaste from the CBD, but it depends on concentration and atomizer used.

Gold Koi

Next in line we have Gold Koi, which is a very smooth, custardy type of flavor. It combines 4 tones of vanilla with a delicious caramel syrup. These work so well with the natural CBD flavor and make this an excellent treat for all you dessert lovers. This works great on mid-range sub ohm tanks at 30 - 45W.

Green Koi

Green Koi is another flavor we absolutely love. This one is very refreshing and it’s a really nice all day vape. It’s basically a combination between fresh, juicy watermelon with a splash of sour green apple. The combo work great on any atomizer and it’s a good place to start for beginners. The flavor is intense even with mouth to lung tanks like the Nautilus 2.

KOI: Final words and recommendations

Koi CBD e-liquids can be used with any type of atomizer or tank. However we recommend sticking with either mouth to lung device or mid-range sub ohm tanks. The natural flavor of the CBD can be quite overpowering when puffing out of an RDA, especially if the concentration is over 250mg. These juices do not contain THC and therefore will not get you high.

Rating of the Koi Cbd E Juice

8 Overall score
80 Score
Flavor 80
80 Score
Vapor Production 80
80 Score
Price 80

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